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  1. A quick piece of advice for MiniAddict: The way that Ritter force is set up, the "Specialist" squad could be a legitimate Recon squad, except for the required primary/secondary balance. However, the Fire Support squad could just as easily be the Specialist squad instead, leaving your current Specialist squad the opportunity to be a Recon squad. That'd buy you the option to bury a card from the draw deck once per turn, for no real drawbacks that I can see.
  2. Exactly. I'm one of those who hasn't received anything yet, though I'm not sure if it's just delayed, if it got lost in the mail, if the person who got it realised how expensive shipping to Australia was and quietly backed out, or if personal circumstances totally unrelated prevented them from completing it and sending - and ultimately, I don't care. While I'm disappointed, I'm not disappointed that I didn't get my shiny, I'm disappointed that I didn't get the chance to tell that person how much I appreciate their work and to celebrate our shared love for CAV. I hope everything is
  3. I'll be using my Templar minis for my 99th Auxiliary. About half of their TO&E will be exclusively Templar units, allowing me to field them as a Templar-aligned faction, with the other half being a mishmash of Open, Independent, and Outright-Taken-From-The-Cold-Dead-Hands-Of-Our-Foes (mostly Terran and Malvernis so far, though I'm considering borrowing some Adonese and Ritterlich stuff too)
  4. Even if you can't get it to run, the images can be found within its directories.
  5. Don't be silly. Clearly, I mean Infinity. TAGs for life!
  6. A lot of the old metal designs can be found in the CAV Construction Program with images, even if they are no longer produced.
  7. I have got some renders of stuff that I've designed for CAV and would love to show it off, but I'm hesitant to show it if it hasn't already been seen in the Kickstarters/construction program without CAVBoss's go-ahead. I think it could be a good way to build some hype and community involvement, but it would need to be with the clear understanding that things may change, both in terms of stats and art. Certainly the Other Big Stompy Robot Game (you know the one) does well showing designs of mechs before minis come out.
  8. ATTN: TERRAN COMMAND, EARTH OPERATIONAL THEATRE The following communication was intercepted at 1003UTC (Earth local) between an unidentified unit and a covert relay satellite. "Malvernis Command, this is Snickerdoodle 18. We have touchdown in target region. Over." "Snickerdoodle, Command. Acknowledging touchdown in target region. Rendezvous with local guide Uniform Sierra Papa Sierra and proceed to destination building. Command out."
  9. Well now. No need for that language. :P
  10. There is actually a Rach font floating around somewhere, though don't feel compelled to use it.
  11. Some photos taken before it gets sent away internationally to its new forever home tomorrow:
  12. Thanks! This and a few others (the Vindicator became the Fire Drake, the Silverfish became the Growler, and the Dart became... okay, the Dart, actually) started my path into designing for CAV. It's a little short on detail for my current standards - but that's mostly because it's two and half years old, and hasn't been subject to the the expert critiquing that CAVBoss and SCUG give my official models (It's a pain at the time, but they really do know how to make a model pop). With the Adon somewhat covered in KS2, the Swallowtail's chances of making it into the official line is slim
  13. Just as a caution, don't speculate too hard there. For example, I've finished designing the *appearance* of the Mamba, and it's been handed off to Jon - and that's what we've seen in the KS previews. From there, though, it needs to be made into a file that's able to be fabricated. *That* involves working with the mold makers to make sure each part is oriented so that detail is preserved and the mold isn't damaged in the process of removing the part, and that's where the money starts needing to be available before we can proceed. With a design as small as the Mamba, there's lots of places where
  14. Yeah, that change caught me as well. I had intended to have a pair of Cheetahs with a pair of (metal) Jaguars as a fast cavalry Attack squad (the 24. Geistertrupp)... then the Cheetah became a Fire Support CAV. At the moment, my 1st Ophiuchi Brigade (and technically it's more a reinforced abteilung so far) is more of a 45,000 point TO&E to draw smaller units out of than a real force. 1. Königinschwadron 1. Königinwache (Attack): 4x Rhino II (3904) 2. Königinwache (Attack): 4x Tiger (2204) 2. Dreistschwadron 4. Aufklärungstrupp (Recon): 4x
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