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  1. Also good to know! Lol. I've been just buying the miracle grow stuff since it seems to be working. I will find cheap soil for them! Y'all are the best!
  2. I have flowers in 3 of my tomato plants, and 2 little bitty green peppers going! any suggestions for making sure my tomatoes get pollinated? We love in a fairly new subdivision, and I don't have a butterfly garden or anything yet. Also, do the peppers need to be potted in 5 gallon buckets too? I bought this one from Lowe's, but I'm thinking it's probably already rootbound by looking at the bottom. Suggestions appreciated! I'm a total plant noob.
  3. Ordered mine! Will get to painting as soon as they get here! I also ordered a few candidates, just in case.
  4. I think it's wonderful! And I agree completely, he fits perfectly!
  5. Thanks! The GBO built it from some pictures he found online. It's all 2x4s. I mean, you could just come down and see me and @Morihalda! Me too! I wasn't trying to get tomatoes, so I'm learning a lot. Fast. Lol Well, look at me! Marineal the Plant Breeder. I like it.
  6. I have a history of having a black thumb, so I have never really tried to grow anything. However, we started doing vermicomposting a few months ago, and after our first dirt harvest, I got all these little seedlings! I was super excited about all my new succulents and being able to pull this terribly rootbound spider plant out and spread it around, but these seedlings weren't part of the plan.lol I had no faith I could keep them alive, but I pulled them out and threw them in a pot. And then kept getting more and more out of the pots in the front. And then more! Lol. At this point, I took them to the plant store to try and figure out what they were. We found out they're tomatoes. Tons, and tons of tomatoes. I must have thrown a tomato in the worm box, and they didn't digest the seeds or something! So, after a few weeks of gardening, and success! I have 52 tomatoes that are growing, an herb garden (sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, and cilantro), an ice plant that started as a quarter sized plant, and something that I pulled out of a citronella, and 3 citronella plants. My green thumb has sprouted! The Great Bearded One actually ended up building me that table to put all my plants on so they weren't on top of the doghouses .. lol. (Don't mind the dead grass patch, that's where the dogs run like idiots every day. You try having 2 80lb dogs run on you all day.) Anybody need some tomato plants? Lol
  7. Hnnng. I'm so jealous! I'm waiting for mine to be printed! Love seeing what you've done here!
  8. I'm in! I'll drop the Tiny Overlord with the grands and log in for the day! Maybe he'll make an appearance on something before I whisk him away. We'll see. Lol Always game to paint with the master @maxstyles!
  9. Fair enough. I didn't read everyone's rules for their own boxes, just my own round. Having different rules for different boxes is a little confusing, but as long as everyone else is on the same page, I guess it sounds good.
  10. In the past, any time there's been something that is meant to be one for each person, there is usually a bag that says so. That way no one gets confused, as this is supposed to be a fun, take-what-you-want box. Thanks @Mutilatedlipsfor verbalizing what I felt as well.
  11. Hey, thanks! There's lots of rambling.. and some cool minis! Lol I'd love to see her! More opportunities for freehand practice!!
  12. Nudity okay? I have the urban legends Sophie all painted up, but I'm not sure if I can throw her up here. Thanks!
  13. I've got 2 orders from Spain that I'm waiting for as well. One "left Spain" 4/22, one the 24th. That's it. They've been in the wind since. I am in the same boat that I don't "need" anything in the packages, but I NEEEEED them. Lol Hope this all gets sorted out soon!
  14. Thanks! Okay, I'll look at the bugs again. They're undercoated with metallic medium to try and make them look beetle-y, so that may be reflecting more with the lights. And I was worried about the red and green! Glad to hear it came off as alive instead of Christmas.
  15. Thanks y'all! The blue was something I definitely wasn't sure of. I want it to be somewhat muted, but not flat. I'm taking a weeklong break from her, and then I'll come back and look at her again. Tbh, I kind of hate hoods anyways. The whole thing is in the light! Lol. Thanks again everyone for all the feedback!!
  16. So. Many. Leaves.... Lol. Thanks so much! She's just a great sculpt. And I am so so glad to be done with the masters. Lol Thanks! Wet blending forever.
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