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  1. Cool! Well, I would offer you guys a place to crash but my house is going to be starting a major remodeling project right around this time. So most of my livingroom and dinninroom will be tore up and I only have a 1 bedroom apartment. The Comfort Inn ( address below) has rates of about $30 per person. 9052 NE University, Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, 55448 763-785-4746 Hope you two can make it. MN players better show if these two make it all the way from MI!
  2. WoW! two players from MI thinking about showing up? That's cool and dedicated. Do you guys have family in the Minneapolis area or something?
  3. you can put me down as a maybe as well. I have played some CAV with Kia before, but I'm totally new to Warlord. What Point are we looking @ playing? I don't have many minis yet so i will have to pick up more.
  4. All I have to say about Necro Armies is: Skeletals A mob of skeletons backed up by judas & a spellcaster or 2 is tough to beat. Banshee is wicked as well. Skeletal mob + Judas+ malek(or 2)+ Banshee= kick butt
  5. I havn't read the campaign rules yet, but from what I hear it is "similar" to moreheim. How much similar I don't know, but all those that are big campaign players seem to love the Warlord campaign rules.
  6. Checkers is an auto parts chain here in MN ( maybe elsewhere as well) that infest every town in the area with multple locations. They do carry a full line of auto primers which work as good as any for minis and if you catch a sale thye can be very cheap.
  7. What should the Cookie setting be? I Don't think I have changed them.
  8. Well , crap I can't get on Mil Net. I guess I'm the only one with the problem and no I'm not crazy or retarded
  9. Maybe my PC is going to crap on me, but Mil Net seems to be down.
  10. Well, make sure it's known what the name of your game and company. I'd be interested in checking it out whether its good or bad , since I have collecting RPG & Minis rules for about 12 years now. While I'm not claiming to be a market expert I have seen many games/companies come and go, so I think I know a fair amount ab out how the industry works. I don't mean to flame but guys like you are a dime a dozen on all kinds of Mini/RpG boards trashing games and saying how their game is going to be better. Most of the time it is BS. Now I'm not saying your is BS, it may in fact be in the works. Just remember the things you say about reaper when your game is up and going, it's not as easy as it sounds to do what they do. Also its not good business to openly criticise your competitors no matter what type of business you do. I apologise if I sounded like a jackass Also sorry about the male references, not many females out there in game world
  11. If this guy is so dang smart and know soooooo much about the game market and writting Sci Fi, where's his game and minis company? Until you put out something better than Reaper does, your comments mean nothing. It's one thing to get on a message board and post some complaints about the company or it's games, when you trash them it crosses the line. Reaper has done pretty well, they are know all over the world for making great minis and games. I think they have a little bit better idea of how run this type of operation than you do. So if you don't like the minis, books, or paints don't buy them. If you don't like the game don't play it , and don't post your unfounded BS here.
  12. Wrath of One

    CAV 2nd Edition

    I liked the game right away when I saw it. I love mecha, the rules sounded good, and the minis looked great. What really got me hooked was Jeneki running a couple demo games, along with Cruesoe. It was a lot of fun, they both are very cool people. Also it is good see that there is an active CAV community online as well as around my area.
  13. Wrath of One

    CAV 2nd Edition

    Cool! I just have these bad memmories of other games making new editions of their rules and which made a large chunk of the minis you own illegal/useless to play. Since that isn't the case I will be picking up some more CAV stuff.
  14. Wrath of One

    CAV 2nd Edition

    well I hope they don't go and make half of the current models illegal like another game company we all know. I don't see it happening, but a comfirmation on that would be nice. I'm a new player and would be reluctant to buy any more CAV stuff if there is a good chance most of it wont be legal when 2e comes out.
  15. I just recently pick up a starter pack, which is the best started package of any minis game that I have seen. I just thought I would post because I see some negative vibes on the boards here. After reading throught the rules and playing a few games it is easy to figure out that this is one of the top minis games out there. I have read about people complaining about there not being enough fluff and pointing out all the CBT fluff. Well as an ex CBT player I have to admitt that a lot of CBT books are crap. What I have read in the core book, casketworks mag, and online gives plenty of fluff to the game and I havn't even read the source books yet. It also appears that more books are on the way. Also I don't mind so much when a company focuses on a new game for a while, if fantasy sell more for Reaper GOOD!! The more money Reaper makes, the more money they will be able to put into all of their games including CAV. In short I would prefer quality over quantity any day. Its an easy choice: Big pile of poo ( most CBT books) or good fluff.
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