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  1. Excellent! I’m def gonna try this.
  2. Love the white!!! Yet another skill i realize I must acquire!
  3. I agree with all the other comments! Great patina! Share your recipe please!
  4. I’m terrible and non-metallic metal. I have no blending skills. Must practice more. On YouTube, all the demonstrations of NMM are on much bigger minis. I can’t replicate it at 28mm.
  5. These are 3 of the minis that came with this small box set; a cooshee, elven man and elven woman. The last 3 pieces yet to be painted are 2 hobgoblins, one of them carrying off an elven child, and a small falcon on a perch. I think the set came with a small adventure that showcased the minis. The set I inherited didn’t have the adventure with it, and was missing the “elven table” that was part of the set. I did paint the fountain a few years ago. If anyone out there knows where to find the adventures that came with the “Encounter at…” box sets, let me know!
  6. Another oldie. I figure that no adventuring wizard wears a huge hat like that (it would constantly getting knocked off or falling off, right?), so he must be a court mage. So he needed a fancy robe. Then, with that skull staff, and the weird loops sculpted around the staff just below the skull, i just had to turn it into a snake slithering through the skull’s eye socket. And, a la Jafar, it had to be a cobra. So i drilled out the eye socket and used a bit of paperclip and greenstuff to give him a familiar.
  7. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to find that.
  8. My wife got me a set of 4 3-D printed housed for Hannukah 2 years ago. This is the first one I’ve finally finished. All paints are straight out of the pot, no mixing, no shading, etc, so maybe it looks a bit flat. But on the other hand, maybe its just really well maintained… The roof was dry-brushed and washed. The printing left tiny horizontal ribs that made the wash run. So I painted over it. Anyone have pointers on painting large object like this?
  9. The snakes are extremely small, so very difficult to see the “snakey” hair striping, especially with the naked eye. Trying to learn to amp up the contrast in my painting.
  10. This is from the “Encounter at Blood Valley” box set.
  11. Wow! I love this collection. So well done!
  12. Here is the Grenadier Efreet. In the catalog they call it “Efreeti”, but I think that’s the plural of Efreet. i discovered by accident that if you use Vallejo “White Stone” basing, you can make a spiky texture by pressing into the material with a small putty knife and then lifting it straight up. That was the inspiration for the lake of fire. After that I tried to do OSL to light him up from below by the fire. I don’t think it was very successful. But now I have something new to chase after to up my painting game.
  13. The hand and head are meant to be interchangeable. The nub on the back end of each just kinda hooks in loosely. Would likely fall out if the mini were tipped forward. I did consider using a pin vice to drill a small hole in the back of the socket, and then installing a bit of paperclip to the hand and head nubs to make it a little more secure and still let them be interchangeable. I dont trust my ability to properly align the pins and holes, so i just left as-is (so far).
  14. Thank you for the advice!!! Always appreciated!
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