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  1. Well butter my biscuits and call me toasty! This is awesome and I want but it's too soon. I only found out about Bones a couple of months ago and am still trying to catch up on both Bones 1 and 2. I've barely got anything at all painted.
  2. That goes on the back of the Pathfinder Horned Hunter guy (89033).
  3. What I would like to see most is the have the various gaps left by Bones 1 & 2 be filled. Missing monster gaps. Air Elementals, missing Devil types, more Angels, Archons, Azata/Eladrin, etc. Missing gender gaps. A male Cloud Giant and female pretty much everything (Hill Giant, Storm Giant, Bugbears, etc). Of course most important of all is the missing player character gaps. Cleric types of all races, female dwarven caster type, female Orcs/Half-Orcs of all types, Orc/Half-Orc caster (shaman) types, more Human ethnic diversity, etc. More eccentric stuff is nice but I want to be able to fill out the fundamentals first.
  4. Awesome. Thank you for the picture Slashhamster! The reason I want to know is because in my setting Giants are all one race. Any differences between them are just ethnic or cultural (same for elves, dwarves, orcs/hobgoblins, etc.). I suppose it can still work though. Within humans we can see a fair degree of size variation in different ethnic groups.
  5. Wow! Even bigger then the Storm Giants?! That's crazy. Guess I'm going to have to rethink my plan. It would still be helpful to see them next to the other giants if anybody happen to know where to find a picture. Thanks.
  6. Hello everybody. I was wondering if anyone might happen to have any pictures of the new hill giants side by side with any of the frost or fire giants? I was kind of hopping that they'd all be pretty much the same size. Then I could paint them up to be different classes of the same giant race (i.e. fire giants = fighter, frost giants = rangers, hill giants = barbarians). I've heard however that the hill giants are noticeably larger in scale? :/
  7. Dang… The new hill giants are noticeably bigger then the frost and fire giants? I was really counting on them being comparably sized. Oh well. Does anybody happen to have any pictures of the new dragons and giants side by side?
  8. Thank you for the great suggestions. As I already have the whole rainbow of metallics (09051 + 09100 thru 09105), I was kind of hoping to add a brown to my collection that isn't too close to my 09102 Coppery Orange. I think I'll try the Scorched Metal that Arc 724 suggested and then on top of that do the brown washes that Corporea suggested. If that doesn't work I'll try that the mixing method which seems to be pretty popular. Thanks again for your comments everybody!
  9. Hello everybody! I'm looking to paint one of my dragons in a metallic brown color. So I'm trying to figure out which of Reaper's metal paints are the most brownish. It looks like 9049 Ancient Bronze, 9125 Scorched Metal, or 61132 Drillbit Metal might be what I'm looking for? Normally I'd go to my FLGS to compare colors side by side. The sample pics on the site don't always capture the color though. For example my Old Bronze looks quite a bit different the what I'd expect from the online picture. Unfortunately the store here doesn't carry all the Reaper colors. So does anybody happen to know which of the metallic paints would be the most brownish (least orangish) in color?
  10. The Pathfinder Red Dragon is definitely in the same size grouping as the Shadow Dragon and the like. You could probably bump up the size categories I listed. As in taking the Young Fire Dragon and call it large, bump up the other "larges" to huge, and take what I listed as "huge" and bumping them up to gargantuan. I went large for the Pathfinder Red, Shadow, etc because they're roughly the same mass as the fire/frost giant minis (which themselves push the upper limit of large). Verocithrax could be group on the upper end of what I'm calling "huge". Though I won't be getting him so I haven't given it too much thought. Nathavaar is definitely one size category above the others I've listed. I'd love to do a line up of all of them in one pic if I had more then just my built in laptop camera to take pictures with. Mayeb I can figure something out with that once I get all my Bones 2 minis. /shrug The problem with this is much like dogs some have short faces and some have long muzzles. If I were to do this I would measure their torsos. From the shoulder joint to the hip joint.
  11. Given the fact that they chose not to include Stormwing (the traditional blue) and instead put in Narthrax I've concluded that Narthax is meant to replace Stormwing as the new blue. Also Narthrax's tail strikes me as very blueish. When compared to the blue hatchling he has the most similar feel imo.
