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  1. Why would they be getting rid of that box? Bretonnians are due for a makeover and that's just the way GW seems to operate. Maybe they will survive, who knows? The same zombie kit has been in use for something like fourteen years. I need to be optimistic
  2. I definitely like some of the more modern GW dwarfs, but I can't stand the "steroid dwarf" period of the early 2000s. The sculpts had arms so big they just looked ridiculous in my opinion.
  3. Thanks Chaoswolf. I'll give it a try: The body is that of a 40k gretchin from the plastic box with the runt herd. He had a pistol which was removed and replaced with the morningstar. That bit is from the Deus Vult Mounted Templars kit (I think), a really cool box of mounted dudes from Fireforge games. The head is from the same kit as the body. I really like some of the goblin heads from that set, much better detail than the older Fantasy goblin box. The shield is from Otherworld Minature's goblin blister pack. It comes with three of those cool little round shields (as well as a few goblins... the bits were better than the models to be honest). The small dagger/pouch bit is from a GW wood elves kit, but I'm not 100% sure which one. Finally, the helmet/pouch bit is from the GW Bretonnian Men at Arms box, another kit that has a ton of useful bits. I'll be sorry to see that one go, although the models themselves are a bit dated now I guess. I think that's everything?
  4. I'm new to this forum. Should I start a separate topic for additional pictures? or just add them in replies? Thanks for the interest and the advice!
  5. Hey all, just a quick picture of an Imperial Dwarf from the early days of Warhammer Fantasy. He is pulling duty as the Noble for my Mordheim Dwarf Treasure Hunters these days. His color scheme set the stage for the entire warband (which I can post another time if there is interest). Questions and comments are always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  6. Multi-colored Kobolds! Brilliant idea! Very nice work. I love the saturated colors. Bright colors are the Dungeon Master's way of saying "stay away."
  7. Very characterful. Green armor always looks decidedly evil to me for some reason. It serves this miscreant well.
  8. I've seen them painted either pale, rotten-looking green, or a sort of ochre color. At any rate, who cares? Yours look great! I love the variety. How else could they tell one another apart?
  9. Very impressive! I always loved Slaine. Interested in seeing how this progresses.
  10. Thanks, Malefactus! I will check it out.
  11. The larger rhino is particularly impressive! As mentioned previously, the expression in the face is top notch. That poor warrior is in for a trampling indeed!
  12. I really like the way the skin turned out, particularly the sharp contrast between the deep shadows and the highlights.
  13. Very nice! I've always loved this sculpt and you made it look fantastic. The stairs are very well done. You wouldn't guess it was your first scenic base.
  14. I love that sculpt. Your color choices are spot-on. Well done!
  15. He sure is. I greatly prefer the plastic 40k Gretchin over the ancient multi-part Fantasy goblin kit.
  16. I think the Skaven call it Warpstone in Warhammer Fantasy, and for some reason it was referred to as Wyrdstone in Mordheim. I've never been clear as to why.
  17. Hey all, my friends and I have been bitten by the Mordheim bug again as of late. For those of you who don't know, Mordheim is a long-abandoned skirmish-level war game by Games Workshop. Bands of explorers, adventurers, and miscreants comb through the ruined city of Mordheim in search of Wyrdstone (radioactive meteorite chunks). One of the best things about this game is that you only need eight to ten models for your warband. That allows for some fantastic converting and modeling opportunities. This fellow is a goblin a pieced together from a variety of GW kits. I hope you like him. Comments and questions are certainly welcome!
  18. I really think I need one of those sloths! You did a nice job on him. Or her. Hard to tell with sloths.
  19. Looking good! Keep at it and you'll be a master in no time.
  20. Nice work. I especially like the contrast on the beastman's face.
  21. Thanks for all of the positive feedback. The image of Gandalf with a sword in one hand and a staff in the other was ingrained in my head at such a young age that I always thought it was completely natural for wizards to use swords.
  22. Hello, this is my first post to the forum. I painted this Bones Ezren, Iconic Wizard a month or so ago, and thought you might like to see how he came out. I'm pretty happy with the result, particularly the weapon swap. The staff was pretty bent and I was having little success in getting it to remain straight, so I decided to swap it outright for a sword. Questions and comments are welcome.
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