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  1. Haha! thanks y'all! These guys were fun! Might have to paint another set and compare!
  2. @Wren, what program did you do this with? Is that Photoshop? I, too, am interested in something like this..
  3. Thanks everyone! She was just a joy to paint. Maybe the sculptor 3d printed her, but I did not. I was going for a "homespun" look on the green shirt, maybe that's the lines? I'll definitely look another time in the future.
  4. Hey y'all! Been a while since I posted a show off, but I have a fun little girl I just finished up. I hope y'all like her! she's painted with only reaper paints, and I used reaper glue to put her together. Lol I'm always open to c&c (specifically hints for her making the contrast on her hands work better), let me know what you think!
  5. Sorry! Just got back into the house after evacuating. (We're all fine, no issues here, we got lucky!) I love this little diorama, it made my day! Thanks again, Tom!
  6. I received an awesome diorama (in many pieces... lol) from @dusty!!! I love it so much! Pics tomorrow, packing for hurricane now.. Sorry!
  7. Awesome advice y'all. I don't wanna throw them in the yard and end up with big dead spots on the grass, so this is what I worked out for the time being. The Great Bearded One or I will be able to go to Lowe's for supplies to build a raised thing soon, but for now I have some giant cardboard boxes to try it on. They have more space, some insulation from the hot concrete, and maybe they will shade the concrete some. I have added some more of my worm tea and a little worm dirt to throw a few more nutrients in there. I will look into some more liquid stuff, and maybe some taller cages! Y'all are the best.
  8. Awesome. Thanks so much guys! I will try and move them. Last time I put them in the shade, I found a copperhead in between them....gonna get more space between and see what happens!! Lol
  9. Plant people,I have concerns. My plants look very unhappy. I'm watering every day, sometimes twice (it's been around 100 the last few days). I also moved them so they're about 60% sun. The tomatoes.look like they're still growing, but the stalks look so unhappy! Do they need to just be in the ground now? They're taller than me at this point,so over 5' with the 5 gallon buckets. Halp. (I did manage to get one bell pepper!)
  10. Mwahahhahaha! So so happy! When I get off work today, the paintening shall commence!
  11. Mine should be here tomorrow! Can't wait!
  12. What I took: I put in a lot less than I wanted to, because the box was Soo so full! We've got to find people that will take stuff .. lol. Should be headed your way soon @Chaoswolf
  13. I got it! Going through it now so I can send it on its way! @Chaoswolf
  14. Mine hasn't shown up yet either. I keep checking my USPS informed delivery, but no dice.
  15. I'm starting to think I may have the vining tomatoes.... But I have tons and tons of little, marble-sized tomatoes going! Had to move the plants out of the wide open sun since we're supposed to get a whole bunch of Hannah rain and wind. I also went ahead and planted 2 of the juiciest, most delicious pineapples I've ever had. Figured if I was just going for it, I'd just go. Lol
  16. Got 3 done! Tiny Overlord and new job (yay!!!) Changed the plans I had to paint all day. But I still got some work done on this commission.
  17. Finally sitting down to paint while the Tiny Overlord is napping. Working on all these guys.
  18. Yeah, the otoscope is rigid too. One of my friends has the one you can plug into your iPhone. Pretty cool, but you may not want to see what you see.
  19. Mini(s) are done!! Planning on shipping out on Monday! Super excited!
  20. I have about 35 little yellow flowers growing on my tomatoes, and 2 little peppers going! How do I know when they're ready to pick? Do they just fall off in my hand?
  21. I will have a new crop of worm dirt soon from my vermicomposting, maybe I'll try that! I have concerns though, since that's how I got all these tomatoes in the first place... Lol I've never seen mushroom compost. Must do more reading!
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