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  1. Hey y'all! I finished Lesza today! I'm on a bit of a bust kick lately... I hope y'all like her! I am finally done with my masters programs, so hopefully there will be more painting! More pics on my blog, but here she is! I'm always up for some good c&c, so hit me! Let me know what you think!
  2. Texan here, born and bred. However, I'm by the coast, so the reason we don't have basements is that you hit water a foot down. We have a little bit of everything here, but a lot of pride in our state. And we love tacos. And football (but not everyone). "They" tend to get a little weird about Planned Parenthood, but nowhere's perfect. And I don't believe you have a uterus, so you should be good. Lol I think everywhere has some of everything. I'm happy to answer more specific questions if you wanna pm me. Also, @TaleSpinner, Galveston is less than an hour from me. In Texas time, that's nothing! Come on down!
  3. Inside the saute because I feel like I can walk away from it a little more than on the stove. Also, I don't have to worry about little hands in the instant pot. And lastly, if you use saute, you can deglaze and keep all the yummy burned bits in whatever you're cooking.
  4. Where?: Houston-ish ship internationally?: No Box starter: no thanks, unless necessary.
  5. Totally not arguing any of this. I'm not an aerospace anything, but I am a healthcare provider. And I am giggling imagining flu-swabbing (it's virtually the same swab, viral medium, blah blah)every person getting on every plane. It's pretty uncomfortable, and I would imagine it would need to be done before you drop off your luggage at the sky-cap or check in with your ticket to prevent losing stuff and the ensuing kerfuffles. I think this is definitely going to change many industries, IF it remains a problem. SARS and MERS never came back. We can cross our fingers and wait for the future. I'm all for theorycrafting, but I think almost anything can be discounted at this point. We all agree that we should be careful, we all agree that we're interested in keeping each other safe. I think that's the important piece. And I still have my tickets and hotel room booked, and I'm crossing everything I have that we can all get together this year.
  6. I may have missed it, but is there a list somewhere of all the other stuff you entry can be considered for? Like, the manufacturer awards and what other categories there are special prizes for? For example: last year there was a chibi, and giant monster award. I feel like I saw somewhere there would be a Sophie category? ( Not the Sophie trophy, but a Sophie herself category) Thanks!
  7. Maybe! I'm no master, but I definitely prefer to undercoat. I think it's helpful before I out in metallics too, to kind of check if I want it cool if warm with my undercoat.
  8. So, I found this one lying around. I think it works, and I can add just a tiny amount of something woodsy to the plinth. Thoughts?
  9. On his shaded metallics class, Michael proctor recommended desaturated base colors. Like ashen brown for gold, and some desaturated grey blue for silver.
  10. Thanks! And that's a fair point.. I have a sloped one somewhere, I'll try it out and see if that's better.
  11. Hmm. Okay, I'll have to look around at my stuff and see what I have that's darker...
  12. Hey y'all! Continuing to work through my busts (gonna have to buy more!!!), and Lesza is next. I'm super excited about her. She had a few gnarly mold likes that required filing and 'ardcoating. She's in a few pieces .. lol This is about 4 hours of work on her after about 2 hours getting her ready to paint. I wasn't sure how I wanted to base her last night. I know a lot of people like just plain black plinths, but her arm goes down too long for the 2 inch ones I've been using, and I thought she could tolerate a little more organic feel. This is where I am after about another hour of fiddling with the left arm and finding the right plinth. Let me know what y'all think! Does the raw wood work? Do you think I should just go with the plain black plinth?
  13. Muchas gracias. I debated on the blue. I was trying to decide if he had a silk shirt on under his rough, worn stuff because he's that rich, or if I needed to dirty it up. Having to explain that means it's not working. Lol. I'll change that up. I hate metal. Still trying to work that one out, so I decided to stop and come back later. I think the whiteness is the spot highlight on the grommets, but I'll go check again. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks y'all! His smug face is the exact reason we bought him. I just love him. He was a super clean model too, no big spots to file or clean. I was very impressed.
  15. This is Romero, the Cat from Fernando Ruiz miniatures. I had a great time painting him!! I'm gonna have to come back to his cloak, his knives, and his rope, they're just not working for me right now... But I know when I need to call something "done enough". Hope y'all enjoy him! I'm always open for c&c!
  16. We've been really enjoying the time with the Tiny Overlord. He's getting so big, and getting to watch him absorb everything has been amazing. The Great Bearded One is still essential, but he and the other guy that do the same job at different plants are taking turns physically going. They're alternating weeks at home so that if one of them gets it, the other can cover. We get lunches and giggles and moments in between meetings. I also got to set up a new office, since she actually has to work in his! We've decided that I'm just gonna stay home and study for my state boards until I get a new job. My dad is doing radiation currently, and they keep the TO when I'm working, so the thought of bringing something home from the ER was just too much risk. We've tabled going back until after he's done with his treatment. Which means I'm actually getting to paint! And bake. Lol. We've make Yorkshire puddings, baked donuts, bread, banana bread, etc. I'm glad y'all are all taking care. Please continue to do so, and wash your hands.
  17. Safety first! He likes firefighters right now. He's 2, so we do a lot of dress up. I'm of the opinion (like all DMs should be) that you should just say yes. Lol
  18. We have been baking a lot. I have an adorable helper, so that makes it more fun. We've made blue cakes from scratch, banana bread (that was blue, of course), and Yorkshire puddings so far. They were all amazing, and we will certainly be doing more Yorkshire puddings. Like every day. I pretty much cooked everything we are before, so this quarantine hasn't changed that much.
  19. Thanks y'all! She is a great mini. I can't wait to bring her to Reapercon and show her off!
  20. Alrighty, I'm calling her done! Showoff is here. Blog update for more pics. Let me know what you think!
  21. Hey y'all! With the hope that we will all be together again at Reapercon, I've started painting some stuff up! There's nudity, so this is the only pic I'll post here, but I have tons more pics, and the WIP on my blog. Go check it out! Let me know what you think! I am always up for some C&C! I need to get the plaque made for her base, but other than whatever touchups I see between now and then (or any new skills I learn!), this is it! Hope y'all like her!
  22. Update for basing! She's glued to something other than a plastic cap!! NSFW And her wings are attached now!
  23. I'm in this time as well. Sounds like a good way for me to offload, I mean share, a bunch of my excess basing mats.
  24. Made another post for full details. But I redid some wings, more skin work, tried painting crocodile leather... She's super fun, but man. Lol. I'm glad I have a lot of time till reapercon!
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