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  1. Excellent! Thanks! I'm thinking I'll go warlock. Just gotta flesh out a few of the details. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18gkAXOSqGeh3tcg3_g63EdaX_wVZWuuUyCTbkuJX0ww/edit Okay, here's the link. He's a Half-Elf Sage Warlock. I'll add in some more about background, but this at least gives a glimpse of the stats and such at the moment.
  2. I'd be interested if you're still taking sign ups and willing to work with me on learning 5e. I play Pathfinder and played D&D up to 3.5, so it's just some of the fine details that I'm foggy on.
  3. Fantastic! So much character captured in that expression!
  4. Wow!! Those are some fabulous pieces!! Absolutely loved your Alice as well, just wasn't logged in, so didn't comment when I saw that one. Any chance we'll have a printed and painted shot of the full crew anytime soon?
  5. I just binge-read this thread. Super cool project! Loving the look and feel of the dragon, its mother, and the burning victim. Fantastic work and creativity!
  6. Great looking works as usual, Chris! I'm expecting at least a few (if not all) of those pieces could make cameos in the next Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago campaign?
  7. Wow! The dynamics of this game seemed much different from the Frostgrave campaign. Not sure if it's actually the nature of the differences between the two games or if it was just this specific adventure happened to go more violently. I mean, losing four figures? 40% of the crew down. I don't think you ever had loses like that back in the Frostgrave games. Looking forward to seeing how things progress in the next games of this campaign and in seeing young Marny come into her own and proving to herself and her uncle that she's a capable adventurer.
  8. A rather enjoyable, though as you said, anticlimactic ending to the adventures. I have a captain in my warband and she is a massive beast of pure destruction. It's really been fun watching Quail and Bailey on their adventures as they and their crew have grown and developed. Am I correct in assuming you'll be playing them again in the Christmas adventure, or will the Christmas adventure be your test run of Ghost Archipelago? Speaking of, I'll be interested to see how things go with your Ghost Archipelago campaign!
  9. So looking forward to your Ghost Archipelago campaign! I'm glad that you're using the iconic half-orc inquisitor that you so wonderfully converted into an elf for this crew. I actually got that mini specifically so I could steal...I mean...borrow your idea ;=) Looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew!
  10. I think bringing in uncommon races is a brilliant choice! I've had trouble finding decent kitsune minis. Several of the guys I play PFS with have expressed the challenge of finding grippli or tengu minis as well. Of course, quality female dwarf, gnome, or Halfling minis are also non-human characters that might appeal to those who don't want to go quite as monstrous?
  11. Another nice write-up! I've been enjoying the adventures of the librarians, but I can't help but be excited to see if next year's adventures will feature a different type of warband or if there will be some Ghost Archipelago in the future. Kind of stinks that the game got cut short on you. Still, sounds like a lot of fun was had :=)
  12. Looking forward to seeing these develop from blobs to beauties!
  13. Love the cartoony vibe these guys give! It puts me in mind of the old animated versions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King.
  14. Some nice work on that guy! I rather like the facial expression and the fact that you didn't sculpt him quite so squared-off as some dwarves become, yet he still clearly reads dwarf. If you're going for the flail idea, a tiny bit of fine chain to connect from the handle to (insert whatever you call the bludgeoning part here) could really sell the look well. This would involve either putting a tiny bit of green stuff to hold it in place (and fill the gaps) or some glue rubbed into it to hold it in place and fill the holes. Of course, if you decide the idea of making it casting-ready isn't an issue, just let it have movement and it will add depth to the piece on the tabletop. In going with him as a farming character forced to pick up arms, I'd think a scythe could also be a solid two-handed weapon choice. Character-flavor-wise, I'd vote for the first option if you go axe head as it looks more like something that might be kept around to chop lumber while the second looks more like it's made for battle. Looking forward to your next step in fleshing out your mini!!
  15. Awww, that's the sweetest background story I've ever heard about a terrain piece! It's painted really well (and so is the mini you posed with it for scale), but the piece being a memorial of your mom just really grabbed my focus. Excellent work (and I have no doubt mama is proud of your work).
  16. Wow, looks like "Bemis the Barbarian" went on a ghoul stomping spree!! Must say, I was rather amused by what a massive force of melee destruction he was! Peeking behind the veil to get the other side of the apprentice battle really took us on an unexpected turn! Here I was thinking Agarn had suffered a fatal blow when, in actuality, it was his poor, poor hat that had suffered such a grievous blow! An excellent update!
  17. Another excellent update! It was nice to see the Bailey trauma storyline reach some conclusion.
  18. Good heavens!! This is amazing! The additions to the piece, the paintjob, the...everything! Just wow!
  19. An excellent and highly enjoyable update, Knabe! Loved the wit in the writing (ham for dinner indeed!) and the analysis of the adventure. Sounds like Bemis had quite the success!
