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  1. Kbel

    "ALIENS" Bambi burster

    Okay, I just looked it up and in the regular version of 3 it was a dog it came out of, in the "assembly" cut is was an ox.
  2. Kbel

    "ALIENS" Bambi burster

    It was some kind of huge animal, I can't remember which ,but it wasn't a dog. As for the "Bambi burster" I'm not sure where the term came from,but I've seen it called that a lot when I was googleing it.
  3. Kbel

    "ALIENS" Bambi burster

    This guy's from the third alien movie and he comes out of an oxen ( I think that's what it was anyway), when he is "born" he's covered in blood and guts. The clear silica is a good idea!
  4. Kbel

    "ALIENS" Bambi burster

    Thanks everyone. :)
  5. A friend of mine is paying me to paint this rather large baby alien figure. I've got the base coat, skin tone, and shading done on this guy. I'm wondering how to get a realistic looking blood coat on him. He needs to look as if he has just been "born". I've done the skin and shading in acrylic and will use a glossy sealer after everything else it finished. The pictures are pretty poor quality,but it's the best the Iphone 4 could manage.
  6. My goodness! Very talented girl you've got there. These are good work for an experienced painter.
  7. Kbel

    77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior

    Yay helping!!
  8. Kbel

    77158: Arrius, Skeletal Warrior

    Holy crap you're right! Vardus is one I'll paint in the future. I got the two confused by not paying attention. Thank you!
  9. So for my brothers birthday, I'm painting a chess set made from reaper miniatures. This is the knight on the "evil" side. On a side note GoPro cameras are terrible for trying to take pictures with close up detail. The husband got me one for my birthday( mainly to take pictures of my son, but thought I could also take photos of my miniatures as well). I tried taking a picture of this guy and you can't see any detail at all. Oh well, iphone 4 camera it is. :/
  10. Kbel

    60032:Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Pointers are very much appreciated! :)
  11. Kbel

    DSM 7423 Male High Elf Warrior

    These are amazing
  12. Good god that is awesome!
  13. Kbel

    Alguaciles (Cornrow) - Corvus Belli

    He looks great!
  14. Kbel

    FullMetal Alchemist Figures

    Love fullmetal alchemist! These look good and it's such an awesome idea to rp with fma.