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  1. It's rough. There's no other way to slice it. You have to find your own normal, and then you adapt it to your baby. Mine is 2 (two!!! How did that happen?!), and there are days that I still have to remember to breathe. I agree with redambrosia, you have to find a happy medium with both of you helping each other. It can't get better if you can't lean on each other. Just remember that it's all a season. And you will miss some of it, and be thankful some of it is over. Just smile, love them both, and y'all can make it through!
  2. Happy Happy Birthday Andy!!! I hope it's awesome, and you spend it surrounded by people you love!
  3. Reapers snow Shadow is a white with a bit of blue in it. Might be the color you're looking for. I think, as a proof of concept, you've nailed it! Now you just have to fine tune the colors! Awesome work.
  4. Nicely done. I love the crystals.
  5. Hey! I'm looking for a list of the MSP paints.... I have the paintrack app, and I love it, but I love spreadsheets more. halp.
  6. I use gw 'ardcoat. Put on a layer. Let dry. Repeat as necessary. Seals it up and smooths it over.
  7. You forgot the complaining. We are warmed by the fury of our complaining (whining) about how cold 40 degrees is with the humidity! But I am a bathtub queen. Can't get warm without hot water. And fuzzy socks. Always fuzzy socks.
  8. Y'all are sweet! He was super fun!
  9. Marineal

    03936: shaman

    Thanks y'all! She was fun! @72moonglum, I have the bones version too, but the detail was a little soft. In metal, she's nice and crisp.
  10. Thanks! He has tons of personality!
  11. Marineal

    03936: shaman

    This is my other exchange mini. I was going for a super saturated green, let me know if you think I got there!
  12. Now that he's been received, I can post my exchange mini! I loved this little guy! I hope y'all enjoy him! (I suck at painting metal, so there's that... Lol) Let me know what you think!
  13. I've never had a problem finding the judges, and they've always been super cool about giving feedback. Even if you just find them on artist's row. Now, I'm not a shy introvert, so I don't have a problem sidling up to strangers in crowded rooms to talk about small people. That may be the limiting factor.
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