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  1. Also 1.5 and 2.5 inch bases would be handy.
  2. Does anyone know where one might be able to find 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 inch round plastic bases? The only ones I've been able to find online are made out of plywood.
  3. All the new fire giants easily fit on a 3 inch base (I have them all). Some can almost fit on a 2 inch base. They're pretty huge though.
  4. and a ginat sized Queen of the Fey with huge butterfly wings on par with all the demon lords and arch angels!
  5. A full on "Middle East" expansion (as per Dreadmere and the like). With all kinds of monsters from Arabian and Persian mythology and a good range of human figures. There's so much more then just belly dancers and Aladdin/Sinbad type charter options. They weren't all half naked. They actually had heavy armored cavalry comparable to European knights back then too! Also a tasteful/respectful expansion for sub-Saharan Africa would be nice too (ie. not just a bunch of "jungle bunnies" and brute savages). Ethiopia and the Ghana Empire might be good sources of inspiration. Maybe one for East Asia too but that's a little less interesting to me personally.
  6. More diverse Orcs More diverse Hobgoblins More diverse Lizardfolk I'd love to see more females (not that you can tell with lizardfolk), some shamans, maybe some rogue types even!
  7. That seems to be it! Though I remember the cover looking completely different for some reason. Thanks!
  8. A large angel that's of a comparable size as all the balors, pit fiends, and other demon lord miniatures. Personally I find the solar being only ogre size rather then giant size to be a bit disappointing.
  9. Hi everybody! I was thinking about an old AD&D model where the players are picked up by a roc and dropped off in it's nest at the top of a mountain. They then have to work their way down it's slope. I can't remember what it was called though and google search isn't helping me find it. Does anybody else remember this and know what it was called?
  10. I like all the bandits from Bone 3 and Bones 4 but would like to see a bit more diversity. Much as with doing math, lifting heavy objects, and thinking for oneself, ovaries obviously makes one incapable of banditry. This being a fantasy line however maybe we could get some female bandits? Possibly ones not just ones relegated to using bows or being healers?
  11. True but with Argent being the new Silver, at around the same size as T'Raukzul, it seems to me that Reaper decided to upscale that tier of dragons. Kind of like they did with the old Frost and Fire Giants.
  12. We have models for all of the chromatic dragon types. There's also Reaper's versions of a copper, a silver, and some descent stand ins for a brass. Red (T'Raukzul #unknown) Blue (Stormwing 77578) Green (Blightfang 77323) Black (Ebonwrath 77102) White (Deathsleet 77110) Though I prefer 77109 as a smaller option. Gold ??? Silver (Argent #unknown) Bronze ??? Copper (Kyphrixis 77565) Brass (77545 is a reasonable stand in) Though I prefer 77329 as a smaller option. None of the current dragons, in the $29.99 size range, have an aquatic feel to them. So there's really no good stand ins for a bronze dragon. What's really missing from the mix (in my opinion) is an aquatic themed bronze dragon option around the size of Stormwing (77578).
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