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  1. Not to be 'that girl', but do we know when the next block will drop? 🙂 I booked a room outside the block, but they are happy to change it when more rooms are available. But they can't call me when it happens. Just curious! looking forward to seeing everyone!
  2. Lol. I've come a long way from the zombie strippers. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Thanks! I'm always working on pushing highlights and contrast. I still have some kinks to work out, but I'm finding a style I like. 😁
  4. Hey y'all! I hope you're doing well and staying safe out there! It's been a long time since I've posted anything, but I finally finished a thing! I hope y'all enjoy her! I'm hoping to bring her sister to rcon, we'll see if the Tiny Overlords allow it!! Let me know what y'all think, and feel free to check out the blog post too! http://pimpmypewter.com/2022/06/03/drunken-mermaid/
  5. Got to love some good thread necromancy. Lol. I painted these ladies 6 years ago! I'm just chilling on maternity leave (lol.), so imagine my surprise when they pop up as relevant after all this time. Hoping to get some time to paint again soon, and I can't wait to see everyone and introduce them to the newest mini I made at reapercon! Thanks @Count Urlik for the walk down memory lane.
  6. OG Forumite Sophie says crew!!! First pic is from 2016!!!!! @Morihalda @Leopardpixie @Ludo @maxstyles @Chaoswolf @Dilvish the Deliverer @Marineal @chaosscorpion @7Ninjasinatrenchcoat
  7. Smack it on the counter. Just right wherever I'm cooking. 😁 I'm just gonna clean it again anyways, and I've had bad luck at being too successful on corners before.
  8. I never got into warcraft until my WoW days, so I didn't know about the blue hair, but I love it! I always played Orks in Warhammer, so my introduction to painting was pretty much a million little green guys. They still have a special place in my heart.
  9. Thanks! We looked into one, and at this point with the Tiny Overlord and our space considerations, it's better for me to just buy them. And since I found a super amazing shop, I can support a friend too!
  10. Hey y'all!! I got this super cool mini from @Morihalda's etsy page (go check it out, for real), and I love him! I used all reaper paints for him, and I really enjoyed the whole process! You can see more WIP shots here. I am always down for C&C, so let me hear it. I know the NMM sucks.
  11. Super late response, but that's not exactly what I meant... I guess I mean what Reaper manufacturer awards there are. ie. Giant monster, mouseling, reaper mini (Sophie trophies), etc.
  12. It is a particularly strange pink, but it'll do!
  13. Room booked, been vaccinated. I seriously cannot wait. Now I will run in circles trying to decide what to paint for the competition, spin my wheels, and decide I hate everything 3 days before the con...
  14. Hey, thanks!! They're super clean little sculpts. Now all I can hear is Taylor Swift singing, "cause the norkers gonna NORK NORK NORK NORK NORK". Seems like a karaoke option at next reapercon.
  15. This. We now have our whole cohort vaccinated, and I am so so thankful. I literally almost cried when I got my first one. It was the first ray of hope I had seen during all of this. All of my friends that have had reactions had fever, chills, body aches for approximately 24 hours. That's nothing compared to the months of side effects some people are having. Go get it.
  16. I painted the Child from the Mandalorian! I got a few different sculpts printed by one of my friends, and I love them so much! Look at him! Not too shabby for a fun little speed paint! If you like him, check out my blog for more nonsense and painting and rambling!!
  17. The boar rider envy intensifies! I love them so much! Great job!
  18. Y'all are the best. I'm glad y'all liked these little beasties! @Loimgrowing up is lame, duh. @malefactusi can't wait to see what you cook up! @Iridil I was trying something different, i liked the effect too!!
  19. I loved these little norkers the first time I saw them. @maxstylesand I decided to paint them for the duo challenge this month. I just couldn't decide which one to do, so I did the 4 of them! I'm gonna have to buy the mounted one too now! Also, we couldn't decide if we should make them green or tangerine, so we decided.... Both! I was going for a dog-like distribution of colors. Hope y'all like them!
  20. Hey y'all! I got my hands on this Bones USA sculpt, and I love her! I backed the first kickstarter because I loved the idea of having mini production in the US. so seeing this line is such an awesome fulfillment for me! I bought 2 just so I could support this line, and I will definitely be ordering more! I have to say, she wouldn't talk to me. Lol. She fought me the whole time I was painting her, but I managed to finish her up. She is my monthly entry, I did a duo with my buddy @maxstyles. hope y'all like her! Let me know what you think!
  21. Hey y'all! It's been a while! About a year ago, I got a super cool package from @malefactus. I was finally able to make some movement on it, and I have to say, I'm super pleased with the outcome! I have always loved these little beasties, and to have some of my own is a great joy to me! I can't wait to out them in some sort of diorama or scene somewhere. hope y'all like them! Let me know what you think!
  22. Definitely going for mischievous!! Hope you're doing well!!
  23. I got mine today too @Corporea! #feelsgoodman
  24. Thanks so much y'all! He's a great sculpt, if you're wanting to practice eyes he's got some great ones!
  25. Hey y'all!! I decided to get on the holiday train and paint up a little mischevious elf! Hope y'all like him. More pics here. Let me know what you think! This was a little 3-hour speed paint (have to paint faster than the Tiny Overlord naps), but I'm always up for C&C.
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