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  1. Skulls can work with woodland creatures, make them more aged and yellowed. They are protectors for the forest and things age and die and decompose in the woods and fertilize the soil. All the skulls!!!!!
  2. The scenics look like they could be cool for basing/dioramas, but so did the crypt set from the last KS and that’s still in the box lol.
  3. Thanks! I’m not sure how long it took since I worked on it over a four day weekend, but I did start and finish it all the same weekend.
  4. Im super lazy about posting anywhere Instagram can’t cross post to lol. This is a bust I finished up last month, I’ve been playing with a more comic book inspired style. Black heart models “micro” busts are only $20 and a great way to check out something larger scale.
  5. I got two sets of them. Probably going to go with more Warcraft demon hunter colors on one set and something more nature inspired on the others. Thats what’s so great about the big bones, super affordable and I can get multiple sets to try random colors and it’s not like spending a ton of money on a 75mm resin sculpt.
  6. I tried modding a male giant to a female but in involved me stabbing myself and I gave up. I’m hoping filling wing holes is easier
  7. On a different bones subject, did anyone else think the giant demon couple would make interesting faun type creatures without the wings? I’ve tried modding bones in the past and it’s normally pretty comical and never gets finished.
  8. I painted the sky clad ghoul last night lol. I can’t post her her since she has boobs. As usual super great sculpt.
  9. I didn’t say people had to do one or the other. It just looks like people want to repeat the same complaint on the forum and that’s it. if people are so concerned and upset I guess I don’t understand why no one can take a few minutes to organize an email subject like for everyone to use, post it here and in the comments and say “hey we are sending emails voicing concerns”
  10. Having worked in client services for a long time I can say “we got 100 emails about this” sounds more impactful then ”some people posted on the forum”
  11. So how many people sent an email or asked for a refund? I know RedA asked. Even if you know you can’t get a refund the more people who write an email or ask for a refund makes it more obvious how many people aren’t happy with the changes IMO.
  12. There’s multiple posts bashing the breast size and how they make her not fierce, not a warrior, get in the way, are too big, etc etc etc If people feel so strongly then write and email to reaper explaining why you are disappointed and what you were hoping for. Its too bad Reaper doesn’t do modular since some non gender specific giants with swapable heads would be cool. One with a beard and one more female presenting.
  13. I’m pretty sure repeating the same disappointment over and over and over isn’t helping much of anything. As someone who doesn’t visit the forum that often anymore this thread is really off putting. Its one thing to say you want it to look like more like the concept art and more variety in female minis. It’s another to bash women with larger breasts for not being able to be warriors or do anything or somehow look like cheesecake full clothed from neck to foot. I was happy to see a husky female mini who has a body similar to mine. Only her breasts are too small.
  14. I already locked in for them and I don’t need more than one set.
  15. It’s obvious that Dameon had the worst year due to the mouth surgery and the divorce but honestly the KS has not been handled well. its easy for me to sit here with all my rewards and say other people need to calm down, but as someone who is annoyed at other companies who haven’t shipped me rewards I know the frustration and hope everyone gets their stuff ASAP.
  16. A quick paint job on one of my resins. i was going for a “Darkest Dungeon” art style.
  17. I will be at Adepticon the 24th, have fun guys!
  18. Mine is ready but it may combine another order, waiting to hear back on some stuff
  19. I don’t think I’m going to attend, already hearing a bunch of friends who can’t go. the Wapples and Mr Justin also said they can’t attend due to conflicts.
  20. At the rate Boston meet ups happen I will be seeing some of you at Adepticon first lol
  21. I was supposed to get the Dixons dozen and stickers... ended up with that plus another half dozen, both the facier bases and the tryke and the demon monster.... no willpower when it comes to Kevs sculpts
  22. Only ReaperCon was around a 10 hour total travel for 4 days of painting and friends. CT is 4 plus hours of driving or public transit for a few hours of painting and friends.
  23. I knew we would leave before the auction to get to the airport. We had VIP bag times 2 of reaperbux. I gave them to a friend so she could hopefully win something as she was there all Sunday. I was really happy to see she won a paint set as she does painting commissions full time while in between jobs. I thinn there are a fair amount of attendees who know they are getting a flight out and give any buzz to friends to help them out.
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