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  1. Out for delivery a day earlier than expected! I'm playing with giants tonight after work! my spouse doesn't paint (which is good he can't have my preciousssss minis) but he's a gamer so he is always interested in what I bought and what I'm painting.
  2. Wait... people play a game with these? You don't just horde minis and slowly paint them? Lol. UPS is really annoying me, got shipping notification the 31st, said it left the state of Texas the 2 and nothing since then. Boston isn't that far.... estimated delivery is the 7th. I've gotten packages from the U.K. In less than a week. *this is not a complaint against Reaper or anything they have done, I know they go with the best option for mass shipments. Just frustrating since I really want to see the giants in person and I am super impatient once I have a tracking number lol.
  3. I have no clue of what the names are of the minis I am getting. frost lady giant, hot lady giant? Does it matter? I buy minis and don't remember their names after I order them....
  4. Its anything and everything from single humanoid figures to the add on groups. Basically what happens on eBay after any kickstarter of a large size starts shipping. Trying to think of how I'm gonna paint my first giant. Probably won't think of much until they are in hand.
  5. My Bones have received postage!!!!! locked in in April :) 7.5 pounds, do I win for smallest lol
  6. There's already over 900 eBay listings for Reaper bones 3 and I just want my shipping notification lol.
  7. I hope I have enough liner left for all them giants....
  8. Woot woot, wave three! Soon I can stop watching the tracker lol
  9. Ditto to Dan, I am wave 3 and pledged $1 (I added funds during the KS to help with unlocking stuff)
  10. Latest update is they are starting to ship rewards and to keep an eye out for shipping notification. Very excited about getting the grim and brutal Seth in the most classic black metal post ever. i can't remember what I added on from the existing catalogue other then it was too much.
  11. FYI- Bryan is traveling to Seattle for Paiziocon or something con that I probably spelled wrong. We probably won't be seeing much activity from him.
  12. I only have two orders, I decided to add paint and an additional frost giant set and a giant I thought I ordered and hadn't. indont think mine will weight too much... it's just giants and a graveyard and paint. so glad we aren't shipping when paint will freeze :)
  13. I do as well. They must realize lots of people like resin or metal over the other and stick with their choice. Just make the metal for crying out loud.
  14. Well they can't do the metal to the very end ... but if you want to change to resin *eye roll* you know after all the fantastic things you've heard! the larger minis look better then the smaller ones. Fingers crossed the rest of my shipment will have the most recent minis and won't have poorly cast rough textured resin covered in mold release.
  15. Hey Kid, they just shipped to Dorchestah! say hello to your mother for me.
  16. I forgot I ordered two of the frost giant king and Queen set :) i don't normally do duplicates, then I remembered I wanted to do a more traditional version and a "evil" version since I loved the queen so much. Excitement growing.....
  17. Frost giant lady, the new female one. I forget everyone's names. Probably just try and do quick tabletop on them.
  18. I'm wave 3 and I didn't lock in until April 2016. I am guessing I won't get mine until sometime next week. Which is fine since I need to finish what I'm working on first before I tackle a giant.
  19. Zombie hulk arrived! Really nice and looks like there won't be much prep work involved!
  20. I just can't wait (whenever it happens) to get my giants and I'm gonna have a giant party and we're gonna drink vodka and paint and they will be my best friends forever <3
  21. I may be wrong but in past KS it was mentioned that they had to fill a truck to ship things? I'm guessing if they want to send Canadian packages to Canada they have to fill them all up and send them together, then they get distributed by the shipper? I may be wrong but it may not work to send 5 Canada packages then 5 US then back to Canada.
  22. House procratinus is for not painting. figmentius is buying minis and painting them :) we just own more than we can ever paint lol. And there's always new limited edition or preorder.... I paint almost everyday.
  23. Preordered Marcus from Balack Sun, it's their latest 75mm model. Topless, skulls and abs :) and since it was still available I got the savage beauty chick on the cat. I think they were down to 5 or so for pre order.
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