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  1. Sorry I got a bit off topic. For Pathfinder specific what comes to mind are the Oracle, Shaman and Slayer iconics. Also more giants from the new AP that's about to come out would always be welcome.
  2. Farm animals and furnishing would be pretty darn useful. Someday I want to build a whole town to use as a home base for my PCs. So I'll need lots of varied townsfolk and furnishing and such.
  3. That makes sense. I always thought classic D&D giants had more HD then what was justified by their mass alone. It seems like they should either be bigger or scaled down stat wise. It's like if you tried to make a smooth graph of HD progression there's a sudden inexplicable spike after bugbears and ogres. *shrugs*
  4. Thanks. I haven't been actively gaming for awhile myself. I've always wanted a miniature collection but they've always been too limited in scope and too expensive. With Reaper adding some diversity and the bones line being more affordable I'm actually going to start collecting. Reaper does still have a lot of gaps of course but they seem to be better then most.
  5. I never understood how an ogre and a hill giant are the same size but have such a huge CR difference. Seem silly to me.
  6. A good mix of of races and genders to cover all the basic player character combinations. At minimum I'd want a male and female mini of a warrior type (fighter/paladin/cavalier in heavy armor), priest type (cleric/druid/oracle in medium armor), rogue type (rogue/bard/alchemist in light armor), and caster type (wizard/sorcerer/witch in no armor) for northland humans (vikingish), midland humans (standard fantasy), southland humans (middle eastern/north african style), dwarves, elves, gnomes/halflings, and orcs. So generally I'd like to see more non-Europeans and female orcs. I also would like a female dwarf caster and a male gnome/halfling warrior. A female hill giant would be really nice too. PS. Oh ya and lots of townsfolk/villagers too. I need to populate my town.
  7. 1 Non-European humans. Especially more diverse North African/Middle Eastern types. 2 More female dwarves, orcs and giants. A good female hill giant would be really nice. 3 More common folk, villagers, towns people, etc. I need people to populate my town with.
  8. 1 Non-European humans. Especially more diverse North African/Middle Eastern types. Like the Slayer in the ACG. 2 More female dwarves, orcs and giants. A female hill giant would be nice. Isn't there one in the new AP? 3 More common folk, villagers, towns people, etc. I need people to populate my town with.
  9. I always used Frulla Krung (02622) with different paint jobs. Only recently has anyone addressed the idea of female giants at ALL. I wonder why it took so long. The all male races generally produced by mini makers is really annoying. There's no shortage of "elf chicks". It's like if it's not an anorexic blonde sculptures generally just don't know what to do. But I'm starting to rant. Back on topic. Having really gigantic giant minis just isn't practical. In my world setting I just have the all giants types (which are just different ethnicities of the same species) stand roughly twice the height a human (and halflings stand at half the height of a human). So the Reaper giants are pretty much perfect for that scale.
  10. I was looking for somebody that actually bothered to make female giants. Then I saw that they make a few good female dwarves too. Basically I just want to have a realistic mix of genders and ethnicities in my collection. The all male races some producers put out is just ridiculous. Now I just need some more female Orcs, Common folk, and non-European looking humans.
  11. I'm with dsmiles on this one. I always remember the main D&D giant types being in 3 foot steps. Storm (21), Cloud (18), Frost (15), Fire & Stone (12), Hill (10). Ok so the Hill is a bit off the 3 foot pattern. Anyways! More giants would be nice. Especially some more female giants. Has anybody ever made a female Hill Giant?
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