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  1. Thank you Dan! We find this a very niche army (therefore hard use for RPG games where the crowd is way larger) so the price is what it is. We hear you though and will be revisiting this! So, here's the progress so far, we are half way through the Kickstarter and just awesome at how much stuff got unlocked, with more to go!
  2. Updated unlock progress!!! Thank you everyone! LINK to the Imperium Desertum- Imperium Immortalis Kickstarter!
  3. Overall picture of how we are doing, we appreciate the support and think you've already done a great job so far! Thank you!
  4. OK, that was easy (duh)! Thank you @SamuraiJack The project is moving along nicely, we are very thankful and in our 2nd day we start unlocking Stretch Goals. Win - win for everyone involved, much appreciated!
  5. We do our best, but a clearly fantasy Kickstarter is on its way later this year. There's only so much we have time to create, we do mean to keep high quality services even if it penalises with less growth. As Angelos often says We'll get there"! We are Funded and 1st Stretch Goal reached, let's make this a great project! :D Thank you!!!
  6. Thank you guys! We have always delivered, we are after all what we are only because of YOU. We launch the new project tomorrow! Thanks again for the consideration!
  7. We launch on the 16th of February!!! Thank you! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shieldwolf/imperium-desertum-imperium-immortalis
  8. Well, we can't please them all! That said, only a few days are left before the launch, here are some more spoilers to entice you Video of the Imperium Immortalis Thank you for your consideration.
  9. @Gadgetman! they are keeping the flavor and getting rid of the caffeine I'm telling ya! PS. Seriously, thanks. It was indeed pretty easy
  10. Shieldwolf Miniatures after having completed it's fourth Kickstarter is now preparing to launch what it's supporters asked during the last survey; the Imperium Desertum! Thank you once again for the consideration!
  11. Apologies but I don't know how to change the tag from "Live" to "Fulfilled"? We recently mailed out the very last parcel. Thank you.
  12. The project is being delivered as we speak and all this and more will be revealed in tomorrow's update! Thank you! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shieldwolf/imperium-immortalis/description
  13. A big THANK YOU everyone! This was a very fun 15 days, we hope you had as much fun as we did!
  14. One more Stretch Goal unlocked and we are very close to the next, woohoo!!! THANK YOU everyone!!
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