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  1. I made a wet palette once and my roommates threw it away accidentally thinking it was old food... =( Have to make another one, this time do it right (and label it). Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Looks pretty good! I prefer my minis without bases (one of the reasons bones drives me nuts, but at least they are easy to remove).
  3. That is cool! I must have missed that one
  4. That is the base arm for the Donna Troy figure I used as the body of the figure. I'm looking into finding something else (I have a ton of Clix, so I'm sure I'll find something right).
  5. Scorpio! Thanks for the tests. I'll have to look into those paints. The darker one might work out. My wife displays the custom heroclix that I make for her on her bookshelf, so although the glitter may not be too apparent when we're playing, but we'll notice it more when it's on display. I'm still working on the mod. I pieced together some extra figures I had laying around, doing things like moving arms, heating and cooling to bend the legs, and replacing parts. Here are some progress pics from over the weekend. I still have some green stuff work to make her more "hubba". (I apologize for the big ol' fingers in the photo, she's a bit top heavy and falls over.) (For those who play Heroclix, I also make custom cards and dials to go with these. They are 100% unique and make great gifts for players.)
  6. Hubba indeed. =) Thanks, buglips. Looks like I'll have all my avenues covered by the time I get home from work! lol
  7. I completely forgot about Valejo (I've never used their paints because they are pricey). I'll take a look. If not, mixing my own would be an idea... I can add some really fine grain glitter, too. Thanks for the replies. =)
  8. I was thinking about the "sparkling amethyst". Tough to see the end results based off of a swatch on the internet. Craft paint is looking to be very thick and doesn't take to the tabletop well. I tested a paint that rubbed right off the mini. I'll be using the figure for Heroclix, so I tend to keep the paintjob flat to match the stock miniatures. I used to have old GW paint that I mixed up (Silver with slightly thinned Purple and some micro-glitter) for a Dark Elf army, but that dried up about 15 years ago. I was thinking about trying again, but I'd hate to waste paint. I'll take a look at the mica flakes and iridescent medium options. I'll give some of these a try, though. Thank you for the suggestions.
  9. Howdy, I'm currently working on a present for my wife. It is a conversion piece to look like Yvonne Craig's Batgirl from the original Batman TV series. I wanted to do something special for it (besides the sculpt) and have glittery or metallic purple paint for the costume. For those who may not know, her costume is very glittery (shown in the attachments). If anybody has any suggestions, I would be very appreciative. There is still sculpting work to be done, so I have time before I put the brush to the figure. Thanks!
  10. Good color choices. Might want to give his clothes a darker wash to make him pop a bit more. A few white or sky blue marks on the blue crystal would help as well. Good for a D&D piece. I'm working on this exact same miniature right now. =)
  11. These look very nice! I can't say more than others have said... More contrast. Thinner paint. More practice. You'll get there with due diligence! =D Some websites you may want to check out: arcanepaintworks.blogspot.com (she uses a very unique method, but has a lot of great tips... also in Australia and does classes) http://studiogiraldez.blogspot.com(for inspiration, though he mostly does Infinity/Sci-fi miniatures.. he is an expert in contrast and blending, though)
  12. That's really cool. Thanks for the share. =)
  13. I purchased some Raphael's, too, because of this thread. Very nice. I also have been using them (not the same brushes) for inking comics and illustrations. Even if they weren't as "good" as my old W&N brushes, they were cheap enough that it doesn't matter.
  14. I'll show it to Reaper at ReaperCon. They might be interested in professionally making them. That'd be very cool. I really like painting stations, especially ones that I can easily move.
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