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  1. I know I'm the minority but I have zero interest in dragons, but it's nice to have a $18 add on to bump the amount up to unlock stuff I want lol.
  2. Consistently getting a nice amount of new backers!
  3. We have a joint account for mortgage/vacation/emergencies that we both put the same amount in each paycheck. After that your paycheck left overs are your own to do whatever you want with.
  4. I may add the chibis as well, since they remind me of the Bride of Chucky :D
  5. Yeah I have to say I am really happy to have a male that is as attractive as his female equivalent and has the same amount of skin showing. The Fey creature idea is really great! Do I need two sets of these... darn it lol!!!
  6. I'm at $50 ish dollars. I'm only in for the naked statues, lady giants, newest demons and the new paints.
  7. Am now tempted to try to convert a male giant into a female since I got all the giants from KS3. Need to see if there is anyone with no facial hair tho... it would be really hard to cut a massive beard off then sculpt a face back on since I am the worst at anything related to clay. Edit: yeah ...all males look like they have a significant amount of facial hair from pics online so that would be far beyond my skill set.
  8. I've noticed a large amount of people who dislike skin lol. I'm so bad at painting thinks like cloaks and skirts and I tend to rush through armor :D Too bad they didn't make a hunky male giant with no shirt lol.
  9. I would prefer giants with less armor tbh. And as mentioned above a "D" cup isn't that big of you know about bra sizing and wear a bra lol. Im just glad to see more female giants and ones that are fearsome. My favorite part of the mini to paint is the skin and face so I'm biased to barbarian type minis.
  10. Ron posted on FB the new giants are about 80mm and that puts them in the same size as the giants from KS3, he put a pic with them in scale with the other Frost giants and they will go perfectly with them.
  11. I talked to a painting friend and I think I should be able to push myself through my painting slump. I decided to only focus on two items and really try to push myself with them and try some new techniques. Looking forward to seeing everyone's entries in person!
  12. I'm so happy to see the female giants look to be popular! Hopefully they actually are and Reaper will be able to make more types of female giants. As selfish as I am I wouldn't expect them to make things that won't do well in retail :)
  13. If you mean emails to the backers from previous Bones KS they already sent them out at the start of this one. I didn't tweak my settings on kickstarter so I got three reminders lol.
  14. Didn't we unock everything in the last KS and they had nothing left? Or was that another one. And we had the ability to add to the PM after the KS. Reaper has everything planned out.
  15. Still hoping for female giants.... I'm sitting on my $1 pledge for now.
  16. Was planning on doing more but I'm probably just going to do two busts. Painting for a contest is killing my mojo for some reason.
  17. I wonder if anyone will complain lain about 6 breasted kobolds lol
  18. Reaper just posted a pic of Baba Yaga on twitter. On phone at work so can't copy right now and they sent sent an update after so everyone has an email lol
  19. I would love to see more lolth like spider demoness. In a large scale so they can scare adventurers!
  20. Bryan knows for a fact I would buy full figured female giants in bikini armor :) I really hate painting armor and really like painting skin lol.
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