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  1. @Chaoswolf it's a half sprue upgrade for the Araves that transforms them into their daemonic forms, the "Qamar". The update is HERE
  2. The hard plastic kit for the male part of the army also revealed on our 2nd update!
  3. Getting ever closer! 4K still needed to fund the project! Thank you all in advance! 😁
  4. New hard plastic kits planned by Shieldwolf Miniatures in our upcoming Araves vs Valkyries Kickstarter! Let's make something never done before! Click here for the project Thank you for your consideration! 😊
  5. Relaunch shouldn't be too far away, we have done most of the work and are expecting to have professional photos of all our Valkyries by end of next week. We will notify in time, in the meanwhile we would like to say Thank you to all the supporters and to Reaper Miniatures for the platform they have again provided. We are also wishing them the very best of success in the Bones 6 this week!
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