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  1. Hi, I struggle to decide in what order to prime and paint my minis and their bases. Most youtube tutorials on basing show just the base, as though no mini were ever going to be put on it. I’m having difficulty deciding the best order of operations IRL. if the mini has a “broccoli” base, and i mount it on a base, should i texture the base, then prime everything, then paint the base, and then paint the mini? When to apply vegetation to the base? if i’m going to pin the mini to the base, should i do that before or after I prime the base or finish the base? Should i pin it when it’s primed or completely painted? if the mini comes with an acceptable base, then what order? Thanks peeps!
  2. Stone and underside done. Including a Pathfinder Agent (Reaper60080) for scale.
  3. Here is the start of pathfinder red, which I’ll be doing as a Sapphire dragon, similar to what i did with the Grenadier Red Dragon II (which I did as a Ruby dragon) a while ago. Just base colors here; dark blue/black wash over his entire body, earth wash over the sand, and white statue. I really like how the blue and brown look together. The brown will be lightened up to sand, and the blue will end up a more saturated dark blue. I hope those colors will still look good together...
  4. Here is the Druid from the Grenadier Wizards box set, this one sans dart. Very simple garb on this guy. I don’t know what to think of this guy. He looks very 1st-level, compared to the Druid with Dart. His sword doesn't even have a cross-guard. How anyone can sword fight in those Smurf-like robes escapes me as well. I think this guy has a lot to learn.
  5. This is the Druid with Dart from the Grenadier Wizards box set. The mini originally had a tiny little limp carrot-looking dart in his hand, which i always hated. I took the liberty of replacing it with something a bit more substantial. My daughter came up with the entire color scheme. I sometimes ask her to pick out the colors when i have no idea what to do. I don't know what the little critter perched on his staff is. Maybe some kind of little lizard friend? Or maybe just something carved on the staff? Oh well.
  6. This is the Cleric from the Grenadier Wizards box set. As with the sorcerer I posted earlier, this guy suffered from a sandblasting 25 years ago which gave him a slightly gravelly texture and eroded some detail. I modeled him after a Catholic Cardinal with the red and white robes and beanie. Having a priest with a snake familiar is a bit on-the-nose, don't you think?
  7. I had painted them in junior high. In college i wanted to repaint them, but didnt know of any other way to get the old paint off. *shrug* But now, 25 years later, im finally getting around to actually repainting them.
  8. This is the “sorcerer” from the Grenadier Wizards box set, circa 1980. As with most of my minis from this set, he was sand blasted a long time ago, which significantly eroded some detail. Trying to stay away from the usual wizards’ blues and blacks, i went with white. The orb he was holding was a challenge. I’ve not seen how to paint a proper crystal ball, so i went with reflected earth and sky.
  9. My good friend brought over home made lawn darts for my birthday party a couple weeks ago. Like the olden days when you could get them with the big steel spike on the front...you know, before some kid got impaled and they were discontinued? I’d like to put one of those in his hand. I have to think that the original sculptor of this mini really wishes he/she could go back in time and fix this limp little sausage. Actually, it’s a separate topic, but I’ve never been entirely sure what the D&D dart is supposed to be. I think it must be some kind of lawn dartish thing, cuz what you throw down at the pub ant be taken very seriously.
  10. Sorry for the confusion. Painted them in my mid-teens, sandblasted them in my early 20’s, finally got around to repainting them now (20 years later!)
  11. Yeah, that’s what I do now. Sadly, I didn’t know way back in 1996...
  12. This is the Wizard from Grenadier’s Wizards box set circa 1980. Most of the minis from the set were called variations like Sorcerer, Illusionist, Magician, and Warlock. But there are also 2 druids and a cleric included. I painted all the minis from the set in my teens, then wanted to repaint them in my early 20’s so I had my friend sandblast(!) the paint off. That eroded much of the detail. So the detail in the beard, hands, imp, is almost all painted in.
  13. I’m about to start these old druids from the Grenadier Magic-Users box set. The Druid on the left is throwing a dart, which looks more like a carrot. Definitely not very macho. I’d like to replace the dart with something better. Any suggestions? The druid on the left will be in greens, but I can’t decide on colors for guy on the right. Browns? He looks kinda frumpy with that big dopey hat. Help! Thanks!
  14. A craft store near me was going out of business, and I found the rock molding kit from Scene O Rama for $1. There was enough plaster to make 2 molds of each rock. I painted them as instructed with the provided paints, glued them to balsa squares and rectangles, added some dirt and the talus. Some bushes added for color and interest. I wouldn’t use balsa wood for this again. The washes and thinned down glues caused the balsa to curl. I figured id use them as difficult terrain indicators in our D&D games. I’m thinking about running the old timey Isle of Dread adventure for my group, maybe these will come in handy.
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