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  1. Well as we'll have, Ape-people, Bear-people, Wolf-people, Fox-people, Hyena-people, Lion-people, Elephant-people, Rhino-people, Hippo-people, Giraffe-people, Bull-people, Water Buffalo-people, Goat-people, Boar-people, Rat-people, Bat-people, Raven-people, Crocodile-people Lizard-people, Turtle-people, Frog-people, Fish-people, and Shark-people, I'd like to see animal versions of all those things. So what I'd like are Apes, Bears, Wolves, Foxes, Hyenas, Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, Giraffes, Bulls, Water Buffalos, Goats, Boars, Rats, Bats, Ravens, Crocodiles, Lizards, Turtles, Frogs, Fish, Sharks and any other animals we can get.
  2. Not bad at all. For simple and effective painting I'd suggest a three tier color system. Choose a base color, a highlight color, and a shading color. Given the small size of minis don't be afraid to exaggerate the contrast between the tiers. Dry brushing is also a super simple and effective technique for applying highlights. Aside from that always paint from the inside out. Start with the skin, then the robes on top of that, then the sash on top of that, then the satchel on top of that, etc.
  3. More of the missing D&D/Pathfinder base line Outsiders. Such as... Advanced Familiars: Small sized Elementals, Quasit, Imp, Cherub, etc. A Medium Earth Elemental "Bearded Devil" "Erinyes Devil" "Barbed Devil" "Horned Devil" An Arch-Devil as a counter to all the Demon Lords already available. Maybe something akin to http://static3.paizo.com/image/product/catalog/PZO/PZO90102.jpg Fey-Hound "Bralani" "Lillend" "Ghaele" Fey-Queen A "large" winged mini on par with Balors, Pit Fiends, and Solar Angels. More varied Angels in general. "Monadic Angel" "Movanic Angel" At least one or two more larger Angels.
  4. For a more serpentine Gold Dragon, made out of Bones, that fits with the above size category, one could do a custom modification of 77361 Verocithrax. Especially focusing on bringing back the wings by two joints and maybe carefully trimming down the end of the lower jaw. 77??? Viridius is also somewhat more serpentine but he's ridiculously large compared to the others. In a practical sense I'm not sure what sort of base he would fit on. Based off of the preorder price I'm guessing 77??? T'raukzul will also be far to large to be practical in play... Though he does look pretty awesome. :)
  5. Well we have several that are obviously based on chromatics….. Red 77328 Cinder Blue 77??? Stormwing Green 77323 Blightfang Black 77102 Ebonwrath White 77110 Deathsleet That leaves the following in the same size category (3 inch base)….. 77??? Marthrangul (I'd make this the Gold as I think it will be the largest) 77??? Diabolus (I'd make this the Silver as this appears to be the sleekest) 77??? Kyphrixis (I'd make this the Bronze as it's the most aquatic looking) 77279 Narthrax (I'd make this the Copper because it seems to fill that role) of course I'd need to see all of these in person to finalize any of these decisions. One size category below that (in descending size order) are….. 77329 Silver Dragon 77109 Fire Dragon 77108 Shadow Dragon 89001 Pathfinder Dragon So for my Brass I'd use the "Silver Dragon" (As it's the largest of the lot and has a metallic dragon styled wing structure). The "Fire Dragon" could also be used as an alternate White if you want your White to be a little smaller and scale with everything else a little better. Basically to fill in the ranks of the Metallics we're going to have to wait for Bones 3 to be released. :/
  6. Male & female of each too! It's strange that Arabian-themed genies are being requested when we barely have any Arabian-themed humans. What I'd really like to see is some more non-European style people of various classes/professions. Especially "Middle Eastern" and African ones.
