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  1. So, this morning, my husband says to me, "I found this really cool chick on YouTube who does these videos about history and Shakespeare and stuff. They're great!" And my brain kind of told me that I knew that.... And then we watched a few and I was like, wait!I've heard of this! That's Pingo's kid! Lol. So I went and found this thread and i was right! So, @Pingo, my husband (the history nerd) thinks that these are great, and has watched like half of them.
  2. Haha! The coating of paint makes them a little thicker, which makes them better!
  3. Mine is attempting to break too. I had an old one, but no clue where it went. I made a few myself over the years...
  4. Whatever concoction available that contains liquid caffeine.
  5. Understandable! I'm painting during Naptime on days off so... Lol. I think we all understand that Life Happens.
  6. I thought I'd just be a contrarian here and throw in my opinion. I don't prime my bones, I don't use brown liner on my bones. I put on a completely unthinned basecoat. If it beads a little, I add more paint. If it doesn't cover evenly, I wait until it's dry and add another coat. Or I use it as a guide/texture on my mini. I like the uneven-ness sometimes. I do agree with the Great Tangerine One, and I always undercoat my metallics with a desaturated color. Michael Proctor recommends desaturated blue for silvers and desaturated green for bronze/gold. I hope this is helpful! I think it's important to see what everyone else does, and then do what works for you!
  7. I somehow missed all of these wonderful birthday wishes!!!! Thank you so much to each of you! Hope to see you at Reapercon!! :D
  8. Work is in progress! Thanksgiving, 2 years olds birthday, Christmas, and new year played havoc with my timing. Will be shipping in the next week or 2!
  9. Big child creatives IronHeart. Modified face to be scarred from burns with a blind eye.
  10. I did lots of dots and squiggles and colors. So like, I did a 2 steps lighter and 2 steps darker of my base skintone, and then used some mahogany brown that was super thinned down to kind of shade it. I did sculpt some texture on there (somewhat unintentionally) when I tried to get her eyebrow off ... And I just kind of ran with it. Then I glazed the actual skintone over it to kind of sink it into the skin. And did it again, until I was happy with it. Hope that is informative. I have some more Wip stuff on my blog, but I hadn't really done a full WIP. If there is further interest, I can do so.
  11. Thank you! Hair and armor were my 2 goals on this girl. They're my next painting milemarkers. I've still got some work to do, but I'm glad it came across!
  12. Bahhaha! Spoiler alert, it's sculpted on. but I will accept your hate and wear it as a badge of pride! Lol
  13. I mean, it's supposed to be burn scars. Lol. But freckles works. Glad you like her!
  14. Fantastic work! I used my cricut to make stencils before to great effect! I love your plants. May have to try that!
  15. Those are fantastic! I love seeing a whole platoon of something painted so well! I think the red adds a lot of visual interest.
  16. Hey there! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I still paint! Lol I recently finished up my first bust for the Miniature Monthly Masters competition. I'm really happy with her, as I was trying some new techniques as well as the new format. I hope y'all enjoy her. There are more pics and info on my blog if you're interested. I'm definitely on the bust train at this point, so there will be more to follow! We get results back on the 15th, so I'll update then. Let me know what y'all think! I'm always happy to hear c&c.
  17. Thanks so much everyone!I'll definitely be getting more of these guys. He was super fun to paint.
  18. We had a similar problem trying to change names on tickets. The GBO is a Computer Nerd, but we just gave up for similar reasons to many others. This is a relaxing thing for us, and at some point it isn't worth the irritation. Our specific issues were: 1. Schedule shown was not necessarily what we paid for as others mentioned. 2. Server reloads were so clunky that we missed out on several classes between putting them in the cart and paying for them. (Minutes matter in the fray!) 3. Being unable to sign up for classes at the 9 or 10pm the night before, and inability of Reaperpeeps to sign us up for classes. At some point I just gave up. I had several instructors tell me I should have just shown up, as they had empty seats. 4. The GBO didn't end up playing games because I had registered us both and he didn't have access to sign up. He didn't want to inconvenience a DM if he hadn't signed up. We will remedy this in the future by registering separately. 5. Just a note, I managed to pay for one class separately (somehow, someway I will wreck the machine), and it always showed up as a separate ticket. I could never get it to add to my schedule. I hope this is helpful. It is not meant to be a diatribe, but a concise list to help for the future. If it's Growtix again, we will persevere, but we don't have to love it. FWIW, the GBO offered to help with tech stuff.
  19. Oh, no. lol. A sculptor I am not. Thanks tho! I think the confusion arose because it got entered into the Open category. There was a lot going on, and a lot of confusion at the registration desk that day. But I'm glad you liked her! And thanks everyone else! There are a whole bunch of these; I may have to paint more!
  20. Hey guys! I haven't stopped moving since Reapercon. This was my Paint It Pink entry, "Screening Ain't Sexy". Hope y'all like it. I enjoy things that are ridiculous, and applying fake eyelashes to a miniature monster paint pot fit the bill for me. :D C&C is always welcome!
  21. Yes! pepita! Poco Loco is the Tiny Overlord's favorite song.
  22. I love the con. Every year I enjoy it a little more. My suggestions: 1. Some sort of emcee. Morning announcements or even a schedule that's projected would go a long way. 2. On that note, fix the projector. One of the best parts of getting your medal is sharing it with the whole group. Being able to put a face to an entry is super cool! And I love seeing the fun puns and names! So,yeah. 3. And I agree with the current consensus of moving awards up a bit. I would hate for the majority of people to not get their medals in front of all their friends. 4. Growtix defeated me, and the reaperpeeps at the desk weren't able to sign us up for classes. When I talked to some of the instructors later, they said they ended up having open spots that could have been filled. Having the desk at least be able to manually add people to classes would be nice. Overall, I loved the venue, I love the peeps, and we'll be back!
  23. So say we all! Also, are you still in the market for more planes? We have 2 in our melt pile for next year. Lol
  24. Me too! Mwahaha! Of course! We enjoyed having you around! So many fun memories made!
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