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  1. Nice. How did you get the Reaper Catalog Numbers?
  2. I'd love to see Arabs & Persians and a Dhow to go with them. With a range of classes therein. From armored warriors to spell casters.
  3. I would love to see a Cog, Dhow, and Junk (Western/Atlantic Ocean, Southern/Indian Ocean, and Eastern/Pacific Ocean) of comparable sizes (one main deck/hold, and a quarterdeck, at least 4 in wide and 12 in long). That would cover sailing ships for all the major Old World cultural regions of the same general time period (Medieval tech level). Ya... I know that's a picture of a Carrack (Nau). I suppose a Carrack, Caravel, and Junk could work too if you want to go more modern (Renaissance Era).
  4. More commoners, townsfolk, town guards, village priests, etc. Like http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/03789 There aren't any good quality, reasonably priced, NPC types anywhere on the market. People generally don't want to spend too much on NPCs. By making them affordable this is somewhere that Bones could really excel. It's a missing need that so many of us have.
  5. I've never heard of Mouse Guard before. Is that what all those Mousling figures are for? Chaosium's BRP looks interesting. It seems pretty straight forward and I've toyed with the idea of running a high fantasy game set in Lovecraft's Dreamlands. I've heard good things about Savage Worlds but I have no understanding of how it works. Would it be possible to do a D&D style game (setting wise) using it? Earthdawn looked really awesome when I was a kid. It had an awesome flavor. Never had the chance to play it though. It also seemed needlessly complicated. Maybe that was just because I was a kid though?
  6. I saw a topic here asking about a good rules light fantasy RPG and it got me thinking what I really want is a good skill based fantasy RPG. In my opinion class/level/hp based systems are actually kind of ridiculous. Back when I really started getting into gaming I liked systems like White Wolf's World of Darkness, the old West End Games version of Star Wars, Cyberpunk 2020, the Call of Cthulhu, and especially Ars Magica. With that in mind what are some good skill based systems you would recommend? The only one I can think of right now is Runequest but I've never actually played it and I've heard it's a bit "fiddly". Whatever that means.
  7. One of the ways I like to paint what we call red hair is by shading with a more reddish color, having an orange primary color, and finishing with more blondish highlights. You don't always have to just use darker and lighter shades of the same color when shading and highlighting. Going one step over of the color wheel can provide some nice contrast. Especially with hair that tends not to be a uniform color anyways.
  8. Ugh! I hate when they come pre-glued. It makes it impossible to get in some hard to paint corners and prying them apart is such a pain. Please make them stop Reaper.
  9. Hello. I'm seeking to round out the pantheon for my custom world. While the major powers (greater gods) are known there's still a vast plethora of lesser gods that aren't detailed. As such I'm seeking your contributions. What would you be the god of if you were part of a pantheon? Create your own lesser god using the format below and I'll add you to my world. Name Sphere of Control Alignment: ? Holy Symbol: ? Domains: ? Animals: ? Favored Weapon: ? Raiment: ? Color(s): ? Holy Days: ? Daily Prayers: ? Sacrifice: ? Place of Worship: ? Appearance: ? Details: ? Here's mine. Arikiel God/Goddess of Balance, The Walker of the Way Alignment: True Neutral. Holy Symbol: The sun and moon entwined. Domains: Darkness (moon, night), Sun (day, light), Weather (seasons). Animals: Water fowl (that fly, swim, and walk). Favored Weapon: Dagger (both a tool and a weapon that can be used in melee or at range). Raiment: A chain shirt or breast plate over scholar's robes. Color(s): Contrasting colors (black/white, blue/orange, green/red, or purple/yellow). Holy Days: The spring and autumn equinoxes. Special holidays during eclipses. Celebrated with wild revelry followed by quiet meditation. Daily Prayers: Meditation at sunrise and sunset. Sacrifice: Personally crafted items on the half-moon. Place of Worship: Anywhere. Appearance: Arikiel commonly appears as an androgynous, mixed blooded (half-elf, half-orc, etc), individual of indeterminate age. Details: To everything there is a season. Arikiel embraces all aspects existence. Seeing that there is a time and a place for all things but avoids being overcome by extremes. Followers of Arikiel seek to be well balanced individuals with a diverse range of skills. Both scholars and warriors they consider all view points and act as moderators in society. Most all are multi-classed in some way. Temples tend to be in places where elements are seen to meet. Such as sea caves, cliff sides, marshes, etc. The church has a loose hierarchy that honors tradition but remains adaptable.
  10. and more horses/ponies/donkeys to go with said wagons/carts.
  11. Painting Bones took a bit of an adjustment. They hold paint differently then metal minis. Once I got used to it I actually started to prefer it though. The main thing is before painting be sure to clean them with soap, water, and an old toothbrush. Also you can straighten bent weapons and such by dipping in nearly boiling water and then letting them cool in the desired position.
  12. When ordering these trough my FLGS is there a way to make sure they get in the new casts?
  13. Large sized elementaly themed genies (djinni, efreeti, marid, etc).
  14. The large circular object is a button eye, and the adjacent cylinders are sausage-curled hair. If you can find those features you ought to be able to decipher the rest. But I concur that the catalog photo is no help. Oh! Thanks. I think I get it now! So it's like got a little mouse-like face, is marching forward, with the blade hoisted over its left shoulder. Funny how that just went from a random jumble of parts to something with meaning for me. :)
  15. Even though I have it right in front of me at my painting desk I still have no idea what "dolly" is supposed to be. It just looks like a jumble of things with no face to.
  16. People in medium armor. Most of the warrior types seem to be shirtless barbarians or knights in full plate. I'd like to see more in between. Like chain shirts, full chain, breastplates, half-plate, etc.
  17. He's just about as big as the Marsh Troll or Kagunk, the Ogre Chieftain, if that helps.
  18. I 100% agree. I'd add to that a "large", winged Not-Azata Lord, to act as a counterpart to the Solar, Balor, and Pit Fiend. Maybe a female one for some diversity. Also the main types of missing devils (ie. Bearded, Barbed, Horned) and maybe some Arch-devils too. We've got enough demons already imo.
  19. Thank you for the response. My mailing address is still up to date. As long as it all arrives, when the time comes, I suppose that will be alright. I'll just have to manually go to the Kickstarter site every so often to check for updates until then.
  20. No the last update from like a week ago isn't even there. I'm just want to make sure there isn't some sort of technical issue that will prevent me from getting my delivery when the time comes. :/
  21. Weird. None of my Kickstarter updates are there anymore though I haven't deleted any of them.
  22. I just noticed that all the Bones 3 update emails suddenly disappeared out of my hotmail. Has anybody else experienced this?
  23. More Human NPCs, of all genders, such as... Adepts (village priests, cultist, etc.) Aristocrats (nobles, magistrates, etc.) Commoners (farmers, laborers, etc.) Experts (merchants, craftspeople, etc.) Warriors (soldiers, town guards, etc.)
  24. Does anybody have a complete list of the cleaned up re-releases?
  25. Female Orcs Female Bugbears More Hobgoblins
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