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  1. We took into heavy consideration of getting videos taken down and studied this carefully, the truth is Skybound and AMC dont't pay much attention to fan fics and when they do they actually like to share them instead of taking them down. And we are not paying anyone, the animators are all doing it for free. So we can guarantee we will not be making any sort of money off this. This isnt to be taken as some big tv show, just a fun animated series. Our goal currently is 2000, the modeller wants 150 for each character model so even if we did reach that goal we will still be short, So if anyone will be paying its going to be us.
  2. Hey Guys, I can guarantee there will not be any copyright issues, We will not be making any money off this series or monetising any of our videos. This is created for the sole purpose of the creation of our models and improving the overall quality of the series.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/53 ... ted-series Hey there guys, my names James, and I have started up an animated series on kickstarter based on the famous comic book by Robert Kirkman and Game by Telltale games: The Walking Dead, We hope to get this project funded so that we can pay our modeller and compared to other kick-starters we are not asking for too much, we are currently 21% funded, if anyone wants to do some sort of deal like a share for share or something where we help each other out I'm fine with that, so check out our link above. here is our youtube teaser trailer The Walking Dead Untold is a fully animated fan production based in the universe of the famous comic book series: The Walking Dead. A team of talented editors, voice actors, writers and animators have come together from their joint love and passion for the series and have decided to collaborate and create their own story
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