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  1. I'm trying to decide if I need the new Fire Giants. How tall will the new Frost Giants be in comparison? I think I remember someone saying they would be 90 mm? Compared to Sir Forscale, in the preview pic, they look to be more like 75 mm though? /shrug Also will there be any chance of some new scale Cloud Giants at some point?
  2. Thanks! My roommate got me a bag full of minis!
  3. 1 The most obvious change is that I've merge all the various sub-races together. There are no dark, grey, high, light, sea, wild, wood, etc elves. Just one race that posses within it all of those different facets. I think it makes the races much more realistic and dynamic. Rather then just a set of stereotypes. In the same way bugbears, hobgoblins, orcs, etc are merged together into one race. There's also no gnomes. Their tinkering aspect is merged into dwarves while their other aspects are merged into halflings. 2 My setting is not based on the late medieval period like so many fantasy worlds. I always thought that period was so very wrapped up with Christianity as to not mesh well with a world of gods and monsters. I draw my inspiration mostly from around the iron age (about 1,000 BC to 1,000 AD). With gold (titan), silver (elven), and bronze (dwarven) ages preceding that. The setting is also centered more on a Mediterranean style region. With big blonde and ginger barbarians to the north (Viking/Celtic inspired) and Middle Eastern and African type peoples in the Southlands. 3 The next major thing is when using a d20 system normal humans have a level cap of 10th level. This limit is roughly based on looking at the monster manuals/bestiaries and asking myself what a real life human fighter type or martial artist, at their absolute maximum potential, could realistically take on in a straight one on one fight (mastodons, tyrannosaurus, young dragons, etc.). That's of course only for normal humans. Some people however are touched with the blood of demi-gods. Half gods have a level cap of 20th, quarter gods cap at 15th, etc. This means old concepts like the divine right of kings, god-kings, and keeping bloodlines pure is actually a real concern in this world. The most powerful humans are often times also the most inbreed of emperors. Elves are semi-divine beings and all have a natural level cap of 20th (with a base starting level of 3rd). Though not all live to reach that point. Dwarves being the other long lived race cap at 15th (with a base starting level of 2nd). 4 Leveling also takes years. Like in real life it takes years, even decade, to reach one's maximum potential. You don't become a black belt overnight. People don't just go from a group of nobodies to suddenly being able to take on dragons and demi-gods after adventuring for a couple of month. When fast tracking and really focusing on advancement people can gain 1 level per year maximum. With most people gaining a level maybe once every 5 years or so. 5 Lastly in keeping with the more "down to earth" flavor of my world I've made a minor change to the way the standard D&D style coinage works. CP remain copper pieces, but SP are bronze coins, GP are silver coins, and PP are gold coins. This makes silver coins the base unit of the economy rather then gold (silver "dollars", bronze "dimes", copper "pennies").
  4. In my setting dragons are classified by terrain (using standard D&D/Pathfinder types). They tend toward certain alignments along a spectrum, but they don't have a sharp alignment divide, and aren't separated into directly opposing camps (chromatic vs metallic). Their color scheme is more unified too. With the "chromatics" being a shinny metallic blue, green, red, etc. I use the following types….. Greater Dragons (primarily striking primary colors) Plains Dragon: golden yellow, generally CG-NG (Marthrangul?) Hill Dragon: coppery orange, generally CN-CG (Narthrax?) Mountain Dragon: ruby red, generally CE-CN (Cinder?) Deep Dragon: amethyst purple, generally NE-CE (Diabolus?) Desert Dragon: sapphire blue, generally LE-NE (Stormwing) Forest Dragon: emerald green, generally LN-LE (Blightfang) Sea Dragon: bronzed olive, generally LG-LE (Kyphrixis?) Sky Dragon: silver grey, generally NG-LG (?) There are numerous different kinds of Lesser Dragons. They come in more muted colors (black, greys, white, brown, tan, etc.) Additionally in my setting all dragons only age up to "Adult" size. They then start taking class levels for further advancement. On a side note I also figure they're the result of dinosaurs not going extinct and continuing to evolving, for 65 million years, in a magic saturated world. Anywho! I'm just rambling now.
  5. $224… Would have been $229 if it hadn't bugged out with the Solar at the end.
  6. Eeeee! From the start I've been waiting for something like the "Pretty Deadly" add on, to get the male/female ratio closer to even. Please add the female frost giant. *keeps fingers crossed*
  7. Any chance of getting the female frost giant or missing air elemental before things wrap up?
  8. I've probably mentioned it before, but I'd definitely like to see some more non-European characters, of both sexes. Especially Middle Eastern and African models.
  9. I would love Bones rowboats, keelboat or coaster or cog, longships or a barge but I would not want big ships or pirate ships from the age of sail. I don't much care for the "age of sail ships" (too modern) but a cog would be awesome. Even that would be huge though! I hate to image how expensive something like that would be.