  12. In D&D terms they seem to have gone with all the chromatics in "huge" size. Deathsleet = White Dragon Ebonwrath = Black Dragon Blightfang = Green Dragon Narthrax = Blue Dragon Cinder = Red Dragon You can certainly go with that and wait for dragons to cover the metallic dragons in Bone 3 maybe. …………………... Personally I'm going to switch it up a bit with different size categories rather then have them all be in the "huge" range. An Adult white dragon is only supposed to be "large" after all. This will also nicely cover the metallic dragons with what we have available now. Additionally in my personal campaign setting dragons only age up to adult size and then start taking class levels for further growth / development (Not that anyone cares). Anyways! Taking all the adult sized "large" and "huge" dragons we end up with a total of 5 "larges" and 5 "huges". "Large" Dragons: Fire Dragon, Pathfinder Dragon, Shadow Dragon, Silver Dragon, Young Fire Dragon (small end of "large"). "Huge" Dragons: Blightfang, Cinder, Deathsleet, Ebonwrath, Narthrax If we then arrange all chromatics and metallics by size we get the following. Dragons by Size: White, Brass, Black, Copper, Green, Bronze, Blue, Silver, Red, Gold Then by appearance I'll match up the first batch of five (white-green) with the "larges" and the second batch five (bronze-gold) with the "huges". Which gives me the following. Larges White (Young Fire Dragon): By far the smallest this one also has very obviously white physical features. Brass (Pathfinder Dragon): This was pretty much the remainder after matching up everything else. :/ Black (Shadow Dragon): The most aquatic looking of the "larges". See Ebonwrath below for further details. Copper (Silver Dragon): Has a wing pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of D&D metallic dragons. :) Green (Fire Dragon): Within the "large" grouping this one definitely has a greenish feel to me. Huges Bronze (Blightfang): This sculpt has the most aquatic look of any of the dragons by far. Blue (Narthrax): This is the intended blue dragon and there's no reason to change that. Silver (Deathsleet?): Has a rather white head. Will require a little bit of green stuff work. Red (Cinder): This is the intended red dragon and there's no reason to change that. Gold (Ebonwrath?): Has an obviously black head. Will swap heads with Shadow Dragon. …………………... As a further point of possible interest I'm going to blur the lines between chromatic and metallic dragons with a more unified color scheme, using Reaper's colored metal paints. The chromatics will have a metallic sheen and the metallics will fill in the missing (yellow/orange) end of the color wheel. Keep in mind with the following that the paint colors on the web site often look a bit different then they do in person. Unifying Color Sequence Silvered Grey: Honed Steel base (Stormy Grey recesses, Cloudy Grey highlights, Rainy Grey details) Coppery Orange: Coppery Orange base (Harvest Brown recesses, Orange Brown highlights, Fire Orange details) Golden Yellow: New Gold base (Chestnut Gold recesses, Palomino Gold highlights, Clear Yellow details) Tarnished Bronze (Olive): Old Bronze base (Olive Shadow recesses, Olive Drab highlights, Worn Olive details) Emerald Green: Emerald Green base (Forest Green recesses, Grass Green highlights, Jade Green details) Sapphire Blue: Sparkling Blue base (Clear Blue recesses, Sapphire Blue highlights, Sky Blue details) Amethyst Purple: Sparkling Amethyst base (Nightshade Purple recesses, Imperial Purple highlights, Amethyst Purple details) Ruby Red: Ruby Red base (Deep Red recesses, Blood Red highlights, Clear Red details) Ya… So to have a full color wheel my Black Dragons are going to be a dark purple. :p That just leave the lesser true dragons (white & brass) that are going to fall outside of the main color sequence. Pearl White: Pearl White base (Rainy Grey recesses, Pure White highlights, Misty Grey details) Brassy Brown: metallic brown base* (Dark Highlights recesses?, Tanned Shadow highlights?, Tanned Highlights details?) *I haven't gotten this metallic paint yet so I'm not sure which browns from the flesh range to use with it. For dragon-kin (dracolisks and the like) I'm going to paint them flat neutral brown (without the metallic sheen of the true dragons).
  13. For me it was my roommate. I mentioned how cool it was that Reaper actually bothered to make female giants that were also affordable. So last christmas she bought me a giant and two dwarf Bones minis. Now I probably have almost a hundred. >.<
  14. More young dragons would be nice. 03332 Young Fire Dragon, 03350 Young Forest Dragon, 03430 Young Swamp Dragon I'd Especially like to see 03264 Glitter. That's a wing design that I haven't seen in any other Reaper dragon minis.
  15. Ya… I'm still waiting for Bones KS2 to become available for sale….. :/
  16. My personal hypothesis is that back in the early 80s the old pig-faced D&D Orcs were described to players in terms of Star Wars Gamorreans. Until eventually the green skin concept took hold. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Gamorrean
  17. That's exactly the problem I'm having. When everything is cluttered together in one picture it's just kind of one big white blob. At least now I can compare some of them to the Hydra I already have. Thanks. :)
  18. Does anybody know where to find a picture of all the Bones Dragons next to each other? I want to get a sense of scale in deciding what to get. Pretty much what I want is a midsize dragon for each of the chromatic and metallic types found in D&D/Pathfinder. I want them to be the right relative scale to each other. Meaning the Red Dragon should not be significantly smaller then the White Dragon. From what I can make out from the online pictures it looks like 77110 Deathsleet would be the White Dragon and 77102 Ebonwrath would be the Black Dragon. 77108 Shadow Dragon, 77109 Fire Dragon, and 89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon all look like they'd be smaller in scale based on the price. I suppose those three would be good stand ins for the Red, Blue, and Green Dragons but then I'm guessing the White and Black would be too big in contrast. That's all I've been able to figure out so far on my own. How the Bones 2 Dragons scale in… I don't even know how to guess with no prices listed yet. Any thoughts or pointers would be much appreciated. :)
  19. Well Ragnaros is full Orc by the look of his build. He is distinct enough to be PC worthy though. He'll certainly do as my heavy armor, orc/half-orc, PC option until they come out with the Pathfinder Warpriest Iconic. But ya more female Orcs and Dwarves please.
