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  1. Thanks! They were so cute and little! I love them.
  2. Thanks! 1. I can't take credit, it was sculpted on there for me. It cracked me up, too. 2. The ones on his cloak are supposed to look embroidered... I guess the badge one could be too... I may have to make it match.. 3. First attempt at a bottle... Lol. Will fix that as well. 4. Yeah, the hands were the last thing left and I got distracted.... Shiny... I'll throw some more paint at him. I appreciate the suggestions! Always looking to level up.
  3. Thanks so much y'all! I'm glad y'all like him. I had to admit, I looked at the box art because I couldn't figure out what they were!
  4. Number 3! Frumitty is supposed to resemble Mort from Madagascar. Also, check out his pockets, HE HAS STRAWBERRIES! How cute is that? I love that Jason Wiebe took the time to sculpt little strawberries. :D C&C is always welcome!
  5. This little guy is number 2 of 3 posts for now. He was a lot of fun to paint up! His little spine-dies were fairly interesting to paint! C&C is always welcome!
  6. I just love this little guy!! I've been on a 'woodland critter' kick for a bit, and I'm so glad to have finished this guy. I'm working on a diorama for Reapercon, so that's why he doesn't appear to be based. Let me know what you think! C&C is always welcome and appreciated!
  7. In the time it took me to fail mobile, and log onto my computer, 2 of my classes sold out. I I will hope for the 2 open spots the night before. On a positive note, I got 7 other classes for myself, and the GBO's first 4 painting/sculpting classes ever! So that's exciting!
  8. I have the box!! I will ship it out to @Disserrma probably Friday. Tomorrow is filling up fast. I'll post pics of what I took someday(TM). Yay!
  9. I love that one! Baby Matt Damon and Drew Barrymore! And I definitely agree, but the bolts are there, so it's relevant.
  10. Also, I would like to add Titan AE to the list.
  11. I disagree. I think that "dystopian future where we've lost our humanity and there are a privileged few who undergo body modification and watch the poor die horrific deaths" is as sci-fi as Mad Max.
  12. No, they're too similar to 2d painting/drawing for me. As I have no talent for either, I steer clear.
  13. @Morihalda I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday, do you want me to just come pick it up? I can go through it and then ship it to @Disserrmaif that works better?
  14. Whoohoo! Figured it out and got GBO and I registered. Can't wait to get all paid up and for real!
  15. Sorry, little late to the party.... This whole, "mobile-get-into-everything-baby" is some busy work! On the plus side, he is gonna come join us for a day or two at Reapercon! Yes. I like this plan. All friendly like.
  16. Can't search on mobile to see if it's been said (might be an ID10T error, unsure), but I'd love an exotic/ advanced eyes class. Like dragons, frogs, monsters, etc.
  17. I'm fine with whatever. Just can't wait to get my hands on it!
  18. VIP tickets for myself and GBO acquired!! Question: are there no more banquets? We haven't been in 2 years, so I'm not sure if that went away and I missed it, or I should plan to purchase those tickets later.
  19. I could probably help at some point. What all is included in "helping" ?
  20. Will the painted pictures and/or inspiration gallery be returning?
  21. I think my bones are at my house! I'm at work! I called the GBO, and he says, "oh, I just left the house. There was a package at the door, so I just stuck it inside. It didn't have Amazon tape, it was weird." Hahaha! Also, . Can't wait to check it out!
  22. Those are great! I love your color scheme!
  23. Ah! OH no!!!! Where is spruce green?! I went to buy more and it's gone! I missed it! It went away!!! Are there any suggested alternatives!? I love spruce green. :(
  24. Me me me! Where you live: lake Jackson tx If you'd be willing to ship internationally (more expensive) would prefer not to. Can if necessary. If you want to be a box starter (depending on the amount of interest): not this time.
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