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  1. A big THANK YOU everyone! This was a very fun 15 days, we hope you had as much fun as we did!
  2. One more Stretch Goal unlocked and we are very close to the next, woohoo!!! THANK YOU everyone!!
  3. Thank you @SamuraiJack we are very happy with the response of the community, this is a pretty niche army after all! Current progress updated! Thank you all once again for the consideration!
  4. With the ongoing momentum we are pushing towards real value for the current pledges before dwelling into add-ons. A freebie tank would only be possible in hard plastic and that would be a 200K SG, after unlocking plastic Infantry and Cavalry. The project is off to a great start indeed but we keep our heads low for now.
  5. Unlocking stretch goals. We find it pretty cool that the backers are the ones voting for which stretch goal to unlock next! What do you think?
  6. Fair enough @Smokestack actually the work behind this IS for a plastic kits (two actually) but previous experience has taught us not to promise beforehand as that does us more harm than good. The value is going to augment with the stretch goals, but 5 miniatures (all unique sculpts, no duplicates in each Kompanie!) is what we could start with for the infantry. We have always been honest and upfront on what we could deliver. And (I think you'll agree with us from your previous experience with us) we have always delivered.
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