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  1. Hi guys. Finished this guy a week or two ago and finally got around to taking some pics. I started to let go of perfectionism on him, which is what I've been working towards. I didn't layer highlight every surface or stress about the spot I found near the end with bare primer. I worked on layering the skin and did some texture on the leather straps and called it a day. I am happy with the layering on the skin and also with the silver strips of metal where the paint has worn away. His armour is a lot like my job on Kegg because I was happy with him. Let me know what you think!
  2. I love the spots! I tried doing almost exactly this in snow-leopard colours not too far back and had no success, yours turned out way better!!
  3. $50?!? Holy turds! I don't remember how much I spent on him but I got him when he was new, so less than $20 or maybe even under $15. So that means I've been carting him around for 30 years and just finally put paint on him! Thanks for the comments on the layering. I think one of the reasons I have trouble is the work. I hate the idea of doing something for hours and hours and then it doesn't look right and I have to do it all over again, but by playing it safe and not pushing myself I'm not learning. Those are some things I have to work through. But I digress. I was trying to thin the paints for the layering on his skin but for some reason the next highlight I was going for was not working right. The paint was quite thin and I mixed the base colour into the next one but it was still showing up as way too bright, then I mixed more of the base in again and then it was too subtle... and he had already been on my desk for over a month I think so I cut my losses there. Everything is a process I guess. Thanks again for your comments!
  4. Just finished this guy. My painting somehow slowed down during a pandemic/summer vacation when it should have sped up but that's how things go. This is a full-lead storm giant from Ral Partha, the stamp under his base says 1990. I thought he was a cloud giant the whole time, that's why he's so blue! I was working on getting my layering back up to snuff because either my early attempts were beginner's luck or I somehow forgot to do it because I've been struggling lately. I also should have picked a different colour for his tunic instead of blue since he has blue skin, but I swear the paint was purple when I put it on the palette lol. I am really happy how his face turned out but I wish I could have put more detail into his eyes. I should have done more work on him overall I guess, but he spent so much time on my desk I wanted him done. Mostly happy with him, and here he is. C&C always welcome.
  5. Wow, amazing. Love the weapon blades and the dead flesh. This is wayy better than mine will look when I finally get to him.
  6. Here is my Dragoth. This is the original metal figure on his throne. I looked at the etching on the base, this guy has been in my collection waiting for paint since '96, 24 years! This is him. I really like how I was able to get the rocks of the throne to all be different colours, or different enough to make them all look a little different at least (learned that from Black Magic Craft YouTube channel). What could have worked better was more contrast overall, I'm really struggling with highlighting. He was also looking way too shiny at one point so I used Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia on the metals to make them look a little older. He is an intelligent undead who can take care of his equipment, but he's still undead lol. Another thing I liked was painting his breastplate bright silver and then putting a blue glaze on it to tint it blue while retaining all the shine of the silver! Who needs coloured metallics? Anyway I hope you like him after he waited 24 years for paint, all C&C welcome! P.S. The last pic shows some nice highlighting I did on his cape that nobody will ever see because it's in the little gap between his back and the throne
  7. Oh wow those are the most un-boringest browns ever!! Those are fantastic patterns on his wings! Widdle paw and widdle feets, LMAO. Did you try flipping him over to shoot the undersides of the wings? No rule says all photos must be of a figure sitting upright!
  8. I like him too, great job on those eyes! I also love the lighter brown on the feathers at the edges of his forearms, great for visual interest! And don't worry about being "careless" with the wash. Unless I'm doing something special my favourite technique with a wash is "slobber it everywhere".
  9. I wouldn't dwell on that colour scheme at all, he's fantastic! So many details, and every one of them is distinct and shaded and highlighted and edged perfectly! So many different colours and yet none of them seem out of place or clashy. This must have been so much work. He's absolutely beautiful!
  10. Those look great! Nice metals on the hobgoblin but my favourite is also the bugbear. I have several from that same set and painted one that actually turned out pretty good. I am planning to paint more of them, maybe I'll start with him!
  11. I love it too. That top down shot really shows how great the chitin shell looks. The varied greens was just contrast paint? I've been thinking of picking up some Apothecary White just so I can actually have the courage to try painting something white for once lol.
  12. I had seen those on nature shows so I knew it was a thing, I just didn't know it was actually called Brain Coral!
  13. Thanks Glitterwolf! I just thought he looked kinda Japanese with that hair so I thought some kanji was in order.
  14. Thanks Jack!! I tried searching for him and never found it.I must have picked him up as a single because I never even saw the other figures from that blister. Edit to add: great. I just found Glitterwolf's set and his banner is better than mine. So much for being impressed with myself
  15. Hi guys. Here is one I finished today. He is an old metal mini, I THINK it's Grenadier but I can't be sure. If anyone knows where this comes from please let me know. I think the colours in his tunic could have been painted better but I'm calling him done because there are some things about him I really like. For starters I tried wet blending for the first time!! The banner was such a big flat area I just couldn't let the opportunity pass without at least trying it. At first the two reds I was using weren't different enough so the blend was so subtle it could barely be seen so I added some Averland Sunset to the lighter colour to up the disparity. I think it worked, despite leaving about a billion visible brush strokes . Second thing I like is the freehand kanji I did. The kanji says "silence", or at least a reasonable facsimile of it, and I like how it turned out. It was black over a light gray base with the gray showing to help with the contrast because black alone was getting a little lost. The gray was too light and looked white beside the black so I hit it with a layer of Seraphim Sepia which made it look yellower so it looks older and not so new. I chose Silence because I wanted something somewhat suitable for an army of undead without being cliche, I liked Silence. I hope you all like him too, all comments are welcome as always!
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