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  1. That is Buc-ee the Beaver and he is a treasure.
  2. Names: Owen, Steven, and Jessi Titles: Tiny Overlord, Great Bearded One, and Owen's Mom. Not one to turn down hugs. However, The Bearded One does tend to bite.
  3. Love him! As the mother of an almost-two-year-old boy, I look at a lot of dinosaurs. Lol
  4. I can't wait to take your spots class, @TaleSpinner! And GBO is taking the "how not to suck" class. I'm super excited that I managed to get him into 4 classes this year!
  5. I liked mine. Good deal, good quality, was a win all around for me.
  6. I got a great deal on an airbrush, compressor, and full paint set on year. Definitely worth getting at con.
  7. I completely understand about dinosaurs usually... I like to leave them to the Spielberg's of the world. However, this guy was too cute for me! Also, I thought of you when I sculpted some of those mushrooms!!! :D I usually agree!! This little guy is my absolute favorite chibi I've ever seen. When I saw him, I knew I had to have him! Thanks so much everyone! I'm so glad y'all like him as much as I do! :D He'll be at Reapercon if anyone wants to see him up close!
  8. Fantastic work! He looks like he is about to ruin someone's day. I love the work on his fur, and i think your changes made a great difference. Good job taking feedback and applying it!
  9. Presenting my Lisa Frank velociraptor! I love him! He just screamed at me to be fun colors! And I have to brag n the green stuff world mushrooms,they're pretty fantastic. He's my painters entry for reapercon; I'm motoring on with all my other entries. I'm interested in what you think, so c&c away!
  10. If you still need people, I'll be there the whole time. Forum avatar and name is good.
  11. Wow! That's amazing. And exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much @MoebiusStrip! Gotta go pack my bag now! (And clear magenta is one of my faves, @Pingo,so I definitely will pack that one. Thanks!)
  12. Thanks y'all! I'll start there. Just trying to keep it light as I can.
  13. I'll take it as a starting point! Otherwise I'm gonna pack the thing full of turquoise, purple, and walnut brown and call it a day.
  14. Howdy! Apologies if this is elsewhere, but I was unable to find it. I'm looking for a list of reaper paints that would make the majority of colors I would need to take with me for traveling. I remember Anne mentioning she travels with something like 18 paints and she can make everything from that. I'm no Anne, but I can swirl some paint. Thanks for any leads! Otherwise I'll just find equivalents for all Bob Ross's paints he runs across the bottom of the screen and make do.
  15. I'm going to attempt to login to the hangout for this.... wish me luck, and come join me! I guess I'm on discord instead? No idea how to do this stuff you kids like to do. lol
  16. I always wander the dollhouse wislenat hobby lobby for supplies.theyre pretty close to the right scale usually,and there's all kinds of weird little things. I've bought a tea set, mirrors, rugs, shingles...
  17. I actually bought cupcakes from the dollhouse aisle and painted them.
  18. Thanks so much everyone! I just giggled the whole time I painted them.
  19. They're friendly unless you steal the cupcakes! Lol
  20. Yay! This is my second diorama I'm finishing up for reapercon! This will be for the diorama category. I hope y'all like it! I'm probably going to add a plaque to the plinth...it look pretty naked... It's titled "Avenge the Fallen" I'm always up for c&c. Hope they make y'all smile.
  21. He's done! He was the last one, so glad to have them finished up! Let me know what y'all think!
  22. Well, I sent them a question about everything still being "subject to licensor approval". I'm not backing anything until Universal gives the go ahead. I love jurassic Park so so much, but I won't commit until I know it's real.
  23. Reworked the star on the front and the bottle. I have to agree with your recommendations @Adrift. The bottle just wasn't right, and now it is. The star works better as well. Thanks so much everyone. He's my favorite, so I'm glad y'all like him!
  24. Thanks everyone! I like how determined he looks. He's the strong, silent type for sure.
  25. Hehe! Thanks! Thanks! I love Mort, he gets the credit. Lol I completely understand. I'm not a mouseling or dark sword anthro mini fan either, but these guys are just too ridiculous and I couldn't resist them.
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