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  1. Its a great sculpt, so much details and texture. But the scale doesnt do it for me, personally. But who knows, maybe they'll release a 35 mm scale version of these at one point. :)
  2. The kommendant looks really cool. I could see myself picking it up.
  3. "Piotr Borowski, manager of the company Sans Détour" Yepp. This says it all. I hope Kickstarter takes back control over their platform, and turning it back to what i was used to be, so we could get rid of all these scammers that plague it.
  4. Some of the old Confrontation dwarves are still among my favorite miniatures. :) While maybe lacking in-game, they sure as hell had some awesome charisma. :)
  5. On the plus side, those spears will be easy to bend straight if they are warped. :D
  6. I'd say that all poses but the top two are wierd and contorted. But I like a few nonetheless.
  7. I think the 3d sculpts look really nice, so I am in. I really like the Danny Trejo ad, too. So will probably be picking that one up, too, because of that. :)
  8. I like the game, the figures, and the general theme. I like the modern theme more than the sci-fi or fantasy one. So I am thinking of jumping on board on this one, but it will depend on how the miniatures will look. I am hoping for a larger variety of zombies, and not just a bunch of really big monsters. :)
  9. Awesome, I might actually be able to pick up that dragon now, which I regreted not getting previously. :D
  10. Well, I guess I can always tag one of them early birds while they are available. Just in case there appear to be some amazing stretch goals coming up.
  11. The thing is with dragons, you dont ever need one. But you want one. And the feeling of wanting something is more pressing than needing something. You desire it. You lust for it.
  12. Some lovely stuff in here for sure. :) Stephane Simon is also a great guy who deserves getting some attention to his own range. I hope it'll do well. :)
  13. While I do like some of the figures. I could see myself enjoying one of them Gladiators. But those stretch goals are pretty insane. They want $1000 to include a few skulls for base decoration. They want another $5000 to include a few arms for also base decoration. Jesus. $6000 for just a few parts for base decoration.
  14. It's a bit difficult to follow the reasoning when he writes about "us" (as in refering to Hasslefree), and "everytime I make something that we know will sell better" and then all of a sudden why should HF pay for things I haven't been asked to make. First it is us and I and then it's "them".
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