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  1. Got my shipping notice and it's being delivered on my birthday. Guys, did you plan this? That's sweet. I can't wait.
  2. Mallus


    It seems like it would be handy to have a little app to calculate damage resolution. A CAV damage calculator, a CAVulator, if you will. So I whipped one up. This is a really early rough draft to get some feedback. Right now it only handles direct fire rolls and I know I don't have all the possible modifiers in. It is also ooglay as a Malvernian. If people are interested and think it's something they would use then I'll add more features and give it a face lift. Link to desktop .jar Link to Android .apk Disclaimer: in order to install the Android apk you need to enable 'allow install from unsafe sources'. If you do install this app I recommend you turn off 'unsafe sources' immediately afterwards for security. The app is written in LibGDX so I also have iOS and HTML5 versions of it. I can't compile for iOS because I don't have a Mac, but if anyone wants to check out the HTML5 version (or possibly host it when it's more fully developed) let me know and I can share it. Any feedback would be appreciated. Let me know what other modifiers or additional info I could add that would be helpful. I would like to keep it as streamlined as possible so it's fast and easy to use without the screen being cluttered.
  3. Mallus

    ACE Unlocks

    When are planning on closing the pledge manager? I'm hemming and hawing on a few items and I just don't want to miss finalizing my purchase because I'm holding off on adding things.
  4. Now that Bones 3 has been announced at ReaperCon (Sauce for those who haven't heard: https://www.reapermini.com/bones3 ) is there a chance we'll see some CAV in there? Maybe for the factions that didn't get as much love in the CAV Kickstarter? Or infantry?
  5. Mallus

    ACE Unlocks

    CAVBOSS is one hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is. If he says "Don't panic", then we won't panic. There needs to be a Hitchhikers Guide to CAV...
  6. If anyone wants to do some photo blogging or battle reports from the Con we'd love to see them!
  7. I love your work, Mastergunz. I recently picked up an airbrush and I'm still getting the hang of it. At first I tried just watering down some of the fine art acrylic paint that I have but that really didn't work out very well. So now I'm picking up some actual AB paint and getting much better results. It helps that a guy I work with has been airbrushing since high school, at times professionally. So I've been getting some good tips from him.
  8. Mallus

    ACE Unlocks

    Ah, understood. I'm a software developer so I know how tricky it can be getting a system to do something it wasn't exactly designed for. I was just worried that it had been lost to the aether since I hadn't heard anything. I really appreciate the response. Thank you.
  9. Mallus

    ACE Unlocks

    Thanks for the backup, 'BOSS.
  10. Mallus

    ACE Unlocks

    Yes on both counts. I just checked to make sure.
  11. Mallus

    ACE Unlocks

    So has anyone gotten their pledge unlocked yet? I sent an email last Monday but haven't heard back yet. The update says it's going to close for good at the end of the month so I don't want to miss the window.
  12. I would be interested in doing a little beta testing. CAVBOSS, could we get some stat cards for what you would consider core units for each faction that use the faction's signature weapons and play style? Being able to proxy some models to get a feel for how the factions will play might help give some people a warm fuzzy.
  13. If it did provide a target lock would models with Advanced Targeting get the bonus?
  14. The Kickstarter was my introduction to CAV. I'm going with Rach for two reasons. 1. They have most of their range in the Kickstarter which is convenient. 2. I really like how they seem to play, both in terms of the stats on the models and their doctrines. 3. I like the looks of their models. Ok, three reasons. That and from the fluff blurb about them they sound Eeeeevvviiiiillll. Alright, four. Four reasons. Can I just leave it at I like everything about Rach at this point? Seriously, I was going to pick up some Terran so I could have two armies and after looking over all the stat cards for them I just decided, "eff it! I need ALL THE RACH!!!" When I first started wargaming I picked armies almost exclusively based on power level. After a while playstyle became more important to me. And now I'm at the point where fluff and aesthetics mean a lot more to me.
  15. Whenever I think about infantry in a mech game I think about the fluff in the old CityTech rulebook. Whenever I trample through infantry with a large model I yell "whoop whoop whoop!" in memory of that Locust pilot... Hmm, I may have to paint up a CAV with "Processed Chicken" on the legs as improvised armor.
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