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  1. ... blah. Nipples are such a pain. Finding a workaround. :)
  2. so, link for NUDE, leopard printed succubus ( hope this works) after spoiler thing...
  3. Hah. love it. I'm looking forward to being a part of an active forum group!
  4. Where/when do we post our entries for this? You'll be starting a new thread for that?
  5. Thanks guys! I've been really working on faces. They are kind of the 'make it or break it' thing for me on minis. Slendertroll, the only place I have the succubus hosted is my FB, so it's no biggie. If i give her black box pasties, will that work?
  6. edit,moved to other post, will link when computer is functioning.
  7. I got the bones 1 Kickstarter, and so I started painting again after a few years' hiatus. These are just a few of the minis I've been painting recently. EDIT: I have to split this up, got excited and posted a bunch of random minis in one place. Sorry mods!!
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