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  1. They have a factory cat???? That is fantastic. Rowsdower is a stocky 17lb tabby who thinks my painting area is his nap area :) He does kill the occasional halfling.
  2. My cat never goes in the Bones box. Laying on top of bones though.... that is what he loves. Even better if you have primed them so his hair will stick better.
  3. Ugh. What is with people coming out with barbarian females??? I guess I should be glad I have a mini "type" so I don't have to go all in on everything.
  4. You know when I saw this KS my thought was, what if they send me ugly brown dice every month? And you guys took it to a whole new level....
  5. I tend to only buy female minis, unless it's something like Bones KS, even then Bones 2 core is being split with a male friend and he is taking most of the core and I have a few femals and skull stuff I am keeping. So yeah, my pledge will pretty much be all the ladies. That being said the wip are looking amazing. So many female "warriors" still have none to such a small amount of muscle definition it is a bit silly. Fantasy characters who wield giant weapons but yet they have no abs.
  6. Still holding off. I am one of thoese people who needs to know what they are paying for. Even though Tre's inspirations (frazetta) are awesome I would like to see more Helsladies before I put my cash in.
  7. Yeah... I don't need to use my ice cubes, I can just recycle some of that snow in the yard lol.
  8. I watched the special since I was told it was a "so bad it is a must see" Made it through it thanks to beer. Then.... I rewatched it since there was a Rifftrax version. The crap I sit through due to the guys from MST3K.
  9. Boil it in water for a bit. Then when it's maliable dunk it in ice water to make it keep its shape. I didn't know if that would work on such thick pieces like it does on the minis. I guess it won't hurt to try it out. My terrrain has a date with the lobster pot this weekend lol.
  10. But I just pledged Norsgard for the female barbarians... Female barbarians are such a weak spot for me. The teaser pic looks like these females are going to be very muscular and badass. Did I mention I get paid tomorrow? :)
  11. Anyone have any suggestions on how to unwarp the DDS? Mine is like a table with one short leg and the 2 section tower fit together poorly. Mine will be the same colors of grey my husband painted his dwarven forge dungeon tiles. I figure that way they can be added on to each other.
  12. Picked mine up last night Everything was accounted for :) And spread on the floor and played with.
  13. Video will be necessary Video--- hell a bunch of alcohol will be necessary to get him out there lol. He does have a BC RIch red and black "metal" guitar and is one pasty dude, so I think we can pass the yard off as Norway and make the most bruuutal videos :) T minus 3 1/2 hours till I hit UPS for my Bones!!!!!!!
  14. I'm getting mine after work tonight. It's only 9:45 am here. Need minis now! We are used to snow in Boston, but getting a foot plus every singe week for 3 weeks in a row can be a bit daunting to the postal workers :) I'm trying to get the husband to play his guitar on top of a snow bank so he can look like an epic metal video, so far no go.
  15. I have to wait to pick mine up from UPS... tomorrow night after work. Tomorrow will be the longest day ever. I want my dwarf on a bear dammit!!!! And my dragon that I won't share.... :)
  16. My Bones were supposed to arrive today... but due to the snow Sunday I now have no estimated delivery date and just a status of "weather delay" and they will "try" to get them to me as soon as possible. Which stinks since I was home from work for the Monday holiday.
  17. Bones I was all in, still have a lot non painted. Bones II splitting the core with a friend and i bought some extra bases and minis I really wanted. Honestly I have so much to paint at this point that it would be hard to back another large KS (if they did one). I am running out of room in my designated mini area. Plus my Bones II arrives today so I know when the full realization of what I have to paint hits me I will put all the minis on the bed and roll around on them. That actually sounds painful, nevermind.
  18. Yup... quite a few of us are female! Good to know! I love your avatar. I have 2 baby tarantulas at home :) I like all things arachnid.
  19. Not sure how many ladies lurk in here but I was planning on working on painting and fitness goals this year :) Start: January 1, 2015 Height: 5' 4" Age: 35 Gender: female Goal: to be fit at a level that makes me happy. Not sure what that level is yet. Starting Weight: 230lbs Current Weight: 217lbs as of 2/11/15
  20. Psst: Be sure to check out the "New England Paint Day" thread in the Off Topic forum: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53015-new-england-paint-day/ /shameless plug Sounds cool, but a 2 hour drive one way is a bit far for me.
  21. Notification sent to me last night. :) My bones will be in Boston Monday. It works out, Monday is a holiday and my work is closed so I don't have to worry about having them held for pickup. And I can split up the base before my game on Saturday (split the core with a friend) all the addons are mine thought... sweet sweet add ons. Now hopefully it stops snowing for a minute and no more mail gets delayed....
  22. So happy! Being Wave 1 I will hopefully have mine quickly. Unless the never ending snow devours all the mail. Valentine's will be spent painting my minis, the hubs can paint his dwarven froge KS stuff and then all the beer. Thanks for all the updates through this KS, much improved since Bones KS1 :)
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