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  1. This is my first time playing reptus I have 3 skullbreakers 3 rangers 3 archers 12 warriors 1 Troll (edited) 1 Ssathuss 1 Khong-To 1 T'Kay but i am not very sure on good list would look like any suggestions
  2. Will all the units from JOR 1 and 2 be included as well as new units Also willthe data cards be the same as the older ones etc because the data cards are confuing to me greatly if some one couldexplain the new ones it would be appericated
  3. i found a site that does wet i'll post it later but had mach battles Nvaies preformed well including a battle ship taking out a 2 rhinos before it got pumlled by 3 Specters
  4. I know but i looked at that link and i am ordering some ships smaller than CAVs so that is why i asked for some damage tracks ideas from 5-8 So that is all am asking thx
  5. I was thinking of damage tracks 3-6 With carriers, battle ships destroyers,crusiers and subs Any ideas would help thX
  6. Salamance

    Tank Of The Day

    Cool what model would represent these tanks
  7. Cool thanks maybe pliot you and i could make some data for different ships later
  8. I play a lot of sea battles on paper just need model ideas
  9. You are awesome Do you have any ideas for smaller scale boats
  10. Srry bout that but it would be kind of cool and interesting battle ships and missile subs etc verus tanks airplanes Infanrty and cav It would be some pretty fun games like that
  11. Any one have ideas on converting naval boats from Cav pecies for a cav game
  12. I am talking water warfare not space
  13. Do you know if CAv will expand to naval war fare any time soon If not do you know who does a naval minature game
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