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  1. Marineal

    Maow Miniatures Monstropot

    Hey guys! I haven't stopped moving since Reapercon. This was my Paint It Pink entry, "Screening Ain't Sexy". Hope y'all like it. I enjoy things that are ridiculous, and applying fake eyelashes to a miniature monster paint pot fit the bill for me. :D C&C is always welcome!
  2. Marineal

    Maow Miniatures Monstropot

    Thanks so much everyone!I'll definitely be getting more of these guys. He was super fun to paint.
  3. Marineal

    Growtix Issues

    We had a similar problem trying to change names on tickets. The GBO is a Computer Nerd, but we just gave up for similar reasons to many others. This is a relaxing thing for us, and at some point it isn't worth the irritation. Our specific issues were: 1. Schedule shown was not necessarily what we paid for as others mentioned. 2. Server reloads were so clunky that we missed out on several classes between putting them in the cart and paying for them. (Minutes matter in the fray!) 3. Being unable to sign up for classes at the 9 or 10pm the night before, and inability of Reaperpeeps to sign us up for classes. At some point I just gave up. I had several instructors tell me I should have just shown up, as they had empty seats. 4. The GBO didn't end up playing games because I had registered us both and he didn't have access to sign up. He didn't want to inconvenience a DM if he hadn't signed up. We will remedy this in the future by registering separately. 5. Just a note, I managed to pay for one class separately (somehow, someway I will wreck the machine), and it always showed up as a separate ticket. I could never get it to add to my schedule. I hope this is helpful. It is not meant to be a diatribe, but a concise list to help for the future. If it's Growtix again, we will persevere, but we don't have to love it. FWIW, the GBO offered to help with tech stuff.
  4. Marineal

    Maow Miniatures Monstropot

    Oh, no. lol. A sculptor I am not. Thanks tho! I think the confusion arose because it got entered into the Open category. There was a lot going on, and a lot of confusion at the registration desk that day. But I'm glad you liked her! And thanks everyone else! There are a whole bunch of these; I may have to paint more!
  5. Marineal

    And Now for Something Completely Different!

    Yes! pepita! Poco Loco is the Tiny Overlord's favorite song.
  6. Marineal

    Reapercon Report

    I love the con. Every year I enjoy it a little more. My suggestions: 1. Some sort of emcee. Morning announcements or even a schedule that's projected would go a long way. 2. On that note, fix the projector. One of the best parts of getting your medal is sharing it with the whole group. Being able to put a face to an entry is super cool! And I love seeing the fun puns and names! So,yeah. 3. And I agree with the current consensus of moving awards up a bit. I would hate for the majority of people to not get their medals in front of all their friends. 4. Growtix defeated me, and the reaperpeeps at the desk weren't able to sign us up for classes. When I talked to some of the instructors later, they said they ended up having open spots that could have been filled. Having the desk at least be able to manually add people to classes would be nice. Overall, I loved the venue, I love the peeps, and we'll be back!
  7. Marineal

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    So say we all! Also, are you still in the market for more planes? We have 2 in our melt pile for next year. Lol
  8. Marineal

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    Me too! Mwahaha! Of course! We enjoyed having you around! So many fun memories made!
  9. Marineal

    ReaperCon 2019 pictures!

    That is Buc-ee the Beaver and he is a treasure.
  10. Marineal

    Names and Faces

    Names: Owen, Steven, and Jessi Titles: Tiny Overlord, Great Bearded One, and Owen's Mom. Not one to turn down hugs. However, The Bearded One does tend to bite.
  11. Marineal

    Anklyosaur-Raptor Diorama

    Love him! As the mother of an almost-two-year-old boy, I look at a lot of dinosaurs. Lol
  12. Marineal

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I can't wait to take your spots class, @TaleSpinner! And GBO is taking the "how not to suck" class. I'm super excited that I managed to get him into 4 classes this year!
  13. Marineal

    Impact chibi raptor

    Presenting my Lisa Frank velociraptor! I love him! He just screamed at me to be fun colors! And I have to brag n the green stuff world mushrooms,they're pretty fantastic. He's my painters entry for reapercon; I'm motoring on with all my other entries. I'm interested in what you think, so c&c away!
  14. Marineal

    ReaperCon Badger offer

    I liked mine. Good deal, good quality, was a win all around for me.
  15. Marineal

    ReaperCon Badger offer

    I got a great deal on an airbrush, compressor, and full paint set on year. Definitely worth getting at con.
  16. Marineal

    Impact chibi raptor

    I completely understand about dinosaurs usually... I like to leave them to the Spielberg's of the world. However, this guy was too cute for me! Also, I thought of you when I sculpted some of those mushrooms!!! :D I usually agree!! This little guy is my absolute favorite chibi I've ever seen. When I saw him, I knew I had to have him! Thanks so much everyone! I'm so glad y'all like him as much as I do! :D He'll be at Reapercon if anyone wants to see him up close!
  17. Marineal

    Rabbit Ranger from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Fantastic work! He looks like he is about to ruin someone's day. I love the work on his fur, and i think your changes made a great difference. Good job taking feedback and applying it!
  18. Marineal

    2019 ReaperCon Forumite Bingo Signup

    If you still need people, I'll be there the whole time. Forum avatar and name is good.
  19. Marineal

    Paint Set

    Howdy! Apologies if this is elsewhere, but I was unable to find it. I'm looking for a list of reaper paints that would make the majority of colors I would need to take with me for traveling. I remember Anne mentioning she travels with something like 18 paints and she can make everything from that. I'm no Anne, but I can swirl some paint. Thanks for any leads! Otherwise I'll just find equivalents for all Bob Ross's paints he runs across the bottom of the screen and make do.
  20. Marineal

    Paint Set

    Wow! That's amazing. And exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much @MoebiusStrip! Gotta go pack my bag now! (And clear magenta is one of my faves, @Pingo,so I definitely will pack that one. Thanks!)
  21. Marineal

    Paint Set

    Thanks y'all! I'll start there. Just trying to keep it light as I can.
  22. Marineal

    Paint Set

    I'll take it as a starting point! Otherwise I'm gonna pack the thing full of turquoise, purple, and walnut brown and call it a day.
  23. Marineal

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2019

    I'm going to attempt to login to the hangout for this.... wish me luck, and come join me! I guess I'm on discord instead? No idea how to do this stuff you kids like to do. lol
  24. Marineal

    01428: Frumitty

    Number 3! Frumitty is supposed to resemble Mort from Madagascar. Also, check out his pockets, HE HAS STRAWBERRIES! How cute is that? I love that Jason Wiebe took the time to sculpt little strawberries. :D C&C is always welcome!
  25. Marineal

    01427: Platypod

    I just love this little guy!! I've been on a 'woodland critter' kick for a bit, and I'm so glad to have finished this guy. I'm working on a diorama for Reapercon, so that's why he doesn't appear to be based. Let me know what you think! C&C is always welcome and appreciated!