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  1. Relaunch shouldn't be too far away, we have done most of the work and are expecting to have professional photos of all our Valkyries by end of next week. We will notify in time, in the meanwhile we would like to say Thank you to all the supporters and to Reaper Miniatures for the platform they have again provided. We are also wishing them the very best of success in the Bones 6 this week!
  2. @DragonWyrm We would like to thank you for the VERY detailed feedback. If you haven't backed, kindly do so at least for 1 euro so we may listen to you guys and what we can change if (most probably) the project doesn't fund. I wouldn't like for this comment to go unnoticed. The Forest Goblins also didn't fund the first time but we relaunched with a better presentation and managed to do so the 2nd time around. Here's hoping this is the case for them, one 2nd (and last) chance will be given, this is our current take but we will want to get to this with cooler heads 😊
  3. 45 hours remaining! Last time with the Forest Goblins we barely missed the mark, let's see if this time we will be luckier!
  4. Last week! And more pictures of course, just as promised within the project's timeframe 😊
  5. First review (out of many we expect to see) for the new sprues! Link to the YouTube video
  6. Good morning! We are funding slowly but steadily. 😊 Slower than we would have liked, but at this pace we should fund. We are strongly hoping to have funded before the 48 hour emails so we may make it on time to unlock as many stretch goals as possible! Shout-outs and spreading the word is the best way to make this happen. We so much appreciate the 150+ backers that are holding on this with us, a lot of gratitude! ♥️
  7. Good call and yes, we just shared and posted in the main page! There's a shared cross-over yes, we have promised to deliver these by this July so we had to be ready. We always keep our word and are keen on continuing doing so! 😊
  8. Here's a WiP. We know it's not the best but we are not a huge company and our timeframes are what they are and we are expecting more next week. Hopefully this helps/works for now 😊, thank you everyone!
  9. We'll be showing off sprues and painted examples via various channels we secured during the preparation of the project! We have stuff to reveal during the entire 29 days of the project. You'll get all your answers there, we can't wait for the reveals as we have plenty of our own skin in this project too (as we believe creators should when they truly believe in their projects)! 😊
  10. We are very close now. Big day tomorrow! Thank you all for your consideration!
  11. Hehe, thank you guys! Today's teasers! We are probably launching this Wednesday! Link to the kickstarter pre-launch page
  12. Today's teaser We launch next week! LINK to our prelaunch page, thank you!
  13. Link to the pre-launch page! Thank you for your consideration!
  14. Link to the pre-launch page! Thank you for your consideration!
  15. Hi everyone! Shieldwolf's latest kickstarter has now been fully delivered in another successful project and now we are ready for our NEW Kickstarter, this time for fantasy! The company's main goal is to provide new unique armies, with high quality hard plastic kits never done before by anyone 😃 We launch this month, every day or two we'll be dropping teasers, we believe you'll really like what we have worked on 😊 stay tuned! Link to the fantasy kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shieldwolf/war-is-coming-reinforcements Thank you for your consideration!
  16. Thank you everyone for making this new army from our range a reality and being part of those people who will make it available in the future for other generations; without your help, this would have never happened! Our gratitude! PS. A shoutout to Reaper for making this space available!
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