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  1. That doesn't look half-bad Marineal. Maybe I'll try to find a hair dryer and give that a try. It might be enough to get "their mighty thews" to fit along the diagonal of the square bases I bought. Thanks! dos eyes tho! Nice!
  2. It is good to hear that Reaper is at least aware of the situation. We'll have to see if their actions (i.e., new sculpts) match their words. Marineal, do you have a picture that shows how your minis are turning out?
  3. Thanks for all of the replies! I'll have to look into the Learning Resources Square Color Tiles, Litko bases, and see what the crafty folks on Ebay/Etsy are offering. One of those has to offer a good combination of affordable and effective. I used the cork board method that Adrift is showing off with my Bones I Hell Hound (77038). It looks good but the mini over-hangs the neighboring squares quite a bit making positioning other minis during an encounter kind of difficult. We (the Wife and I) tried modding the Gnolls to fit on the round bases (74035 ) Malefactus is advocating but we onl
  4. Hello folks, I'm trying to figure out how to base my Bones Gnolls (77012, 77104, 77235, 77236) on medium (1 inch) bases. After several failed attempts to somehow get the darn things on 1" round bases (74035) I finally overcame my OCD and bought some square bases. As much as it pains me I'd rather have them based and not matching all of the other miniatures than not based at all. It's worth noting that I intend to use these miniatures on a 1" grid battlemat, so just using larger bases is not desired. I purchased some "1 inch" square bases from Reaper (74038) thinking the Gnolls would fi
  5. I guessed: "@Reaper - A graveyard decor set? 3-6 HEADstones, no I's or a larger integer value of I's depending on the deceased's names, and consumes adventurers (decomposes them) after they have been laid to rest." And then they stopped playing the hot/cold game. I find their silence telling...
  6. Hello Reaperites! Reaper has provided us with a fantastic spread this time around. I'm particularly pleased with the (perceived?) focus on enemies and NPCs instead of another avalanche of heroes. I'm of the school of thought that heroes and other unique miniatures should be metal leaving bonesium to handle the hordes of doomed creatures. (At least until the Bones catalog has some sort of parity to Reaper's metal catalog). Some folks were discussing ships a few pages back. I'm still butthurt from having to pull out of Dwarven Forge's City KS due to GridGate so I'm not terribly gung-ho a
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