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  1. I don't think I have much going on in May assuming it's in Boston. i can always drop them a line about reserving a table
  2. After I rinse my brush I re point the tip with my mouth. It's what works for me. I use a wet pallet and drag the brush while slightly twisting to remove excess paint and liquid.
  3. I just want to make sure my husband has something to do if I'm in a class :) Are Reaperbucks for anything other than the auction?
  4. I know classes need to be signed up for in advance, do tabletop games as well? like if you don't get to sign up for stuff in advance when you get to the con are you out of luck for gaming?
  5. Corgis shouldn't costs much, they are like cuddly throw pillows... what could they mess up they can go anywhere...
  6. 4 years and the first KS isn't done? Easy pass no matter what kind of cool undead he's making.
  7. I ordered the KD bunny girl and some other girls, don't shop while drinking... I really don't need more KD but I've been putting all the art from the minis on my wall so I need moreeeeeeee
  8. I literally look like my avatar. Thick black glasses and dyed black Bettie bangs.
  9. I'm not a fan of the black sun giant and I don't want 35mm from them so that promotion was an easy pass for me lol. Ive been flip flopping on the 75mm female barbarian on the cat. Idk. I still have the female orc I haven't touched. And the male barbarian half painted... and the female barbarian hasn't been based... ugh. My photo tent arrived though! Maybe I can take better pics now that actually show colors better...
  10. I rarely seal minis. The majority of mine are in a closed display case out of direct sunlight. I have an Iwata I rarely use, I also have a $20 cheap airbrush I got off Amazon that primes just as well as my Iwata. I clean with 91% alcohol. I ordered a $40 photo lightbox setup from Amazon to try and level up my photography skills. Also was reading more about using an iPhone to take decent photos. I don't need anything fancy just want my colors to come out better.
  11. I'm so lazy, the only thing I use my airbrush for is priming. love Miniature Monthly so much! They are 100% helping level up my painting. Basic membership is $5 I think. And they have a bunch of giveaways every month.
  12. I bought their existing resin and backed the KS expecting the product to be the same or very close to it. It isn't. I spent over $500 on something I am not happy with, sorry if I'm not all rainbows and sunshine.
  13. I saw Aaron Lovejoy use and highly recommend the stylneze stuff and I ordered the three pack and it's my favorite primer. It's so smooth!
  14. I don't know if it's intentional but these updates really seem to have a tone of "if you don't like the product you are dumb" they have so many positive comments, but in person and in emails, we just see the negative comments online and they have done what they can to fix it and all the resin is the same type so... i am so turned off of this company at this point. The fact they act like having release agent that can't be removed is normal is crazy... they gave everyone instructions... what's the problem? Uh it's a sub-par product and you are an established company that should
  15. I've been using mine this week.... its nice and comfortable and light, I can also use my existing corks in it so I don't have to ruin the nice cork for minis that don't fit in them. (With glue or blue tac) No changes to my paint style or quality, but I didn't think there would be. My hands don't hurt as much after painting for over an hour which is really nice
  16. I am pretty sure RH is still 28mm as in actually 28mm not heroic scale.
  17. I try and make it when it's in Boston. Seeing as the Boston meetups are smaller I don't really suggest dates since it seems like more people can attend CT
  18. I will be picking mine up Saturday morning and then testing it out :) I get hand/knuckle pain from paint for too long so I'm hoping these help.
  19. I noticed how they pointed out how many people are happy with their products... ok... and the people who aren't? i get it's kickstarter and you are not guaranteed to get what you expected... but with a experienced company who had acceptable resin in their last KS I am just confused. also I would be pissed if I bought any of the freebies retail and they were the quality we received. But it sounds like they will be selling their failed mold release hard to remove from the sprues stuff...
  20. I sent a message to Stephen since I'm level 6 and haven't received any notification or package and I think they already shipped my wave. He already responded with the tracking number!!! Really glad I messaged, post office tried to deliver today and didn't leave a notice!
  21. I think I'm doing Reaper open, bombshell and Kabuki. I'm not into weathering and I don't want to buy minis for a contest, I have stuff from Reaper bombshell and kabuki.
  22. Thanks everyone! Currently struggling on my bust project so it was nice to have one mini come out well lol.
  23. Thanks! I normally paint super slow and never get around to completing stuff so this is trying to push myself to be faster and not overthink painting :)
  24. This was a speed paint I did in an attempt to paint faster and not overthink my miniatures. I had painted fhe base previously. Boris took and hour, my NMM attempt took 40 more minutes.
  25. I'm not that concerned about the contest, I'm probably gonna bring 3 maybe 4 and I don't paint dioramas.
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