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  1. Nudity okay? I have the urban legends Sophie all painted up, but I'm not sure if I can throw her up here. Thanks!
  2. I've got 2 orders from Spain that I'm waiting for as well. One "left Spain" 4/22, one the 24th. That's it. They've been in the wind since. I am in the same boat that I don't "need" anything in the packages, but I NEEEEED them. Lol Hope this all gets sorted out soon!
  3. Thanks! Okay, I'll look at the bugs again. They're undercoated with metallic medium to try and make them look beetle-y, so that may be reflecting more with the lights. And I was worried about the red and green! Glad to hear it came off as alive instead of Christmas.
  4. Thanks y'all! The blue was something I definitely wasn't sure of. I want it to be somewhat muted, but not flat. I'm taking a weeklong break from her, and then I'll come back and look at her again. Tbh, I kind of hate hoods anyways. The whole thing is in the light! Lol. Thanks again everyone for all the feedback!!
  5. So. Many. Leaves.... Lol. Thanks so much! She's just a great sculpt. And I am so so glad to be done with the masters. Lol Thanks! Wet blending forever.
  6. Hey y'all! I finished Lesza today! I'm on a bit of a bust kick lately... I hope y'all like her! I am finally done with my masters programs, so hopefully there will be more painting! More pics on my blog, but here she is! I'm always up for some good c&c, so hit me! Let me know what you think!
  7. Texan here, born and bred. However, I'm by the coast, so the reason we don't have basements is that you hit water a foot down. We have a little bit of everything here, but a lot of pride in our state. And we love tacos. And football (but not everyone). "They" tend to get a little weird about Planned Parenthood, but nowhere's perfect. And I don't believe you have a uterus, so you should be good. Lol I think everywhere has some of everything. I'm happy to answer more specific questions if you wanna pm me. Also, @TaleSpinner, Galveston is less than an hour from me. In Texas time, that's nothing! Come on down!
  8. Inside the saute because I feel like I can walk away from it a little more than on the stove. Also, I don't have to worry about little hands in the instant pot. And lastly, if you use saute, you can deglaze and keep all the yummy burned bits in whatever you're cooking.
  9. Where?: Houston-ish ship internationally?: No Box starter: no thanks, unless necessary.
  10. Totally not arguing any of this. I'm not an aerospace anything, but I am a healthcare provider. And I am giggling imagining flu-swabbing (it's virtually the same swab, viral medium, blah blah)every person getting on every plane. It's pretty uncomfortable, and I would imagine it would need to be done before you drop off your luggage at the sky-cap or check in with your ticket to prevent losing stuff and the ensuing kerfuffles. I think this is definitely going to change many industries, IF it remains a problem. SARS and MERS never came back. We can cross our fingers and wait for the future. I'm all for theorycrafting, but I think almost anything can be discounted at this point. We all agree that we should be careful, we all agree that we're interested in keeping each other safe. I think that's the important piece. And I still have my tickets and hotel room booked, and I'm crossing everything I have that we can all get together this year.
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