  7. So I guess it comes down to if I want at least half of the minis in the set….. Damn, I'm still conflicted. >.<
  8. Hye everybody! I'm curious if anybody has any thoughts on the market prices of the minis in Bones 3. In particular I've ben agonizing over the Stoneskull expansion. There's a lot of things I want out of it but also a lot of things I don't care about. I'm just not sure if it's going to be a better value to get it now or wait until general release to pick and choose what I want. If I knew how much each figure would cost after general release I might be able to figure it out. So I figured I might as well ask. How much do you think the various pieces in the sets will cost individually?
  9. There's a lot of things I really don't like about 5th. The single biggest problem for me is that everybody has to be super, awesome, shiny, cool right from the start. They don't allow you to become an epic hero. You just automatically start as one right at 1st or 2nd level. Then roll for your background because we know you don't have any creativity or imagination of your own. For example as a Druid you you get animal form right at 2nd level. Then you get a bunch of over the top cantrips that would have been 3rd level spells in older editions. No need to "waste time" being mundane. If you want to have a character start as a regular person who works their way up to those impressive levels… well that's not an option. Basically if you're the kind of person that likes DBZ you'll probably like 5th ed. If you prefer more down to earth fantasy like LotR… well then you shouldn't be playing D&D but especially not 5th edition. Oh and you had better be ready to buy a lot of books. As they intentionally left a lot of holes in the main books. Which of course can only be filled by buying more stuff. Just look at the cleric and all the basic domains that are missing for a prime example of that.
  10. Personally I like gridless for the best looking terrain. Just turn 1in squares (5ft increments) into 1in on a tape measure. Then if bases are less then an inch apart they count as adjacent. Of course for it to work you do have to make sure everything is on standard sized round bases. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to figure out reach, ranges, area of effects, etc. Sure you could get players that try to cheat out fractions of inches here or there but those aren't the sort of people I play with.
  11. Awesome. Thank you for the picture. I was mainly wondering how she would compare to the new Bones 3 Frost Giants but this does give me a pretty good sense of her scale.
  12. Ooo neat. How tall is that female frost giant in mm? I wonder how she would size up to the Reaper frost giants.
  13. Either more Angels to help balance against all the Demons or sets of feathered wings which can be attached to existing humanoids (like the Fey wings in Bones 3).
  14. Oh! I hadn't noticed that. As you point out that wouldn't really work at the higher levels but it is a fun coincidence. I just thought it was fun that there was something of an even/scaled advancement. I can hardly wait to receive the new giants to get an actual view of them. Mostly I was considering this to decide what I could field my smaller Bones 1 "Frost Giants" as. Looks like I'll just use stats something comparable to a Cyclops or Ettin and call them "Giant-kin". I also like how the Trolls I have (CR 4-6) are Ogre sized (CR 3) because it makes sense that their CR would be higher then their base mass because of the regeneration and all that jazz.
  15. I was lining up my larger humanoids in a row and made an observation, relating to the new larger giants coming out (in Bones 3), mass, and CR (using 3.x D&D/Pathfinder rules). So I thought I'd share my thoughts. :) It seems that for basic humanoids (without regeneration or other fancy rules that boost up their CR beyond their base mass) there's generally a fairly even progression. Which is there's a +1 to CR for every 5mm of mini height (1ft in game) beyond the base 28mm (5'7") mini size. Based off CR added to any class levels. +0 CR ≈ 30mm (6ft.) Standard size for human mini +1 CR ≈ 35mm (7ft.) "Advanced" template Orc Boss (77064). +2 CR ≈ 40mm (8ft.) Bugbears (77015). +3 CR ≈ 45mm (9ft.) Ogres (77105). I'm assuming the Bones 3 Ogres will be about the same size. +5 CR ≈ 55mm (11ft.) Giant-kin (Bones 1 Fire/Frost Giants). +7 CR ≈ 65mm (13 ft.) Hill Giants (77313). +8 CR ≈ 70mm (14 ft.) Stone Giants (77336). Ya they're a bit lightly built but it roughly works. +9 CR ≈ 75mm (15 ft.) Frost Giants (Bones 3). This seems to be about how tall they'll be. +10 CR ≈ 75mm* (15 ft.) Fire Giants (Bones 3). *As they're so wide they're a bit shorter they otherwise would be. So what do you think? If there's any merit to my line of thinking I hope we see some 85mm Cloud Giants (CR 11) and 95mm Storm Giants (CR 13) some time in the future. Bones 4?
