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  1. Thank you all for the compliments! As far as characters I already have Kurdoss and Reikenor. Both are great but I'm not the most confident painter so I am scared of them 😛. Soon I will also have the Guardian of Souls, Spirit Torment, Lord Executioner and mounted Knight of Shrouds, so I will have plenty of character work to do! Still have never played the game either, lol, this is all prep work before my first game.
  2. I thought I'd post some pics of these guys because I finally have them based. They're 3 units from the Court of the Craven King box. 10 Chainrasps, 10 Dreadscythe Harridans and 10 Grimghast Reapers. I'll just post them all at once because theyr'e from That Other Mini Company 😋 I like how the Harridans turned out, particularly their hair and the fading blue in their robes. The Chainrasps didn't have great blending in the purple on their robes. My original intent for the Reapers was to have a very understated midnight purple on the robes but I think it ended up being "not enough". I was h
  3. I really should be doing more gap filling.. and more mold line cutting... and more pinning... more prep work in general. I'm just so focused on the painting that I don't have the patience. Even the painting suffers because I want to finish too fast. I have a few unpainted minis that need some gaps filled and a large metal diorama called Bridge of Sorrows that will need both gap filling and major pinning. Seriously, Google it, that thing is insane. It also now costs more than $100, I got it when it was new so I think it was less than $50. Anyways, I will eagerly await your update on wheth
  4. Well all is not lost. Maybe it won't sag, sometimes the sag problem can be hit or miss, some Bones parts are harder than others. Just keep an eye on it and if it does sag there is always the option of inserting a hot pin without the need to drill. My friend suggested that for mine but I have very little drilling experience and absolutely no experience with using a hot pin (I don't think he does either tbh). Maledrakh mentioned his pinning of this figure in his show off post, which I private messaged him about. He said the talon began touching the base and the wingtip touched the ground bu
  5. This is beautiful!! Can you tell me, did you pin this one through the leg to avoid the drooping? I want to paint my copy of him but others have said theirs start leaning over unless they insert a pin through the leg attached to the base. I'm afraid of drilling because that leg isn't the straightest and I have very little experience pinning at the moment.
  6. So to be clear @Inarah, Krylon Crystal is okay on Bones specifically or just on other figures?
  7. So Dullcote is okay on Bones? Any experience using a dedicated mini sealer like Citadel or Army Painter on Bones?
  8. Hello friends. I had a question about spray varnish. All of my painted minis currently reside in my glass display case but unfortunately this gets direct sun for a period of time every day. I want to seal the minis to protect them from the sun as much as possible. I know Citadel gloss sealer protects from UV but my FLGS doesn't have any and honestly I am wondering if there is anything cheaper. I have a mix of materials for my minis, including metal (including actual lead lol), Bones plastic and GW plastic Warhammer mins. I know gloss protects from chips and matte kills shine but I was wo
  9. Hi guys. Finished this guy a week or two ago and finally got around to taking some pics. I started to let go of perfectionism on him, which is what I've been working towards. I didn't layer highlight every surface or stress about the spot I found near the end with bare primer. I worked on layering the skin and did some texture on the leather straps and called it a day. I am happy with the layering on the skin and also with the silver strips of metal where the paint has worn away. His armour is a lot like my job on Kegg because I was happy with him. Let me know what you think!
  10. I love the spots! I tried doing almost exactly this in snow-leopard colours not too far back and had no success, yours turned out way better!!
  11. $50?!? Holy turds! I don't remember how much I spent on him but I got him when he was new, so less than $20 or maybe even under $15. So that means I've been carting him around for 30 years and just finally put paint on him! Thanks for the comments on the layering. I think one of the reasons I have trouble is the work. I hate the idea of doing something for hours and hours and then it doesn't look right and I have to do it all over again, but by playing it safe and not pushing myself I'm not learning. Those are some things I have to work through. But I digress. I was trying to thin
  12. Just finished this guy. My painting somehow slowed down during a pandemic/summer vacation when it should have sped up but that's how things go. This is a full-lead storm giant from Ral Partha, the stamp under his base says 1990. I thought he was a cloud giant the whole time, that's why he's so blue! I was working on getting my layering back up to snuff because either my early attempts were beginner's luck or I somehow forgot to do it because I've been struggling lately. I also should have picked a different colour for his tunic instead of blue since he has blue skin, but I swear the paint
  13. Wow, amazing. Love the weapon blades and the dead flesh. This is wayy better than mine will look when I finally get to him.
  14. Here is my Dragoth. This is the original metal figure on his throne. I looked at the etching on the base, this guy has been in my collection waiting for paint since '96, 24 years! This is him. I really like how I was able to get the rocks of the throne to all be different colours, or different enough to make them all look a little different at least (learned that from Black Magic Craft YouTube channel). What could have worked better was more contrast overall, I'm really struggling with highlighting. He was also looking way too shiny at one point so I used Nuln Oil and Seraphim Sepia on t
  15. Oh wow those are the most un-boringest browns ever!! Those are fantastic patterns on his wings! Widdle paw and widdle feets, LMAO. Did you try flipping him over to shoot the undersides of the wings? No rule says all photos must be of a figure sitting upright!
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