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  1. 100% go by fit of clothing. i started working out this year and went down a size and started getting muscles! I was super excited about my muscles and may have posted them a fair amount of FB until I chilled out lol. I started super slow and didn't do much to start and slowly built up. its a marathon not a sprint :)
  2. I don't get the point of dropping your pledge at this point if you don't like a few things... you lose your spot... im only in for $1, I have a ton of minis and am not a huge fan of plastic so I am very picky at this point. That isn't reapers issue or problem. If I like stuff I like it, if I don't then I don't. Am I going to flip a table and go where the heck are my full figured bikini armor giants? No. I am not the center of the universe.
  3. I actually get less painting done on a hangout. I talk too much.... plus I don't have my optovisor on so I have limited stuff I can do. I have too many things to paint and not enough time!
  4. Yeah looking at comments on the Ks abd Facebook looks like they have no interest in resin. Oh well, just less for me to buy.
  5. Looks like you can't get individual models in resin. Easy pass for me. Hopefully can pick these up later in resin on their site.
  6. Got the bulk of my order last night but didn't really have time to look much. the pizza resin is a joke. There is so much flash attaching everything. They continue to disappoint me. I just need my spider mother and I can never deal with them again.
  7. This one looks super cool. I may break my spending hold....
  8. I think they were going to have a late pledge option. I can't remember though, I skim the updates and look at the pictures lol.
  9. Skyclad are also great for people leaning to sculpt clothing! or if you really like painting skin. I think the majority of mine will be pinups or skyclad. And stiiicckkkeerrrsssss!
  10. I still have space. Buying boutique resin adds up pretty quickly. Darn BlackSun!
  11. Yeah, getting super picky now lol. Cuts down on the spending!
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if I missed the rule in this anywhere, I apologize if I did.... Can minis only be entered in one contest? So obviously for the manufacture ones you need to paint the companies minis for their prizes... but say I painted a single mini for Bombshell, could I co-enter it in the Reaper painters open as well? Just trying to figure out how many things I'm painting :)
  13. What are you copying what I did from Bones 3?? J/k
  14. All our DnD group had kids or moved out of state so I no longer paint for the game table @ub3r_n3rd He used to paint figures for DnD when he was a teenager and he hated it lol. He's got enough to do playing his guitar and buying stuff for that hahaha!
  15. Hubs is a gamer and a DM so he is geeky enough to like the stuff I paint and go to ReaperCon and want to have a dragon bust :) but there is no way anyone is touching my hoard of minis and paint *preciousssss*
  16. He doesn't paint all all :) so it's all going to be mine!!!
  17. Haha! When I initially told him I was all "I have two of everything" and he was like woah wait... it's MY swag bag. I really hope he doesn't want anything in it lol!!!
  18. I got my husband a VIP pack so all his swag is now my swag! Though I did promise to paint any of the swag he likes for him... so he may have a dragon bust in his office in whatever color he wants
  19. Yes, the artist shared him to a page I follow on Facebook. Now I don't know how to paint mine. I don't want to look like I'm coping someone else. I was planning on going more 90s black metal and more silly.
  20. Last update.... changing how they are making the minis again... you really would think this was their first kickstarter. and shipping items without additional shipping cuz... back out next kickstarter! heck no. i had the same issue Smokestack, poorly cast tabs making it difficult to impossible to assemble some parts.
  21. David! I will see you in Monster Tones! I wasn't gonna do a class on the last day but monsters!
  22. I got TNA, textures and glazes with her. Love her style and really looking forward to meeting her in person.
  23. I'm actually pretty quiet in a class environment. If there is drinking at the hotel though....
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