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  1. We are looking forward to seeing your assembled armies! Wave-1 is due to finish shipping out end of the month, with wave-2 ending by the 10th of February. Feedback (and pictures) is always appreciated!
  2. Earlier delivery has started. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  3. That was an awesome ending to a campaign that managed to fund the creation of something genuinely unique. The project has a long way to go unitl we can call it officially a success,but gratitude reigns among the Shieldwolf Team members. Thank you all!
  4. Thank you @Disciple of Sakura, we look forward to enticing you at some point in the future!
  5. I just got the answer back, sorry but it seems we want to maintain a steady flow during the actual execution of the fullfilment phase (which to us is equally important as funding the project itself). I know that's not what you wanted to hear but we truthfully appreciate the consideration all the same.
  6. The consideration is still highly appreciated @Disciple of Sakura. Perhaps we'll be able to temp you more next time
  7. Hi everyone, thank you for the consideration (even if some don't decide to pledge, fair enough!) I just dropped by to answer this, we had also planned for Drotts (common goblins) and Drottchins (sci-fi goblins) plastics, which were supposed to unlock contemporaneously but however did not. That was the initial plan. Plan "B" was the additional banners that had been prescheduled and popped up all over the place to push things faster, which they apparently did but without it having funded the progress was steady yet slow. And thus plan "C", to add 4 armies from the existing range (you've seen them above), therefore what @Spodi says is correct because when he first looked there was only a single raiding party. Only now can he pick among 5 different ones! I hope I made sense and helped clear the confusion.
  8. Pity that we will probably not be showing off vehicles, warmachines and other goodies we had in store for this project, we did leave some teasers and the promise to follow up on this however in order to complete the range, i.e. even if we don't unlock the Drotts &Drottchins (they unlock contemporaneously), the funding of the Forest Goblins project will make us commit to make the Drotts & Drottchins our very next KS project. Dropping these here Have a great weekend everyone, here's hoping for an awesome last 5 days of the project!
  9. Last 7 days left for this 17 day campaign. Remember, this is make-it-or-break-it, if the project doesn't fund the hard plastic kit of Forest Goblins will never become a reality... Be part of the making of something genuine and unique, help bring them to life!
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