  20. Yes! There are actually a few that could pass well as PC orc/half-orc types in the bones line... but they're all male. Male Orc/Half-Orc PCs Heavy Armor Classes: 77150 Ragnaros Medium Armor Classes: 77199 Thund Light Armor Classes: 77224 Rogan Caster Classes: ? Female Orc/Half-Orc PCs Heavy Armor Classes: ? Medium Armor Classes: ? Light Armor Classes: ? Caster Classes: ? Apparently women are pretty much always supposed to want to be anorexic, blonde, elf types. /sigh
  21. Ooooo! That's handy for organizing my thoughts on what to get. Is there a list like that for Bones 2 somewhere?
  22. I saw a good number of these in metal. I'm hoping to see them in Bones though. Having a mixed collection would bug me and the only reason I started collecting is because I could justify it thanks to the more manageable prices of the Bones line. Never actually thought I'd bother using anything more then paper pawns before now. Anywho! Other things I'd like to see are….. The Primary Missing Devil Types: Bearded, Barbed, Horned More Good Outsiders (Angels/Archons): Large Male Angel (Solar), Shield Archon, Hound Archon, etc. More Fey Types (Azata/Eladrin): Satyr, Nymph, Fey Hound, Bralani, Lillend, etc. Outsider Alternate Familiars (Imp, Quasit, Pixie (Coure/Lyrakien), Cherub, etc.) Large Air Elemental (Clear Transparent), matching "Wall of Air" (as spell effect markers/smaller elementals) "Wall of Earth" markers Also a Cyclops that would blend in well with the Ogres and Ettin.
  23. Farm Animals (cow, pig, sheep, goat, chickens) Mammalian Familiars (dog, badger, rabbit, hedgehog, squirrel, monkey) Avian Familiars (owl, raven, thrush, parrot, toucan, dodo) Amphibian & Reptile Familiars (dwarf caiman, snake, lizard, toad, turtle, salamander) Aquatic Familiars (sting ray, small shark, large fish, eel, octopus, crab) Animal Companions 2 (pony, boar, deer, ram, chimp) [all "medium" sized] Animal Companions 3 (alligator, snake, lizard, giant frog, shark) [all "medium" sized] Large Animals: Horse, Dire Boar, Stag, Large Bear, Crocodile, Giant Snake, Giant Lizard, Giant Toad, Great White Megafauna: Rhinoceros, Elephant
  24. I went ahead and made a checklist to see exactly what I would still like to see added in order to cover all the basic PC combinations. Thought I'd share it as some people might find it helpful/interesting. Warriors = Fighters, Paladins, Cavaliers, etc. Priests = Clerics, Druids, Oracles, etc. Specialist = Rogues, Rangers, Bards, etc. Caster = Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, etc. Dwarves - male warrior: 77074 Dain - female warrior: 77073 Freja - male priest: ? - female priest: ? - male specialist: 77133 Gruff - female specialist: 77072 Bailey - male caster: 77075 Khael - female caster: ? Elves - male warrior: 77044 Turanil - female warrior: 77070 Aviriel - male priest: ? - female priest: 77036 Devona - male specialist: 77071 Elladan - female specialist: 77035 Deladrin - male caster: 77092 Elquin - female caster: 77076 Lysette Gnomes/Halflings - male warrior: ? - female warrior: 77164 Elliwyn - male priest: ? - female priest: ? - male specialist: 77165 Hellakin - female specialist: 77167 Ingrid - male caster: 77166 Balto - female caster: 77031 Cassie Northern Humans - male warrior: 77061 Kord - female warrior: 77052 Aina - male priest: ? - female priest: ? - male specialist: ? - female specialist: 77062 Deenah - male caster: 77040 Satheras - female caster: 89008 Feiya Midland Humans - male warrior: 77063 Gerard - female warrior: 77077 Finari - male priest: ? - female priest: ? - male specialist: 77030 Danar - female specialist: 77022 Michelle - male caster: 89013 Ezren - female caster: 89006 Seoni Southern Humans - male warrior: ? - female warrior: ? - male priest: ? - female priest: ? Kyra (which only seems to be on the Pathfinder site?) - male specialist: ? - female specialist: ? - male caster: ? - female caster: ? So… specifically there still needs to be a female dwarf caster, male gnome/halfling warrior, male vikingish ranger type, and clerics & non-European types in general.
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