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    Imbrian Arts Kickstarter

    Jody also has another project, reptilian overlords, where there are a lot of new releases and ...you may also choose minis from that range I would guess.
  2. zorro

    Double Barrel Critiques

    This is a GREAT idea!
  3. Mixquick does make the clay softer. Greenstuff changes its consistency over time going from soft to hard, and my impression was you were missing the aspect of greenstuff allowing it to stretch and smooth, If you are looking for the firmness that greenstuff gets towards the time of curing, I am not sure, that are are any clays out there that are similar.
  4. Hi @redpiano, I work with fimo and beesputy and such. You can get them to have a very similar consistency to greenstuff etc.. Try adding fimo mixquick to your fimo, this will allow you, to stretch the clay wiht out tearing, and will give it a tiny bit of memory. For the smooth glossy surface, try very VERY lightly brushing over the surface with terpentine (this will make the clay soggy, you have to wait a bit for the alcohol to evaporate) Hope that helps :)
  5. zorro


    Love these, wonderful sculpts. I have a question, will the oracles left hand with the bracelets be a separate piece? Is the strap only putty, or is there wire beneath?
  6. zorro

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Reinforcements

    I am surprised this does not have more people backing it. As a "sculptor" it is always surprising to see, projects with lesser quality sculpts doing well on KS, while some amazing projects get little attention/funds...
  7. zorro

    77004: Cave Troll - Bones Quick Paint

    Cool, love the warts on the back )
  8. zorro


    Great work as always. How many sculpts do you work at at a time?
  9. zorro

    Before and After

    Great work, love seeing progress documented this way :)
  10. zorro

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Dawn of the Demihuman Dead

    Thank you. I have sent you a friend request as I don't seem to be able to like picutres etc on your personal page, If that is OK...
  11. zorro

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Dawn of the Demihuman Dead

    Love these. I actually sculpted the orcs, would it be Ok with you, if I were to use the pictures on my facebook page?
  12. zorro

    HSD anthro scifi miniatures

    If I understand correctly you get the prints themselves, which are normally only used as masters by most companies dealing with renders.
  13. zorro

    The Rim Greaper

    Very Cool !
  14. #4 - The Keeper's Sanctum gets my vote :)
  15. zorro

    Heroines in Sensible Shoes, Oathsworn Miniatures

    I love the intro "video" as well. Did you hire a professional to read the text? Her voice sounds familiar from audiobooks :) (May just be the pleasant accent :P ) Great sculpts as well!
  16. zorro

    03726 Dolphins

    Beautiful sculpts! I imagine these were very difficult, stuff with less detail (such as deep cut muscles, or gear etc ) where there are no guiding lines are so hard to get right. Congratulations!
  17. zorro

    Zombicide: Black Plague

    Did Jody Siegel sculpt these? I did not recognise his style. Are the sculptors listed somewhere (as in who worked on what)? I would love to know :)
  18. zorro

    Cornelius Dapperbear, WIP

    That is soe very impressive equipment!
  19. zorro

    Stuff of mountains

    Thank you for the tip @ emmagine :)
  20. zorro

    Stuff of mountains

    Hi Ho, this is the first WIP I submit here and I thought a dwarf would be a good subject as most people like dwarfs :) I hate doing armatures, so I like to sculpt miniatures, that do not require a complex frame. In this case the pose was inspired by my laziness. This little guy will be around 20 mms tall when I add the legs. For the torso I only bent a copper wire in two and stuck it in the base, the armature for the legs are currently under the base. For tha arms I have used no armature at all, as the are resting directly on the body. Once I am done with the upper body I will bake the mini (as I am currently using fimo) and will start working on the legs. The anatomy still needs a bit of work an suggestions are always welcome :)
  21. zorro

    Cornelius Dapperbear, WIP

    Love the new pose.
  22. zorro

    Pushing the Boundaries: Ellen Jewett

    These are very impressive!
  23. zorro

    Stuff of mountains

    Yeah, after realising, that I could n ot keep the scale I as aiming for I put a bit less effort into the legs, will do better next time :)
  24. zorro

    Stuff of mountains

    Hi TGP, that is correct, I planne don making him shorter but even so I find the leggs a bti short :P
  25. zorro

    Stuff of mountains

    Thank you :)