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  1. Does anyone know if one is able to pick up only that kickstarter guest artist miniature from the Box of Plunder? I would not mind picking up that one.
  2. Some cool miniatures, for sure. Will be watching this closely. :) A bit bothered by Mythic, though. Might drop out because of it.
  3. I think I have a clear picture of there being several more than just the three you mentioned. I know there were the Capricorn and Sagitario, at least. Possibly some more? Gonna follow, and hope they stay somewhat close to the looks of their early busts. :)
  4. Some previews of the 54 mm resin casts. The casts look clean. I approve of that. :)
  5. Oh ye, I like that one, too. I might actually be picking up a few of the WW2-soldiers. The face is a real let-down, though. Its a shame they keep recycling the same one.
  6. Oh man, I might have to pick up that Dust 1947 figure together with the WW2 Brit in the larger resin version.
  7. Looked at it, realized no resin version for the small scale, and decided to not participate. Also, as mentioned above, the faces for all the figures are more or less the same. That's also a shame. :/
  8. Its not unlikely that they share the same mannquin for the body proportions. That would go faster than sculpting all anew.
  9. The art is by far better than the sculpts, imo. As for the Swedish carolean, the face and hair looks off, and it's a shame they didn't go with a musket instead of the pike, seeing how the muskets dominated warfare at the time. There are some design flaws in the uniform too, if they are aiming for historical correct uniforms.
  10. Cute, although the sculpting style doesnt come to my liking. They got a very cartoony look.
  11. I agree, too. I don't really care about the historically correctness, as long as the figure appeals to me (from what I've seen thus far, that WW2 Brit looks promising). But the historical correctness of the uniforms does appear to be a selling point for Wargamer's Hot & Dangerous, as they mentioned specifically that they have been working with a historical consultant to get accurate historical uniforms. And if this is the case, it would be a shame if people, kinda immediatly after seeing the sculpt, can point out inaccurate details for the uniform.
  12. Ye, exactly. This is what they say, at aprox 2.40 into the video: "[insert name here] is our historical consultant, because the models are girls but they are in historical uniforms, and those uniforms used to be very, very historical accurate. So the role of [insert name here] was very important in this project." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYPAk0wg2Qw&t&fbclid=IwAR0I3rf9vTRLM-i3a5pUtjorakoBERqR1-HUNBaN5JdMItKIGizO_svZNWU). So they use an historical consultant as they want the uniforms to be very historical accurate, and they consider him very important to the project. It's then a bit of a shame if the helmet, as mentioned above, is incorrect. And also the names, also as discussed above, maybe should change, if it is so important to them to be as historical correct as possible (within their niche, of course).
  13. Did you guys watch that preview youtube video they made for this H&D2? Anyway, in it, they explain how they made sure that the designs are historically accurate, and how they used a researcher to get this stuff right. Someone should reach out to them and point out the incorrectness in design, as being historically accurate seemed to be one of their selling points (at least I interpreted it as so, but I might be wrong).
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