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  1. "Yes, let's do that. I'm hungry too," Aridwyn replies. She gazes at Zeke in wonder. Janara said he had the Gift, but I never dreamt anything like this... Aridwyn looks up, but Janara is already gone. A smile creeps on to her face. I haven't given her enough credit... she does have a subtle bone in her body. Or maybe she's just anxious to get back to Joe? "Dumplings sound good right now," she says to Bhogmur, and then she summons every ounce of her strength and scoops him up, hugging him tight. She feels a pang in her gut, knowing this is the last time she will ever pick Bhogmur up -- if I see him again, no, when I see him again, he most likely will be bigger than I am. "Bhogmur, I am so very, very proud of you," she murmurs, and kisses him on the forehead. Then (and not a moment too soon, as Bhogmur has grown like a weed on Zeke's cooking), she sets him down, musses his hair, and gives him her biggest smile, though she wants to cry. "Now let's go see about those dumplings." She takes his hand, and elf and orc go in search of the others.
  2. Aridwyn gazes down at her son, and her eyes fill with tears. Rune had warned her recently that the road to Aizen Krahl would be dangerous, and though he hadn't mentioned it, she knew at its end waited a people not known for their kindness to orcs, no matter how small and extraordinary. Though she wanted him with her, she knew it was selfish. He could learn much from the Reptus, and Zeke needed him. What kind of mother would she be to prevent him from doing good? Besides, a little voice in her head that sounded suspiciously like Adeline was murmuring he doesn't belong to you... he belongs to all of Taltos. "Of course, Bhoggy. Of course." She takes his outstretched hand and squeezes it as she kneels beside him, and then she does two things she has not done in years. She softly begins to pray: "Aurellius, keep my son safe... and please favor an unworthy elf and let me see him again someday." Then she begins to openly weep.
  3. "Perhaps we can talk with the priest tonight, then ask him to come back in the morning once Bhoggy's awake. He's had such a wild day, I hate to interrupt his sleep. He'll be thinking more clearly after a good night's sleep anyway, I suspect." Not for the first time, Aridwyn asks herself what right she has to brood over her own misfortunes when Janara has encountered so many more and yet manages to remain cheerful. "I imagine so. Yes, I do," she murmurs softly.
  4. "No... it does. It seems like forever. He's growing so fast, and I don't want to miss a minute of it." Aridwyn feels a pang in her stomach. No mother wants to outlive her child... mine will be dead of old age before I have my first gray hair. She looks at Janara and immediately feels another pang. Perhaps this is why elves keep to themselves... it hurts too much to outlive your friends. Aridwyn throws an arm around Janara. "He is smart, and wise beyond his years. But he is strong too, and he knows right from wrong. And he's got you, me, and Joe. That's nothing to sneeze at." She smiles, a little sadly. "I had hoped he might find his calling with your Aurellius."
  5. "Well, some," Aridwyn says, pursing her lips, "but it's wrapped in enough vaguery to rival the most cryptic elf mage. I'm impressed. This indicates that the Child of Harmony will come from outside, but mentions nothing of the child's race. Oh, and while many Reptus will welcome the child, an equal number will declare this heresy. So now we know why fighting broke out in the streets, at least." She sighs and closes the book. "It will be good to speak with a monk about this. Perhaps he will be a bit clearer than this manuscript." She glares at it in frustration. Aridwyn looks up in alarm as Janara bursts into tears. She starts to try to comfort her, but Janara is out the door before she can speak. "Excuse me," she mutters, and hurries off after Janara. She enters the room quietly, uncertain if Janara will welcome her or push her away. "Janara," she begins softly, sitting down on the bed and placing a hand on her friend's arm, "no one is going to take Bhoggy anywhere he doesn't want to go." She leaves her own fear unvoiced: that Bhogmur will want to stay with the Reptus.
  6. Meanwhile back at the legation, Aridwyn sits with the book of Reptus prophecy, carefully making notes about the "Child of Harmony" on some paper from her backpack. Occasionally she steals a glance at Bhogmur, who is still contentedly playing with Joe, then shakes her head and returns to the manuscript, obviously deep in thought. Could it be? Was it truly compassion for another victim of the Darkspawn filth that made me take him in... or was I simply a cog in a very large wheel? What are the chances that the rare elf who speaks orcish would arrive in the city of the Crusaders just in time to rescue an unnaturally intelligent and gifted orcling who then journeys to the lands of the Reptus and dwarves? Is this all part of some grander design? And why me? I gave up on my own gods, couldn't save my own sister; what business do I have in the care of a child so special? Because Child of Harmony or not, he is destined for greatness in a way I have never seen before. Aridwyn looks up from her contemplation and finds that the possible savior of Reptuskind has fallen asleep at his game. Aridwyn smiles at Joe as the huge half-orc gently and silently scoops Bhogmur up and carries him off to tuck him in. From the solemn nod he gives her, Aridwyn suspects Joe has been thinking much the same thoughts as she has.
