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  1. Fierce dragon. I can feel the power. Excellent horns, and scales. Love the base work as well.
  2. Alacazam, the power of flight. That is a way cool presentation. Love the color cast as well.
  3. Man that guy is ticked off. Keep your hands off MY HAY!!! Great expression work.
  4. Killer first piece. My first one looked like I painted it with a crayon. Excellent base work, looks really natural. Just a suggestion for life of the mini, toss on one more coat of varnish on all the big angles and edges to help keep them protected from handling, especially if you use him, which it sounds like you will be. Just keep painting a fig when you need and you'll have a closet full before you know it. On another note, there are a lot of techniques in this field using inks and oils as well. Just look around craft corner and you'll find what you need.
  5. The obvious solution is to paint both versions so we can see which one is cooler. Do it. Come on, you know you want to.
  6. Thanks everyone. I can see why this is addictive and highly motivating. I like the wererat idea. Maybe a group of large rats. I also thought about a tentacle coming out of the drain. I call this large base/single fig setup a Hero Diorama. Throw in a few critters with the single fig and it becomes an Action Diorama, a hole mess of stuff and it becomes an Encounter Diorama. I like some action myself, but he wants the Hero Diorama, so what can you do. (Besides kill his thief in a sewer if I can ever get him to play again.)
  7. I hate cleaning up my messes, and I'm a very messy boy.

  8. I see it working the jungle. The coatl idea is cool. I see a blue-ish, black-ish, purple-ish feather scheme with a panther body. Perhaps throw in a toocan twist like this black toocan.
  9. Looking good. I like the Brothers of Tooth and Claw idea. Great fur work. Coming along nicely.
  10. Whoa, what the??? Hey Ranger, did you see that pignoll?? I'm going to pretend I didn't. That is cool. Great execution. Nobody is eatin' his bacon.
  11. Love the color scheme and the soft tones. I like this fig as a blonde. Great speed paint. I think I could prime him in 5 hrs...
  12. My first time trying this, hope I did it right. This is a fig I'm doing for my buddy. It's his thief from high school DnD sessions. The thief's name is Nathan, and started as party fodder but survived into the higher levels by accident. I can't tell you his original name, but it wasn't promising. The adventure he came into his own took place in the sewers, so that is the goal with this piece. Talbot, 02874 I made sculpey single sided press molds using the ends of some brushes. Once baked, I use them to make the cobblestone. I covered the base in aluminum, layed out a thin layer of sculpey, pressed the cobblestone, then cut the aluminum off the base, then baked it. A row of balsa carved bricks. I carved the step up layer with a wooden knife. Then baked and glued it to a short stack of balsa wood. Concept complete, on to the next phase of our journey into the sewers. Kinda funny, but he looks like it stinks down there, and that was an accident. Now I glue the sculpey to the base and balsa wood. Then I gave them a rough base coat, and glued the row of brick in place. I needed to push the balsa piece back some, so I added another row of brickwork. Hey its a royal sewer, they can afford an extra row of trim work in their sewers. Now I need to touch up the paint, start on the fig and trick out the sewer with grossness. Any Q and C's are welcome. Don't know why that brick picture is out of place???...
  13. That blood looks a little too real. Just what have those figs been up to?
  14. Beautiful work. So soft and warm looking. Great color choices and blending. Wow. You wanted to do wings, well you've done them well,
  15. Amazing. Your paint job definitely did the sculpt justice. The roots bursting through the ground around the pillar is a great reveal to the creature beneath. It's like he is claiming the statue as his, or maybe the creepy thing beneath is using the statue to lure others closer.
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