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  1. I'm currently in, but only the Sumo lizards are of interest.


    Can I please piggyback on someone and get their Matsudan and Raiden? I just don't want to end up with another ton of more minis I'll never use/paint.


    Please help a mini-junkie out here :-)

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  2. Can we select Babes from the first Kickstarter to fill out some of the 8 choices in the Bomb Kit? Or do all 8 have to be from the current Kickstarter?

    EDIT (Updated to reflect the new reality)

    Yes, you can!


    And thanks for the behinds pic Patrick, they're approved :D

  3. I can't understand why Otherworld aren't talking. It must truly be hurting business.

    People have been asking for how much shipped/how much left for years, but they refuse to answer.


    I imagine it would have been better to make a loan of 5000$ or whatever is needed, and just produce and ship the stuff, rather than expecting to let profit off a much smaller sale income cover it.


    Otherworld are alienating their customer base this way, something I think is extremely sad. They have great products and also great products in the pipeline. I would love to see them reach their full potential!

  4. Actually, when you think about it, cheap plastic is more expensive than metal. I bought Mantic Dreadball two years ago and had to spend 20-30 minutes on every mini to fix mold lines and get them in paintable shape. Even with a minimum wage of 20$/hour, that's 7-10$ pr mini in time, before you add the actual price of the mini.


    With Tre's metal minis, I use maybe 2-5 minis or mini, because the casts are so great


    (I'm extremely focused on removing mold lines, I hate having them show up close to the finishing stages of painting of a mini and ruining everything :-(

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  5. We need a second Jotunn. Especially since we can then make conversions and suddenly field 5-6 different Jotunn guys. They'll make a wrecking hell out of everything :-)


    I can't say if we'll need the sooner or later, as there's so much stuff we need.


    In any case, I must say I honestly feel 18$ is too cheap for a big, detailed (multi-part?) guy like the Jotunn. With that starting point, I wouldn't mind paying an extra few dollars for the increased weight of the package.

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