  20. Statue Moving Over There? (For this adventure, 6 statues were placed on the board. Each time a treasure is collected, a 6 or 4 sided die is rolled to determine which statue is activated. The statues use the large construct stats and follow standard monster rules.) After the first foray into the frozen city, Branna and her band found themselves inhabiting an old, abandoned inn. Given that they had more room, and more gold to entice more help, Branna decided it was time to expand her warband...after she invested in the finest kennel she could get for her beloved Fang. Branna's first new addition was a curious elven fellow she had met through The Traveller, the odd fellow who'd sold her the map to Felstad in the first place. Deviem Nuk, the elven fellow, was not much in terms of being a warrior. Rather, his skills were more cognitive. He was an alchemist who specialized in creating healing elixirs. Branna decided that this elven fellow would be convenient as her own personal field medic, an occasional flanking buddy, and another set of hands to carry off loot. Hired on an apothecary Next up, Branna wanted to make sure young Sylvania was protected. The young apprentice had definite skill, but just seemed very fragile and vulnerable. To this end, Branna called in a favor. Back when she had been part of the defense for the kingdom of Skalinsgard against the goblin horde, she had saved the life of a Templar by the name of Brother Khald. Khald had promised to repay that kindness one day, so Branna called in that favor. "Your job," Branna instructed him, "is to keep this young mage alive or to die trying." "It will be my honor, milady," he said with a bow. With a band now twelve members strong, Branna decided it was about time to head back into the frozen city. The inn plus the kennel allows 12 members including Fang for those of you questioning the math. Before setting off with the band, Branna sent Jaffy and Elle out to scout ahead. They came back with reports of an area that appeared to have valuable items laying out for the taking, but each seemed to be placed on some sort of pressure plate. The rogues worried that taking these treasures might come with an extra helping of danger. Well, no risk, no reward. In order to cover more ground quickly, Branna split up her band. With herself, she took Elle, Deviem, and of course, Fang. She also asked V'Roth to cast a spell. As the magic washed across her, Branna could feel her body change as it surged with might from the demonic presence. "And if that's any indication," V'Roth said with his usual leering bravado, "our children will be gorgeous!" Instead of her usual eyeroll, Branna felt a sudden surge of anger and desire to kill. She'd have to make sure she kept this fury under control so she could direct it at her foes. After all, a warband would be hard pressed to keep following a leader who might slaughter them without warning. Sylvania, accompanied by Brother Khald (her new bodyguard) and Dell Furth the archer were the first to learn about the pressure plates. As a treasure was lifted somewhere in the area, a statue on the battlements above them became animated and dropped down behind them to attack. Brother Khlad immediately moved to defend his charge, but Sylvania wielded her staff and stood toe-to-toe with the statue. Even Dell, after shrieking in fear like a little girl, drew his dagger and moved in to attack. They quickly dispatched the construct. The construct was not the only foe coming their way, however. The enemy captain along with a man-at-arms and thief captured another treasure, and consequently, animated the construct standing beside the man-at-arms. Meantime, the demonically possessed Branna, the alchemist, and the warhound moved forward to intercept the enemy thief who was escaping with the treasure. He was toppled in no time and Deviem began retreating with the loot. Fang was sent along to keep him safe. As the man-at-arms kept the construct busy, Branna moved in and dispatched the rival captain. She then turned her attention to the construct. And with the construct out of the way, she could focus in on the man-at-arms. Finding himself outnumbered and already weakened by the construct, he put up little resistance to the demonic captain. However, as another treasure was recovered elsewhere on the field, the statue right by Deviem began moving to pursue the treasure-laden alchemist. Fang moved in to protect him... and the warhound was toppled. Branna, unfortunately, was focused elsewhere as the illusionist's band was trying to secure another treasure. On the opposite end of the battlefield, V'Roth's band had stopped yet another member of the illusionist's band from escaping with a treasure. And after that, he had moved on to reek havoc with the illusionist's troops as they tried to escape. V'Roth's laughter could be heard ringing through the air as he threw blinding light spells at his foes and Venna blasted crossbow bolts their way. On another part of the battlements, they could see Jaffy grabbing another treasure for Branna's Brigands. In a final move, Branna and Brother Khald moved forward to take down yet another construct, but Branna was frustrated yet again as the illusionist cast invisibility and escaped. Back at the inn, Branna and her crew began going through the four treasure chests they'd managed to secure. In addition to the 210 gold pieces they'd recovered, they found three potions: teleport, speed, and invulnerability. Additionally, they discovered three grimoires: slow, reveal death, and elemental bolt. But most importantly, they found that Fang made yet another miraculous recovery. Fang the wonderhound would live to fight another day...after he cozied up in his kennel and enjoyed warmth, food, and belly rubs in the comfort of the inn. Of course, now that the inn was starting to double as a storehouse for treasures, perhaps it would be necessary to hire on some more help and leave one or two members back to guard the base. She'd ponder that even as she debated whether it was worth the time investment to have her mages learn spells from the grimoires. Then again, that would make sure that V'Roth would have less free time to harass her... Game two happened about a month ago and game three is scheduled for about a week and a half from now. My wizards have hit level 5 now and Branna has finally leveled up for the first time. Captains do not level quickly.
  21. Wow, I had a pair of adventures to get caught up on! Poor Bailee!! Really nice character development. I was actually hoping that she was going to take out the dwarf and get closure at the end of the last adventure, but apparently even a light-blinded dwarf is a capable foe! So, Knabe, about getting that report posted...?
  22. Excellent! A nifty new campaign to follow! Have the three of you (and Doug for that matter) considered doing background write-ups for the warbands so we can get to know them (or at least the wizards) a bit more and therefore share more deeply in their sorrows and rejoice more loudly in their triumphs? And why are none of these cool Frostgrave things happening in the Springs? :=(
  23. Wow, teleporting the possessed soldier into the midst of your band was quite the unfortunate backfire! I'd have thought that all the flanking bonuses should have overwhelmed him. Still, an excellent effort by the successor of the great druid Knabe ;=)
  24. Well, the casting rolls for elemental bolt would be high for a while, at least. That's part of my logic with explosive cocktails: no casting roll. Of course, it would be cheaper to just have Quail and Bail get bows. Just 5 gc according to the captain equipment.
  25. Another excellent write-up! I was rather surprised to see the riskier nature of your play this time, so it was interesting reading through the commentary you gave at the end about the struggles you and Quail faced together. Maybe pick up some explosive cocktails for future occasions when they need damaging spells?
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