  16. @Chris Palmer: My main concern about the wings is how the materials will behave with paints and whatnot. For the weapon I could see some sort of spear or glaive being a reasonably good fit. Did you flip your Cloud Giant's arm at the elbow? @Auberon: I knew about the Fire Giant but hadn't really considered her. She might work with modification but I'm not sure she has the right Fey-like look. I'll have to take a closer look and think about how that might work. @djizomdjinn: Thanks for the green stuff tips. I've never really used it for anything other then as a gap filler. It sounds like there's a real art to working it properly.
  17. With the new Fire Giants coming out, in Bones 3, I'd really like to see the missing old style Frost Giant Warriors added (65100 and 65111?) in their original size.
  18. I'm wanting to do a Bones conversion and was hoping to get some advise here. In my world there's four main camps of "Outsiders". Angels/Archons (lg), Azata/Eladrin/Fey (cg), Demons (ce), and Devils (le). Once Bone 3 is released three of the four camps will have a top end representation (CR 20+). So with that in mind what I want to do is convert a mini to be a Azata/Eladrin/Fey counterpart to the Balor, Pit Fiend, and Solar Angel. All three existing "outer lords" are large sized and winged. So I want something along those lines. As all the existing lords are male I'd like this conversion to be a female. The only female Bones mini of comparable size seems to be the Cloud Giant (77162)? So how would one go about making her into a Queen of the Fey? Are there any other large Bones females that I'm missing? The first problem I see is were to get wings and how to attach them. So that she has her own style I'd like to give her large butterfly wings (Angels = avian wings, Devils = bat-like wings, Demons = a mix of styles, Fey = insectile wings). I'm not sure what to use though. Assuming I find something fitting how should I then attach them? The Cloud Giant has a lot of hair down her back that would get in the way. If I use the Cloud Giant, the next problem I see is her weapon. A big club doesn't really seem fitting. What could I use to replace the club and how would I go about that? Lastly she's a bit more scantily clad then what I feel is fitting for this concept. How hard would it be to sculpt a skirt around her legs with "green stuff"? Would "green stuff" even be the appropriate thing to use for something like that? I know this is a lot of trouble to go through but I don't see any other way of getting what I "need". As there is no particularly well known large Azata/Eladrin/Fey lord type in D&D or Pathfinder it's unlikely Reaper will ever make this sort of model. Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated. :)
  19. Thanks for the information. I'm really glad to hear that the new Frost will be "about the size of the NEW fire Giants". I was hoping they'd be about 75 mm tall. That helps a lot in planning out my future collection. :)
  20. I still have no idea how the new Frost Giants and the new Fire Giants compare in size. Are they the same height or are the Frost noticeably taller? Does anyone know how to find out?
  21. "Imp" "Bearded Devil" "Barbed Devil" "Horned Devil" "Quasit" "Bralani" "Lillend" "Ghaele"
  22. Today is Women's Equality Day in the US, to celebrate women getting equal voting rights and no longer just being considered the property of their fathers or husbands. Now give me some a more even male/female humanoid monster ratios to buy! I wants my Orc womynz.
  23. Is there any indication of how big the new Frost Giants will be in comparison to the new Fire Giants?
  24. The giants are awesome! They're one of my favorite Bones collections. I just really want to know how the new Fire Giants size up compared to the new Frost Giants. It's so frustrating not knowing if I "need" to upgrade my Fires or not!
  25. Female Storm Giant using the new larger giant scale. Male Storm Giant using the new larger giant scale. Female Cloud Giant using the new larger giant scale. Male Cloud Giant using the new larger giant scale. Female Hill Giant.
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