  10. Ooo! I wonder what the "invisibles" will be? Maybe that's where the much desired Air Elemental would be?
  11. For those wondering just how big Viridius is….. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49841-viridius/
  12. Diabolus uses the same wings as Ebonwrath if that helps you visualize their sizes.
  13. Oh! You're right. We're still missing an Air Elemental. :/
  14. I feel the same way. This morning I was like... "Yay! Frost giants! I'm so happy" :) "Wait a sec… Where's the girl giant?!" :(
  15. I agree. Having hundreds of sapient humanoid races, for every little thing, is a bit… much. I just merge Bugbears, Hobgoblins, Orcs, etc together into one race. Some are more lawful some are more chaotic. I like to merge a lot of the various concepts together. Like by making all the different Elf types one race for example. With individuals of the race being all over the spectrum of wood/wild/snow/light/high/grey/dark/etc. It makes for much more fleshed out and dynamic races in my opinion. Rather then just tropeish stereotypes. If you want to keep it all split up then Orcs are bulky and green while Hobgoblins are lean and yellow.
  16. Has it been confirmed that the new Frost Giants will be larger then the existing Bones Frost Giants? I was rather counting on them being the same size. If the new ones are going to be larger then I would definitely like to see some more Frosties in the existing size/style. Like the discontinued Frost Giant Warrior (65100?) would be an awesome addition.
  17. As far as D&D goes I have a fondness for Bronze Dragons. Even though I don't especially like the LG alignment.
  18. They're conservative, traditional, and generally like to stay out of other people's affairs. Though they do like their money. They value personal achievement but also care about the communal good. Sort of a regulated capitalism. They're mechanically inclined, have a strong work ethic, and live in the mountains….. omg! Dwarves are the Swiss!
  19. @ Auberon: Ideally yes it would be all Reaper Bones minis. If that's not possible I suppose I'll have to look elsewhere. I wonder why there are less male angels like that. How odd. @ Brother Jim: That Horned Devil is nice. Kind of a pain to have to try to strip and repaint it though. I'll definitely look into getting him if nothing else is available though.
  20. I'd really like to see a good Lillend mini.
  21. Hello everybody! I've been considering my collection of Outsiders, for D&D/Pathfinder. I'm keeping things simple and just doing four main groupings. Combined Angels/Archons (LG), Azata/Eladrin/Fey (CG), Demons (CE), and Devils (LE). I was hoping to get your thoughts/general input on filling the blank slots I've got. Demons are pretty easy as there's a plethora in every edition and in mini form. Type 0 (CR 7ish): Succubus (77067) Type 1 (CR 8-9): Vrock (77262) Type 2 (CR10-11): Hezrou (77377) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Glabrezu (77307) Type 4 (CR 14-15): Nalfeshnee (77308) Type 5 (CR 16-17): Marilith (77393) Type 6 (CR 20+): Balor (77315) Devils are also pretty straight forward. I'm hoping the missing ones will come out in Bones 3. Type 0 (CR 7ish): Erinyes (77281 or 77370) Type 1 (CR 8-9): Bone Devil (77325) Type 2 (CR10-11): Barbed Devil (?) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Ice Devil (77324) Type 4 (CR 14-15): ??? (?) Type 5 (CR 16-17): Horned Devil (?) Type 6 (CR 20+): Pit Fiend (77112) Angels are pretty well covered in mechanically but not in miniature form. Type 0 (CR 7ish) ??? (77364?) Type 1 (CR 8-9): ??? (?) Type 2 (CR10-11): Movanic Deva (?) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Monadic Deva (?) Type 4 (CR 14-15): Astral Deva (?) Type 5 (CR 16-17): Planetar (77363) Type 6 (CR 20+): Solar (?) Azata/Eladrin/Fey is where I'm having a hard time coming up with anything. Type 0 (CR 7ish): "Sylph" (77266) Type 1 (CR 8-9): upgraded Lillend? (?) Type 2 (CR10-11): ??? (?) Type 3 (CR 12-13): Ghaele (?) Type 4 (CR 14-15): ??? (?) Type 5 (CR 16-17): ??? (?) Type 6 (CR 20+): ??? (?) I could possibly work in the Horned Hunter (89033) and Spirit of the Forest (77184) somehow. Would also be up for using the Cloud Giant (77162) and Storm Giant (77179) as they don't really fit with the rest of the giants in my world setting. Sort of as "titans" maybe? *shrugs*
  22. A host of Angels, Archons, and Azata/Eladrin. Many of the main Demon and Devil varieties are covered in Bones 2. Aside from Barbed, Bearded, and Horned Devils (Which I hope will be covered in Bones 3). This has however made me acutely aware of the lack of Celestials. Also of the Angels that are coming out why is every one of them female? A large sized male Solar type Angel (14080?), an Astral Deva type, and maybe a Trumpet Archon would be awesome. Failing that a pack of angelic wings to add to existing models might work too. Also I would very much like a Lillend. I would pay double for a good Lillend model.
  23. That is a pretty awesome female frost giant. Aren't the Pathfinder giants a lot bigger then the Reaper ones though?
  24. Follow up question! Assuming the new frost giants are included in Bones 3 does anybody happen to know how big they are? Are they the around the size of the current frost and fire giants or are they more like the storm and "hill" (mountain) giant size? http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/61411-who-is-ready-for-another-reaper-kickstarter/page-6#entry1125829
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