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  1. korimar

    Cheshire Cat

    Cheshire Cat. Combined Darksword Miniatures. Birman Cat Bard head DSM8111 by Dave Summers. Huge Fae Cat body DSM7644 by Patrick Keith.
  2. Darksword Miniatures Ari Birdman DSM4620 by Dave Summers
  3. I love the basing and your photos are excellent.
  4. I kind of mixed/washed blended the blues from these two triads (09016 Sapphire Blue, 09017 True Blue, 09018 Sky Blue), (09115 Ritterlich Blue, 09116 Brilliant Blue, 09117 Cyan Blue). I spent a lot of time trying to blend that cloak. I can't tell you exactly what I did. I do appreciate you taking notice of it and your nice comments. I'm still striving to improve and you all are great motivators.
  5. korimar

    Bar staff

    I love blues.
  6. Darksword Miniatures Otter Ranger with Bow DSM8089 by Dave Summers
  7. 02155 Liara Silverrain by Sandra Garrity
  8. I love Muppet spoofs! Neato! You might enjoy these:
  9. korimar

    Garden Gnomes

    Kickstarter Garden Gnomes from Midlam Miniatures
  10. Antediluvian Miniatures Medieval Demon Miniatures from Kickstarter
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