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  1. I'm a man so I don't generally share that in addition to painting minis I also knit and crochet a little bit. Being gay helps, it tends to cut down on the stupid questions like "You knit? What are you, some kind of homo?"
  2. I do exactly the same and end up with work far inferior to this. And I didn't notice anything wrong with the thumb so I think you're fine there! Even now that you mention it, it doesn't look wrong.
  3. Oh wow! Your transitions and highlights are amazing! I aspire to this.
  4. Definitely a good use for that terrain, I like the ivy. Better paint job than I could whip up in an hour too!
  5. That would be another issue for me. My intake is currently well above my output, more than 90% is Bones because I don't play anything with them, I can't justify spending more on minis just for painting. If I had a printer I would just make my already overflowing storage worse.
  6. So how many minis have you painted total? I'm trying to decide how much is enough before I'm not allowed to call myself a beginner and have to show some actual improvement lol. I'm at 42 and my 43rd is half finished on the desk right now.
  7. That's amazing! It's a great sculpt and you gave it a unique scheme... with an explanation instead of a "just cuz". And yes very iridescent and beetle-like.
  8. I can hear that "ROOOAA-EEEP!" and it makes me laugh. Did you add any support rods to her legs? I hear she's very prone to bend over time. I like the smooth white and the subtle blue.
  9. I agree with all the compliments. Very nice iridescent sheen. I thought it was just gloss coated, I never would have thought to use mixed metallics on it, it must really glimmer in person. I always thought metallics never truly come across right in pictures. And creepy too, always important when painting insects!
  10. Well this post has been the single strongest argument for getting a printer, which I cannot presently afford. That Tarrasque is DISGUSTING (by which i mean fabulous). I also adore snakes and if I had a printer I would be quick to pump those out too. Good work on him, can't wait to see his brother.
  11. I love the runes and the werewolf is a great touch!
  12. That's some good work. I especially like the eyes. Did you prop him up at all? He's usually pretty floppy, mine is.
  13. Wow! I prefer the second one but they're both great. Those gems are stunning and I love that you took the time to make each stone a unique colour instead of all gray.
  14. @Cranky Dog yeah I know the east and west don't match up, I just meant relative north. My friends are 6 hours north of me here in Hamilton. Ottawa is almost that far northerly already (and east) and you're six hours from there. Mind you, still way further south (and east lol) than Edmonton and I spent 9 years in that frozen tundra.
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