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  1. I didnt realize the ships were modular. I thought the hulls were a single cast. As much as I would have loved to get one I had to draw the line as I went a bit overboard with all the cool little sets in this kickstarter.
  2. Anyone know who I contact about resetting my pledge manager password. I thought i had it saved but it wont let me in and when i hit the reset button it isnt sending anything to my email address.
  3. 5 bottles of locktite down and Im just about finished with assembly. The Frost Giant Raiders come almost fully assembled shipped. Very strange since the Fire Giant Huntsman is in a lot of pieces. The little guys are the hardest work for me to put together. I dropped one guys leg and still havent found it. I will start some painting today. I hope everyone gets their Bones soon. Im not frequent on these forums so I probably won't be back till Bones 5 begins. Take care and have fun with your Bones.
  4. Working through my second bottle of locktite today. I have nerve damage to my fingers so the hardest part to assemble have been the smallest pieces, normally heads, as they are hard for me to get a hold of. I have a pair of spring tweezers that you push to open while the spring forces them closed so they are great for holding onto the small pieces but rounder heads still want to pop out of their grasp. Its still not a big problem. Everyone probably knows this but dry fit before you glue so you can see how the pieces are meant to line up. Ive assembled a few dozen minis at this poi
  5. Seriously, this was 11.6 lbs 2017 Core Set x1 Darkreach Expansion x1 Fire Giant Huntsman x1 Hill Giant Huntsman x1 King of the Jungle x1 King Cobra x1 Frost Giant Raiders x1 Monsters x1 Snake Cultists x2 Ape Attack x2 Cave Dwellers x1 Fan Favorites x1 What did you guys order?
  6. Used up my first bottle of Loctite today. Im putting together minis at random and they fit fine. I don't have many intricate or huge minis this time but lots of the small figures. I'm giving everything a check as I assemble them to make sure there are no problems with the casting. So far the only problem with my order are 2 missing minis from the core set. The details on everything but the translucents just jump out. Sounds like that lost container arrived just in the 11th hour.
  7. Definitely a few regrets. Mossbeard though I dont normally use ents. A second king cobra. The Barge. Maybe Dreadmere
  8. I didnt get a chance to start assembling anything last night. Did wake up at 5am this morning briefly and put together a minitaur and a griffin. The griffin is fantastic and the loctite gel worked like a charm.
  9. finished my inventory of pieces. I haven't put them together and tomorrow I will debag everything and start checking for damages. My King of the Jungle came in a rtetail box so those breakable looking tusks were fine. I ended missing only two odd pieces from the core set (one minitaur I would have liked) minitaur #69 and small world hero #117. The core set is fabulous. Some fantastic sculpts, big and large pieces all that will be handy to have. The small world heroes are the only ones I have no use for. The coffins will go well with the one I have from Heroquest. Great selection and I got some
  10. J ust pulled out the Frost Giants. They are going to be perfect for my G2 campaign. The wolf looks fine to me. The snarling expression will be for the players trying to sneak into the rift. Im pleased that everything is in ziplock bags.
  11. My Bones Are Here. King Cobra was at the top of the box. Much heavier than expected and huge. Sweet!
  12. Im just surprised reaper is able to send out replacements for anything before they are done with the shipping. They are doing half days and still clearing about as many orders per day as I remember from previous kickstarters.
  13. In the pledge manager it should be just below your contact info and above your list of what you paid for
  14. Now im sorry i didnt go for this. I run a Cthulhuhawk game it would have been perfect for.
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