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  1. I just got a shipping notification!!! It says it was shipped wednesday! This is cause for excitement!
  2. Whew! Another semester in the books!! So glad to be back. I missed y'all!! Did I miss any announcement on when Reapercon tickets will be available? Still assuming after fulfillment? :)
  3. I have one like that from hobby lobby. Might check them out if you want another.
  4. Can confirm. That's how I made these baby not beholders. But I love werkrobotwerk's idea!
  5. Absolutely! I've got all kinds of ideas.
  6. Thanks again, y'all! I really enjoyed doing it. Now I'm looking around the house to see what else can be used to make resin. Lol. Ice cube molds are pretty cool... Just saying!
  7. Haha! I've been an anthem widow for about 2 weeks now. GBO pre-ordered so there were all kinds of events that he got to do. He's loving it, and I'm getting a lot of crafting done.
  8. Nope. GBO is the wordsmith. I always say, 'aaaw! Me too!' lol
  9. I'm super excited about the possibility of another box of goodwill. I remember how much fun it was to go dig through and add in stuff. If any of you are ever in Houston, gimme a call an we'll go to Texas Art Asylum. It's like a box of goodwill and a flea market had a baby. It's the coolest place in the world. Morihalda and I went last week and ahd a blast! So, yeah. I've got stuff.
  10. I haven't seriously played in about 5 years, but I played the flute and piccolo for about 10 years and into college. When I had more music credits than I could use, I kind of stopped doing it... Every now and then I'll bust it out and play a song or two, and then wonder if I shouldn't just sell them. But I don't.
  11. You'll get there! That's exactly how I felt after I hadn't painted in so long. And it took a bit, but I think I'm back up to where I was (and maybe better) now!
  12. So, I don't draw. Like, at all. But I crochet/do other stuff. This is what I got done this weekend. The ruffle makes it not lay flat... Lol If you ever want to make a "quick no sew blanket", know that it is a misnomer. It would have been much quicker for me to just run a seam around it. Lol
  13. Yes! The more detailed WIP is on my blog @ www.pimpmypewter.com, and there's a WIP here titled Reapercon swamp (I think... Lol). Thanks so much! Somehow I missed your comment earlier, sorry about that! I didn't tint the resin; my results were just too inconsistent to depend on. I definitely am not married to the reeds in the back. I am toying with the idea of trimming them, because I don't think I like them all being a uniform height. Maybe I'll trim them one at a time? :-)
  14. Hahaha! I mean, I do stab people every day... But they usually say I'm pretty good at it.
  15. Thanks! I'll get some more today!
  16. I don't really have a favorite fantasy artist per se, but I have alwasu had a special place in my heart for Tony DiTerlizzi. When my husband and I moved in together, I was tasked with going through and putting away all our books. He has from ad&d on, along with a bunch of other 'miscellaneous'. That's where I found the Planescape box that had this picture in it. the Lady of Pain has been a favorite of mine ever since.
  17. Thanks everyone!! I'm glad y'all like it! I'll just keep looking at that arm.
  18. They look great! I'm so glad my failures can help others too! I can't wait to see how the greenstuff works as a mold! They look great! I'm so glad my failures can help others too! I can't wait to see how the greenstuff works as a mold!
  19. No problem! I'm sure it was operator error! I used Vaseline, because I couldn't find anywhere that listed the ingredients in their mold release. I definitely don't recommend it! Hah!
  20. Thanks so much! I wondered if the arm would still look unnatural. I think the problem is at the shoulder, and not the elbow, so I'm not sure how I would reattach it? Totally open to suggestions on that. And you are 100% correct, I haven't finished her tiara! I got caught up in the 'done'. Lol. I will have to fine-toothed comb it once I can see it with new eyes. Thanks again! I really do welcome all comments, be they complementary or critical!
  21. It's done!!! Barring some very minor touchups, it's done! I'm so so happy. The show-off is here Bear with me while I finish the story. It's been a doozy. ;) So, I finally attached both minis to the base. This allowed me to fill in some spaces on her and fit him onto the bridge. I also finally decided that he would have flowers in his drilled out hand. Then came the hard part. The part I have dreaded and worried about and couldn't find a solution for. How to pour this resin?! I bought a mold. Too small. Bought another one. Rough edge. Bought some PVC. Couldn't unmold the resin. Finally decided to just make my own mold. Then, while I was at HEB, I saw a container that just 'felt' right. That's right, boys and girls! A 4 oz meringue powder container is the perfect size for the 3 inch (huge) sized base. It was just absolutely perfect. Mirror finish, flat bottom, tall enough. So I decided to just go ahead and POUR! AND IT WORKED! Like I said, there are some spaces that need some touching up. But the resin was my #1 concern, and it's perfect! I couldn't be happier with it. HUUUUGE sigh of relief!!!
  22. Y'all. It's done. I've probably sunk about 40 hours into this, and it's been so much fun to learn some new skills. But I am so, SO glad it's done. ;) Enjoy! And let me know what you think! I'm seriously open to C&C. Thanks so much for looking!
  23. .... well, I feel sheepish... lol. wow!!! Thanks so much! That is a perfect idea!
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