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  1. I started with three to “form a habit” since I normally try to do too much at once, then get overwhelmed and stop. It seems to be sticking this time which is great!
  2. I’ve been working out for the past months, 3 days a week, started with body weight and moved up to free weights. havent lost any weight but I feel better, I’m getting muscles and my clothes fit better. behold my muscle!
  3. Ditto to the abs dude, I would have bought him in 75mm
  4. I thought I would be in for this one but none of the sculpts are jumping out at me for the 75mm. the creepy monster dude on the melting clocks is cool but not a must have.
  5. 2 of the statues since they are good for practing skin colors 2 of the rulers of hell for different ideas I have debated 2 of the frost giantess but I hate painting armor
  6. Cool, I will probably aim for the same time. I’m probably going to drag Todd to do chores after or before so we will take his car
  7. What time are folks planning on being there? I have to do yard work for a bit before it gets too sunny and will probably clean up then head over.
  8. Looked up the Quincy locations and both look nice, Todd’s also down with checking out a new gaming store.
  9. I don’t foresee myself having anything during the day on either weekend. I can probably drag Todd along.
  10. They said they are on track and the last email Kickstarter update said they are still on track for the original date, so good news
  11. I’m still sticking with my original pledge. I will have enough fun with all my giant ladies lol.
  12. Friday before Fourth of July week should be pretty quiet. I should be able to sneak a peek via my phone and earbuds from my desk, at the least I can let Ron know how much I love some of the stuff I’m getting. the ruler of hell is just so good!!!!
  13. Could you do that throug the PM, or would you need to make a bunch of different accounts and then make a bunch of PM orders, then fill a kiddie pool with gnolls when they arrive!
  14. But they haven’t even said anything about a delay.... this forum gets a lot more fired about about stuff than I remember I would think, even if people change orders, you wouldn’t have that much effected. I don’t think you can make an order for 1,342 gnolls. I would think you would order more than you need since they are filling molds with plastic.
  15. Someday I will paint dragons don’t share and the worlds biggest undead dragon lol. out of curiosity, where do people put their HUGE models? Do you have a designated shelf? I have a display cabinet but it’s an antique and I think a dragon would take up half the shelf.
  16. I’m kinda obsessed with painting skin this shows one of my first, one in the middle, and one of my most recent. I started painting way more over the past year and a half.
  17. Spartan statues will be really great for anyone practicing skin, plus they are bigger so it’s eaiser to see.
  18. Oh no not Kickstarter cake, people will hate it no matter what it is lol.
  19. Thanks! It’s just scrapbook paper from a Halloween clearance sale at Michaels. I like the paper for silly backdrops.
  20. It’s based off the Nintendo colors not the movie design
  21. Kill-kill-kill-ma-ma-ma... I’ve never painted a hockey mask, nevermind in Nintendo turquoise lol. More of the comic book style I’ve been playing with and enjoying.
  22. I got a paint set and 8 minis lol. my pledges go down each KS as I get more into display painting and larger scale. I'm in for the living statues (male and female) the frost giant ladies and rulers of hell (two sets)
  23. Rocs like to be in the kitchen... then you can smell what they are cooking. i will see myself out.
  24. They keep hinting at resin for “some” of the minis on Facebook in response to questions. I am hoping for a resin of Mr Abs lol.
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