  7. Aridwyn eagerly takes the manuscript from Ernesto and begins to search it for information on the Child of Harmony, pausing only to snicker at Janara's slack-jawed admiration of Gragg Elfslayer. "Looks like Joe has some competition..." she whispers to her friend in her lowest voice, hoping Ernesto won't notice.
  8. A sudden thoughtful look passes over Aridwyn's face, and she carefully sets down the elven book. "Ernesto, did you happen to come across any books on Reptus prophecy?"
  9. Aridwyn listens eagerly. She had had a feeling this conversation was coming. Aridwyn's eyebrows shoot up, but she tries to hide her surprise. She had known of Janara's feelings for Joe for some time, but had not realized Janara was thinking this seriously yet. She furrows her brow in thought, searching for the right words. "Hmmm... the thing is, Malachias is a soldier. He's used to taking orders... not that Yvette gave him an order, exactly... at least, I don't think so..." She sighs and abandons that line of thought before Malachias can wander in upon them. "Joe, it seems like he's used to doing his own thing, even with the Crusaders. I'm not sure how he'd react... not that I think he would react badly, but, you know, sometimes men like to think those things are their idea." Aridwyn pauses for a second, reflecting on the supreme irony of advising Janara on matters of the heart. Janara, if you knew how badly I mucked up my one and only romance, you'd not be asking me for advice. "Remember, I've not known Joe for very long. Perhaps someone who's known him longer could advise you better. But what I think is, we still have a long journey to the dwarven lands, and you and Joe will have much more time together. Wait for now. Oh, I don't mean don't talk to him or flirt with him... do those things, definitely... but give him a chance to ask for your hand himself. If by the end of our journey he hasn't come to his senses, well, Sir Erik can be counted on to defend a lady's honor." She giggles at her own joke, however ill-advised. Aridwyn gazes in wonder at the room, which rivals the finest elven libraries. Aridwyn decides not to bother with correcting Janara's pronounciation right now, especially seeing as Janara is already rushing on to other books. She begins to leaf through the book, turning the pages with care so as not to damage them.
  10. Aridwyn shrugs and stands. "I'm game. Let's try not to miss dinner, though."
  11. Aridwyn's eyes light up at the beautiful silks brought to her, and she gazes at them in wonder for a few moments before donning them. She had of course worn beautiful things in Almirithil, but the past few years of solitary roaming had left little opportunity to dress up. After dressing and arranging her hair, Aridwyn rejoins the others in the common room. The sight of Bhogmur dressed like a young Reptus prince brings a grin to her face. "Bhogmur, you look so handsome!"
  12. "Don't worry, Janara, there's plenty enough water for all of us. Though I do fear I should have thought to ask Khowloon of Reptus bathing customs. Do we rub ourselves down with these soaps first?" Aridwyn investigates the jars, sniffing each one and finally selecting the one she thinks smells the best. "Or can we simply jump in and soak? I'm sure Khowloon is busy with other things now, so we'll have to figure it out for ourselves as best we can." Apparently untroubled by questions of modesty, Aridwyn quickly disrobes and slides into the warm water. "Oh, it's heavenly. You must come in," she breathes to the others. "So delightful and so fragrant. I give you fair warning, I may never come out."
  13. Aridwyn is left speechless by Janara's news. She gasps. Once she is able to collect herself, she murmurs, "I had sensed your Aurellius had something in mind for him, but I had no idea it would come so soon. Nothing that happens with Bhogmur should surprise me, though." Aridwyn firmly shakes her head. "No. I have known other orcs, fine examples of orcdom to be sure, but they were not gifted as you three are. I suspect the Gift has far more to do with the devotion all three of you have to Aurellius. I did not realize there was still such faith left in this world."
  14. Aridwyn kneels and embraces Bhogmur. "And it is a fine song too," she murmurs, trying to hide her tears of relief. She takes several deep breaths. Now that they are out of immediate danger, she reflects on how oddly unsurprising she finds the whole incident. She had sensed some time back that Bhogmur was destined for great things. The Child of Harmony? Look at how many of us he has already brought together... Aridwyn stands and smiles at Khowloon. "You are too kind. Thank you."
  15. "Maybe they're jealous of his lovely shade of green," Aridwyn replies just as ruefully. The look of fear in Bhogmur's eyes unsettles her. I haven't been that scared since Adeline... She reaches out and squeezes Bhogmur's shoulder, murmuring "We will keep you safe" in Orcish.
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