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  1. We need giants and dragons and walkers and their bosses!
  2. I'm still waiting for the artbook from their first KS. It's only been five years, but they say I'll have it after their next KS. Not dissapointed and angry at all
  3. What you all should worry about is that polar bears live near the North Pole, while penguins live near the South Pole
  4. I'm currently in, but only the Sumo lizards are of interest. Can I please piggyback on someone and get their Matsudan and Raiden? I just don't want to end up with another ton of more minis I'll never use/paint. Please help a mini-junkie out here :-)
  5. The Polish trogs are some kind of lixard/troll people, I think With the Russians, I see the zombies as the Russian WW2 way of sending millions of soldiers into the meat grinder. Zombies work the same way. And since zombies are always evil they need some evil gits to control them
  6. The beast team is sculpted by John Pickford. I'm quite sure Boyce is the man behind the initiative.
  7. You know, when your one eyed trouser snake looks like that; it's time to change underwear :)
  8. EDIT (Updated to reflect the new reality) Yes, you can! And thanks for the behinds pic Patrick, they're approved :D
  9. He's done fantasy football for Impact Miniatures and Neomics too. A great, productive sculptor. I like his female sculpts best though
  10. Yup, last update with the explanation for the pledge manager has all the pictures. Also included are the abbreviations for each troop/solo type.
  11. I can't understand why Otherworld aren't talking. It must truly be hurting business. People have been asking for how much shipped/how much left for years, but they refuse to answer. I imagine it would have been better to make a loan of 5000$ or whatever is needed, and just produce and ship the stuff, rather than expecting to let profit off a much smaller sale income cover it. Otherworld are alienating their customer base this way, something I think is extremely sad. They have great products and also great products in the pipeline. I would love to see them reach their full potential!
  12. Actually, when you think about it, cheap plastic is more expensive than metal. I bought Mantic Dreadball two years ago and had to spend 20-30 minutes on every mini to fix mold lines and get them in paintable shape. Even with a minimum wage of 20$/hour, that's 7-10$ pr mini in time, before you add the actual price of the mini. With Tre's metal minis, I use maybe 2-5 minis or mini, because the casts are so great (I'm extremely focused on removing mold lines, I hate having them show up close to the finishing stages of painting of a mini and ruining everything :-(
  13. Great horse Tre! I think it's the first horse I've seen, from any manufacturer, that actually looks like it takes part in a battle and isn't just trotting straight ahead. Keep it up, you're doing great!
  14. We need a second Jotunn. Especially since we can then make conversions and suddenly field 5-6 different Jotunn guys. They'll make a wrecking hell out of everything :-) I can't say if we'll need the sooner or later, as there's so much stuff we need. In any case, I must say I honestly feel 18$ is too cheap for a big, detailed (multi-part?) guy like the Jotunn. With that starting point, I wouldn't mind paying an extra few dollars for the increased weight of the package.
  15. I'm thinking a pin, maybe only 1-1.5mm thick. I don't know if it would work in real-life with casting and so on. It doesn't matter if the pin is stuck into a larger hole. The superglue will make the bond.
  16. Ok, while we're on the product improvement topic: Can you please add a small pin to the hands/wrists of the loose weapons so we can just drill a hole in the arm of the minis and just stick the hands in? It will give a much easier and better bond than pinning the minis ourselves :-)
  17. Happy about the switch to open helmet. I think Mohawk could be good on the unhelmeted one
  18. I'm counting on the upcoming Red Box Games-campaign to fulfill all my barbarian wet dreams. With Conan coming in cheap, rubbery plastic and RBG minis coming in tempered steel, the choice is real simple for me. :)
  19. You know you're allowed to cut down the necks of they're too long for you, right? I do it sometimes when I think it looks strange.
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