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  1. Pennyfew

    Grenadier Halfling Thief

    I love the Grenadier "Gold Line," and this is one of my favorite sculpts from that series. Your colors give him a good, Hobbitish look
  2. Pennyfew

    14433 Ursula Bear Rider Captain

    That base is impressive! Best use of water effects I have seen in a long time.
  3. Pennyfew

    77306: Translucent Slimes (2)

    Suitably disgusting
  4. Pennyfew

    03633 Mousling Bartender

    Morning all (or at least it's morning here in Maine). I finally got around to painting a Mousling, and I might be hooked! This little fellow took less than an hour, not including his base, but I was pretty pleased with the results. I love his mildly-grumpy expression: this is one barkeep who doesn't want to hear about your problems. Thanks for looking!
  5. Pennyfew

    02413 - Josephine Lucero

    The wood grain on the staff is quite exquisite. The simplicity of the metal staff "head" contrasts very well with the brights colors. Very good choices!
  6. Pennyfew

    Farm Dog from Fenryll Miniatures

    You make ugly look good ;-)
  7. Pennyfew

    77048 - Mocking Beast/Mimic -bones edition

    The glowing green "feet" looks very good. I like that you repeated the same tones in the the mouth. I definitely feel your pain concerning the tooth mold line. Ugh. What a pain to remove that one.
  8. Pennyfew

    03049: Huge Spider

    I swear I have a spider just like that living in the window frame next to my painting station. Really well done! I bet if you took some pictures of these things on the floor or something you could pass them off as real and scare the jeebus out of people.
  9. Pennyfew

    Baby Beholder Conversion

    I forgot that I have this little dude kicking around somewhere. Consider me inspired! Very nice work!
  10. Pennyfew

    Grenadier Models Gold Line Adventurers

    Thanks Inarah (and everyone else). I never had the nerve to try oil painting minis, but some of those early oil-painted ones still inspire me. John Blanche's oil-painted miniatures, for example, are awe-inspiring.
  11. Hello gals and guys, it's been too long since I shared anything. I've become somewhat obsessed with the licensed Advanced Dungeons & Dragons miniatures produced by Grenadier Models from 1980-1982. These are usually referred to as the "Gold Line." I never had a true appreciation for these sculpts as a kid, but with 35 years in the hobby. I've finally started to come around. I'm thinking of collecting the entire line now! I'm amassing quite a little collection. I will post up more pictures as models are finished as long as there is any interest. I'm sure that these models are older than some of the regular users, and I don't want to bore anyone. Thanks for looking. Comments and questions are always welcome!
  12. Pennyfew

    02770: Lunkh, Hill Giant

    Very nice use of color. The muted browns and grays really works well with these big fellas.
  13. A classic sculpt painted very well.
  14. Pennyfew

    Blacksmith scratch built terrain piece

    Really impressive painting too, great muted color scheme.
  15. Pennyfew

    Swamp Based Undead Cyclops Grenadier

    The base is top notch! The skeleton might be a bit clean to have trudged through such a fetid swamp, but overall the effect is very good!