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  1. Grefven

    Undeads, The Fallen County of Ampurias

    The material looks ace for gaming. Really bendy and probably durable. Not too sure it'll fit my taste as a picky collector, though. :) But I might join still. :)
  2. Grefven

    Undeads, The Fallen County of Ampurias

    There are some individual characters that are pretty darn cool, also. I am seriously contemplating picking one or two up. :) But I am not too sold on the new "plastic resin".
  3. Grefven

    Dwarf Miniatures by Yedharo/GT Studio

    They slayers look pretty cool, though. :)
  4. Grefven

    Awaken Realms Etherfields

    That Nightingale, though!
  5. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    Yeah, I see your point and I agree with it. Do you know of where those other cases have been held? It would be interesting to see if they are american based only, or if kickstarter has managed to bring any non-US projects to court.
  6. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    Only that its Kickstarter, which is basically a get out of jail free-card for scamming people.
  7. Grefven

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 2 by Monolith Kickstarter

    There are a few figures that look really sweet. Shen Fang, for example, or Ventriloquist. I wouldnt mind picking up some individual figures from here. :)
  8. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    I dont really see why people would want to back this project for metal miniatures, when you can get the exact same figures (more or less) basically for nothing, in metal, over ebay or any other trade/sell forum. People could even get the same metal figures from the sans detour trade/sell webpage before they ran out of business there. I am sure they will ship figures, only that it will be their old metal stock rebranded. :D
  9. Grefven

    Greebo Primal Scales

    I'd say that Greebo is leading in fantasy football miniatures, and they have quite the fan-base. They wouldnt be that successful if they produced sub-par quality figures. Now, with that said, I dont have personal experience from their figures, so I wouldnt bet my life on their quality being top notch. But none-the-less I think it is fairly safe to say that you'll be happy with it. They also posted these images from a previous KS campaign they ran. The metal looks pretty darn good.
  10. Grefven

    Greebo Primal Scales

    I was hyped about this one, then realized its only metal. :( Sucks for the ones of us who enjoy resin over metal. :/ Guess I am out.
  11. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    Spincast is indeed inferior to hand-poured for several reasons. I've looked at several casts who claim that their method is superior. Some are good, for sure, but never as good as the hand-poured ones.
  12. Grefven

    Confrontation: Classic

    Perfect to show some communication and raise some hopes for backers, giving them a reason to believe the poor management was just a temporariky hiccup, while they hype the development for the Resurrection and "other projects". I would not be surprised if they launched another project before this one is fullfilled. They show some communication, launch another project, backers join in hope of that all will be okay now when they are back to showing progress, the new project gathers another half a million, and then they are off the radar again. I wouldnt be surprised at all. I will not touch anything remotely close of a direct sale by this company. Once they put their merchandises out to reliable retailers, then I will think about picking something up from them.
  13. People need to realize that for a lot of kickstarter projects, the "estimated time for delievery" is just a ploy. People would not back a project if the ETA is 2+ years, but would jump onboard if the ETA is 6 months. So, to gain support, a lot of creators just put in whatever ETA that looks good.
  14. Grefven

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Clansmen of Caer Loch Kickstarter

    No, its completely safe. Its the final free figure that is, unless some of the pledges that are on hold clears.
  15. Grefven

    Corvus Corax Miniatures - Clansmen of Caer Loch Kickstarter

    Thanks for the support everyone who pitched in! :) Now I am just waiting to see how many pledges will fail to collect. Thus far, its a fair bit more than 10%. I hope it clears up a bit before the 2 weeks deadline as it could affect the "final stretchgoal".