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  1. Same here. Although I still dream of a giant Bones Tsar tank for "Rasputin Must Die!"
  2. This is a great thread. I've backed 51 Kickstarter projects. I'd bet half missed their timelines. Probably 20% to 30% haven't fulfilled but I'm guessing only about 10% will totally flame out. I back a lot of film-related stuff so the timelines get pretty long. I've backed a handful of IndieGoGo projects but don't anymore. All but one of those failed to produce anything at all. And now they're just kind of scammy, like this project that's basically a rebranded item already available from Alibaba. Despite the misfires, I love backing Kickstarter projects and have gotten a lot out of them. Some of my favorite rewards: A boatload of Bones. I feel like we get a lot of value for backing the Bones Kickstarters. Lunch with Buffy's Emma Caulfield. A tour of the set for Charlie Kaufman's upcoming stop-motion animation film. A phone call from Matthew Modine.
  3. I didn't bring anything that would qualify as "dressing up." My work clothes will have to suffice. :)
  4. Lots of good advice. I'll definitely need my magnifier.
  5. I think some of this might have been covered in a thread but I can't find. For us first-timers who are not entering any competitions, what do we need to bring along? From the class descriptions, it seems like a lot of things are provided. I'm considering just bringing some brushes and maybe a miniature or two I might want to try techniques on or ask advice on. Can I get away with just brushes if I'm not entering anything? What else might I need?
  6. I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. Got to stay focused--I have a ton of work (like job work, not painting work) to get squared away before I leave.
  7. Bryan said logic had been added to limit people to 8 classes per convention ticket. Are you saying you were able to check out with 10 classes, or that you were just able to add 10 classes to your cart? My understanding is that you can't register for more than 8 but I don't know where he's doing that check, at add-to-cart or during checkout.
  8. How do the walk-up seats work in general? I'd love to get into one of the Saturday basing classes. When I taught motorcycle safety classes back in Illinois, we handled walk-ins by lottery. This sounds more like lining up as early as you can bear. Do we know in advance how many walk-in slots are available?
  9. I get into DFW at 3:20 on Wednesday. I believe I'll be in Terminal E. If anyone's around at that time you're welcome to ride with me to the hotel. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to exchange details.
  10. No worries. First time's on you, the second time I did it is on me. :-) I've foolishly ignored the veterans' advice and took a full schedule. I was trying to avoid back-to-back classes, though, and I was mostly successful there. I think it will be fine. I met 2/3 of my goals--blending, basing and fur. Those basing classes went quick. If I'm not exhausted after Friday I may try and get a day-of ticket for one of them. I'm not sure how I fit all this in, and slip away for Avengers and get to a factory tour. Can't wait! Thursday Noon - 2 pm: Beginner Blending with Brice Coconeur 4 - 6 pm: Expressive Faces and Eyes with Derek Schubert Friday 10 am - Noon: Shaded Metallics with Michael Proctor Noon - 2 pm: Intro to Other-Source Lighting with Rhonda Bender 4 - 6 pm: Painting Fur, Scales, & Feathers with Derek Schubert Saturday 2 - 4 pm: Advanced Blending with Brice Coconeur Sunday 10 am - Noon: How Not to Suck with John Bonnot
  11. Yeah, that was...disconcerting. Ha! More than disconcerting--I didn't notice which classes didn't decrement when I selected them, so when I checked the cart partway through I found that I had no idea what classes were missing. I did this to myself twice.
  12. I had to log out and back in for this to work. But now it's displaying as described.
  13. How can they open ticketing with half the classes now missing? It seems like something blew up. edit: Thanks for the update, Heisler.
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