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  1. Im almost empty on my second bottle... I've never finished a whole bottle of a color before let alone two bottles. LOVE nightmare black!!!
  2. I will be wearing my normal clothing... which happens to have skulls so I guess that's horror like. Im slowly plugging along on my painting and I'm not panicking. If it gets done it gets done. I also took some days off next week so I have some extra paint time.
  3. I preordered Red Sonya and the twilight mini from them, it was supposed to start shipping August 21st. No updates on it. i posted on their Facebook as well as sent them an email asking for a status and they are not responding. As someone who has dealt with clients for over 16 years I am really into good client service...
  4. I should have at least one finished project. I worked on it the last few nights in a hangout and managed to push through my painting slump.
  5. I was on vacation then got sick... I haven't painted in well over a week. Having stuff done for RCon is looking like way less of a possibility at this point. I'm hoping to have at least one done for the painters.
  6. I figure I will spend the most time on the mini I am most exited about which was the large female demon. I spend more time on stuff like resin busts and boutique minis the bones. I get bones to experiment on what I want to do with other stuff. I also tend to go off "finished not perfect" if you just keep painting and finishing minis you will find you will get better. Bones are really great to start out with this. Seeing that I spend less each Bones KS they can do whatever works for them for the next KS.
  7. Yeah, eyes are so frustrating, test eyes would be pretty great! They could be made in different scales all on one test strip :)
  8. Yup, at the I hate it and it's the worst phase as well. I also had a bad group of painting days and really mucked up on of my entries :(
  9. I received mine and they are really nice! Stinky resin (I am thinking this has something to do with making them then putting them in a bag quickly) but the smell went away when I washed it. Very minor mold lines on the one I started working on, I'm blind so I only noticed them when I started painting. I really love the fact they are heavily muscled females! As someone who played WoW for years and loves artists like Bisley this are so much win for me!!! Would buy more from them!
  10. I backed this yesterday :) Looks fun and my brother and his fiancé have started to show interest in board games and I think they may like this one. Plus is has bearsharks.... I know Heath and Jonathan really put their all into this and I'm really hoping it get a bunch of funding!
  11. I pledge less each KS, the last I spent $127 more. Which makes sense when you aren't a gamer, bones have always been marketed as a affordable game item for tabletop.
  12. Sad to see no crazy big capstone got unlocked. Wondering what scale the effrit and djinn will be. They look like they should be bigger than humanoids. Hoping they are the same scale as the giants and I will pick them up at retail.
  13. Lady Minotaur is pretty neat but I won't buy small scale bones anymore.
  14. I Love sharks and zombies, combining them is awesome! At this point I should be able to wait for retail and get free shipping for the items I want individually.
  15. I know I will miss the end, I'm going out to dinner with the hubs.
  16. Unless the really big add on come out soon and blows everyone's minds and it rains money
  17. Yeah, I would imagine if we were still actively gaming my hubs would have wanted a few things. But sadly real life and people having kids broke my games up.
  18. I got my shipping notice the other day. I had forgotten to lock my pledge in lol.
  19. I managed to stay at $80 I don't game anymore and I'm a hobby painter so a ton of this just isn't my thing. I don't foresee anything getting unlocked in the next few hours that will be geared to me, seems like it's all huge things.
  20. Really glad to see another female giant, sad she is in a $50 expansion. Hope she hits retail quickly sometime in 2019 :D
  21. Fantasy scenics look neat, gonna wait to see how they look and maybe add in the PM after.
  22. All I wanted was female giants so I can't complain. The 80ish mm demons was a total bonus and made my day :) I have lots and lots of minis, not getting more isn't a bad thing.
  23. Also not a fan of how they broke up the core. I was gonna get the smaller female demon, assumed she would be broken up with the two males. I can wait for retail. I had already estimated money for the chibi so that works fine. Core is on only a value if you want what's in it. I ended up giving the vast majority of core from I and II to friends. Didn't bother with it in 3 or this one.
  24. Her art doesn't always get 100% translated. I know I was disappointed with the female cloud giants face from one if the earlier KSers. The bigger the sculpt the more confidence I have in more of the art looking similar.
  25. This has most certainly been a KS filled with things people requested previously :) And Izzy is slaying with her concept art!
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